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60th IFLA General Conference - August 21-27, 1994

Conference Programme and Proceedings

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1. Executive Board I


2. Professional Board I



3. Special Libraries CB I
4. Libraries Serving the General Public CB I
5. Bibliographic Control CB I
6. Collections and Services CB I
7. Management and Technology CB I
8. Education and Research CB I
9. Regional Activities CB I


10. Art Libraries SC I
11. Bibliography SC I
12. Open
13. Education and Training SC I
14. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC I
15. Government Libraries SC I
16. Information Technology SC I
17. Libraries for the Blind SC I
18. Audiovisual Media EC I
19. Library Buildings and Equipment SC I
20. Asia and Oceania SC I
21. Africa SC I
22. Science and Technology Libraries SC I
23. Social Science Libraries SC I
24. Document Delivery and Interlending SC I


25. General Research Libraries CB I


26. Government Information and Official Publications SC I
27. Public Libraries SC I
28. Management of Library Associations EC
29. Cataloguing SC I
30. Acquisition and Exchange SC I
31. Library Theory and Research SC I
32. Latin America and the Caribbean SC I
33. Serial Publications SC I
34. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC I
35. Newspapers EC
36. Continuing Professional Education EC
36A. Children's Libraries SC I


37. University Libraries SC I
38. Open
39. National Libraries SC I
39A. Officers Receptions (on invitation only) (off-site)



40. Women's Issues EC
41. Library Services to Multicultural Populations SC I
42. Parliamentary Libraries SC I
43. Management EC
44. Mobile Libraries EC
45. Library History EC
46. Children's Literature Documentation Centres EC
47. Geography and Map Libraries SC I
48. Statistics SC I
49. Editors of Library Journals EC
50. User Education EC
51. Research in Reading EC


52. Orientation to IFLA for Newcomers SI


53. Open Forum of Core Programmes SI
  1. Progress report of the IFLA ALP Core Programme 1993/94
    BIRGITTA BERGDAHL (ALP Core Programme, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden)

  2. Progress report of the IFLA PAC Core Programme 1993/94
    To be announced

  3. Progress report of the IFLA UAP Core Programme, 1993/94
    GRAHAM CORNISH (UAP Core Programme, British Library, Boston Spa, UK)

  4. Progress Report of the IFLA UBCIM Core Programme 1993/94
    MARIE-FRANCE PLASSARD (UBCIM Core Programme, Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt, Germany)

  5. Progress report of the IFLA UDT Core Programme 1993/94
    LEIGH SWAIN (UDT Core Programme, National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)


54. UNESCO Open Forum on the Memory of the World Programme SI


55. Opening of the exhibition and cocktail party PABEXPO



56. Contributed Paper Session I SI
  1. Library Services for Social Development: Some Considerations
    Amaral Sueli Angelica Do (Information Science and Documentation Department, University of Brasilia, Brazil)

  2. Russian Libraries in the Context of Social, Economic and Political Reforms
    Kuzmin Evgeny (Director, Library Department, Ministry of Culture, Russia)

  3. Servicios de bibliotecas publicas para escuelas primarias
    Osorio Fajardo, Luis Enrique (Escuela Nacional de Technicas de Bibliotecas, Cuba )

57. Open Forum of the Division of Bibliographic Control SI

  1. IFLA Division of Bibliographic ControlReport of the Division, 1993 1994
    Bourne, Ross (The British Library, United Kingdom)

  2. Section on Classification and IndexingReview of Activities, 1993 1994
    Duncan, Donna (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

  3. IFLA Section on Bibliography:Report of the Section, 1993 1994
    Bourne, Ross (The British Library, United Kingdom)

  4. Section on Cataloguing Review of the work 1993/1994
    Jouguelet, Suzanne (Secretary of the section Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)

57A. School Libraries SC I


58. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SC I
59. Conservation SC I


60. Contributed Paper Session II SI
  1. Survival Information: the Role of the Public Library in the Social and Cultural Development of Disadvantaged Communities
    Pienaar, Rae E. (Department of Library & Information Science, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

  2. The development of ecological awareness among library users through reading
    Lidia Michailovna Seredkina (Oblastnaya Yunozheskaya Biblioteka, irkutsk, Russia)

  3. Library Cooperation: A Remedy but not a Panacea
    Boisse, Joseph A. (University Librarian, University of California, Santa Barbara)

  4. La pandemia del SIDA y la function educativa de la biblioteca
    Frias, Jose Antonio (Universidad de Salamanca, Facutad de Traduccion y Documentacion)
61. Open Forum of the Division of Libraries Serving the General Public SI
  1. Should IFLA adopt a new Core Programme for Literacy?
    Neilsen Sissel (Baerum Bibliotek, Bekkestua, Norway) and Kaiser Frances (Prison Service, Ministry of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands)

  2. The Section of School Libraries: Goals
    Bernhard Paulette (EBSI/Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada)

  3. ROTNAC (Round Table of National Centres for Library Services)
    Van Der Velde Rudi (NBLC, The Hague, Netherlands)

  4. Report from the Pre-Session Seminar in Matanzas on Libraries for Literacy in Geographically and Socially Isolated Communities
    Thomas Barbro (Public Library Department, National Council for Cultural Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden)


62. Classification and indexing SC I
63. Open


64. Third World Caucus


65. Opening Session and Plenary SI


66. Reception offered by the Cuban Goverment Salon de Protocolo "El Laguito"



67. Social Sciences Libraries joint with Information Technology and the UDT Core Programme SI
    Theme: "New Communications Options in Use: Focus on Social Sciences"

  1. Entering The New Market Place: On The Role of Traditional Social Science Information Providers Within The Internet Community
    Hobohm, Hans-Christoph (German Social Science Infrastructure Services, Social Science Information Centre, Bonn - Berlin)

  2. El papel de las bibliotecas en el desarrollo de las Ciencias Sociales
    Ricardo, Yolanda (Instituto de Literatura y Lingüística, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba)

  3. Internet: Potencial de Servicios en América Latina
    Cabezas B., Alberto (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (CONICYT), Santiago, Chile

68. Research in Reading

  1. Investigaciones sobre la lectura en Cuba
    Setién Emilio (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Cuba)

  2. Reading and video in libraries of Israel 1970 1990.
    Sever Irene & Shmuel (Haifa University Library Studies, Israel)

  3. The public library and reading by the masses: Historical perspectives on the USA and Britain 1850 1900
    Sturges Paul (Department of Library and Information Studies, Loughborough, UK)

  4. Five years of freedom in culture in the Polish Experience
    Kolodziesjska, Jadwiga (Instytut Ksiazki i Czytelnictwa, The Book and Reading Institute, Poland)

69. Acquisition and Exchange

    Theme: "Social Change: Its Effects on Librarians' Ability to Acquire Materials"

  1. Problèmes rencontrés pour obtenir la littérature grise
    Debackère, Marie Claire (Institut français du pétrole, France)

  2. The new economic situation and its impact on foreign acquisitions in major Russian libraries
    Kiskovskaya, Galina A. (Rudomino Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia)

  3. The new economic situation and its impact on the acquisition policy and methods in Russian libraries
    Ershova, Tatiana V. (Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia)

70. School Libraries

    Theme: "School Libraries in Cooperation with Other Libraries"

  1. La biblioteca escolar en Cuba: un recurso para la educatión
    Alfonso Chomat Mercedes and Rojas Chomat Idelio (Ministry of Education, Havana, Cuba)

  2. La coopération entre bibliothèques scolaires et bibliothèques publiques et un mot sur les bibliothèques combinées
    Bernard Paulette (École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information, Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada)

71. Latin America and the Caribbean joint with Africa and Asia and Oceania Si

    Theme: "Conservation and Preservation"

  1. Preservación de Archivos Históricos: Planos Arquitectónicos Antiguos de la colección del Ministerio de Desarrollo Urbano de Venezuela
    Jiménez Nancy (Jefe División de Conservación de Obras Antiguas, Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela)

  2. Other speakers to be announced

72. Government Information and Official Publications joint with Women's Issues

    Theme: "Government Programmes and Publications on Women"

  1. Programas de Gobierno y publicaciones sobre la mujer en Cuba
    Verdeses Vázquez Mercedes (Centro de Información y Documentación, Federación de Mujeres Cubanas, La Habana, Cuba)

  2. Women in Development: Programmes and Publications of the World Bank, the IDB and the OAS
    Ross Donald (Joint Library of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC, USA)

  3. Programas y publicaciones de las Naciones Unidas sobre la mujer en América Latina y el Caribe
    Vera Arendt Carmen (U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile)


    Theme: "Public Metropolitan Libraries and the Free Flow of Information: A Panel Discussion by Librarians"

    Session moderator: Hanno Jochimsen (Oeffentliche Bucherhallen, Hamburg, Germany)

    Speakers to be announced


73A. Executive Board II


74. Guest lecture Series SI
  1. The role of the national libraries of Latin America in the social and economic evolution of its societies
    Betancourt Valverde Virginia (Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela)


75. Poster Sessions
  1. La acción del Banco del Libro de Venezuela en la promoción de la literatura infantil
    Adugo Alvaro and D'Elia Loly (Caracas, Venezuela)

  2. La práctica pre-profesional en la formación de los técnicos medios de biblioteca (Pre-professional practice in the training of library intermediate-level technicians)
    Antolí Ruiz (Havana, Cuba)

  3. Influencia de la biblioteca escolar en la preparación de los estudiantes para una vida sana (Influence of the school library upon the students preparation for a healthy life)
    Maria Cabezas Valdivié Olga (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

  4. Modelo matemático del impacto de una bilioteca vicarial (Mathematical model of the impact at a vicarial library)
    Castellanos Alvarez Juan A. (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

  5. Experiencias de servicio de extensión bibliotecaria en consultorios del médico de la familia (Experiences of library extension's services in family doctor's offices)
    Castellanos de la Paz Fadia, Picard Hernandez Martha and Rosa Oliva Prieto Lilia (Sancti Spiritus, Cuba)

  6. Juego didáctico recreativo instructivo de la Biblioteca Municipal Hermanos Salz Montes de Oca, de Consolación de Sur
    Castillo Bobadilla Estrella and Santos Gonzalez Gladys (Pinar del Río, Cuba)

  7. Journal coverage of the European Community: a bibliometric study
    Fasick Adele (Toronto, Canada) will present the session prepraed by Sandra da Conturbia and Jane A. Dood, (Sterling C. Evans Libray-Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA)

  8. Elementos principals de un sistema de catalogación asistida por computadora (Main compnents of a computer aided cataloguing system)
    Bermello Crespo Luis (Departamento de Información Cientifíco-Técnica, La Habana, Cuba)

  9. Estado de la Catalogación en Cuba
    María Margarita León Ortiz (Biblioteca Nacional "Josée Martí", Havana, Cuba)

  10. Información actualizada con pocos recursos (Updated information with lower cost)
    Elinor Dulzaides Iglesias Maria, Morfa Molina Mirey and Belen González Hernándex Raquel (Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Cienfuegos, Cuba)

  11. Perla: una alternativa para el intercambio de información (Perla: an option for information exchange)
    Espinosa Roca Alina and Aneiros Sosa Jesus (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

  12. Extensión bibliotecaria y promoción cultural en zonas del Plan Turquino (región oriental)
    Margarita Gamboa Gonzalez Maria (Bayamo, Granma, Cuba)

  13. Diseno curricular para la formación del técnico medio en bibliología y técnicas documentarias (Curricular design for the training of librarianship and documentary technique of intermediate level technicians)
    Victoria Garcia Mateos Esther (Havana, Cuba)

  14. Libraries without frontiers (Cooperation among Russian libraries in the promotion of books, education and culture)
    Genieva Ekaterina (Rudomino Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia)

  15. El plan lector de cajas viajeras
    Gonzalez Viloria Norma (Caracas, Venezuela)

  16. La función de la biblioteca en un complejo agroindustrial y su evolución
    Angela Iglesias Alonso Barbara (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

  17. Presencia de la Biblioteca Provincial de Cienfuegos en el desarrollo sociocultural de su población (Presence of Clienfuegos Provincial Library in the population's social and cultural development)
    Iglesias García Danilo (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

  18. IDRC Library - a catalyst in development information dissemination
    Joling Carole (IDRC Centre Library, Ottawa, Canada)

  19. La promoción de la lectura, ensenanza y experiencias prácticas en la Escuela Nacional de Técnicos de Biblioteca (Reading promotion. Teaching and practical experiences of the national school of library Technicians)
    Deborah Lorigados Fernández Moraima (Havana, Cuba)

  20. José Martí, valor de una doctrina
    Manuel Marchante Castellanos Carlos (Havana, Cuba)

  21. Algunas experiencias teórico-prácticas de las salas juveniles de bibliotecas de La Habana con ninos y jóvenes discapacitados y/o sin amparo filial
    Marrero Sera Eloisa (Havana, Cuba)

  22. Las asignaturas humanísticas y su incidencia en la formación del técnico medio en bibliología y técnicas documentarias (Humanities courses and their incidence in the training of librarianship and documentary techniques intermediate-level technicians)
    De Jesus Martínez Cabrera Roberto (Havana, Cuba)

  23. Innovaciones en los servicios bibliotecarios móviles de Venezuela
    Medina De Silva Milagros (Caracas, Venezuela)

  24. Can a public library satisfy information hunger of the population? (Russian experience)
    Mikhnova Irina (RRC "Bibliomarket Ltd, Moscow, Russia)

  25. New roles and challenges for information professionals in Africa: implications for continuing education
    Mwiyeriwa Steve S. (University of Malawi Libraries, Zomba, Malawi)

  26. Particularidades pedagógicas del trabajo independiente de la educación superior y experiencias en su organización en el CDIP del Instituto Superior Pedagógico "Félix Varela", Villa Clara.
    Teresa Pablos Munoz Maria (Villa Clara, Cuba)

  27. Bibliotecología: sciencia o programa de estudios? (Librarianship: a science or an educational programme?)
    Fe Pérez Valdés Lilia (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Havana, Cuba)

  28. Do post-graduate students require subject-enhanced bibliographic records?
    Pienaar Rae E. (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

  29. La biblioteca escolar y su vinculación con otras instituciones en el municipio de Santa Clara. (The school library and its relations with other institutions in the municipality of Santa Clara)
    Algora Pineda Sonia (Villa Clara, Cuba)

  30. La promoción de la lectura en los centros de re-educación penal (Promotion of reading in penal re-education centres)
    Quesada Miranda Judith and Silverio Rivero Ilia (Biblioteca Provincial "Martí", Villa Clara, Cuba)

  31. Experiencia de autoconstrucción de una Biblioteca Escolar Abierta a la Comunidad en el Estado Monagas
    Rangel Livio (Caracas, Venezuela)

  32. Juegos para promover lectura en ninos y jóvenes (Games to promote reading among children and young people
    Reyes Ocampo Rosalia and Ibias González Daysil (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

  33. La Conservación en la Biblioteca Nacional José Martí (Conservation at the National Library José Martí)
    Rodríguez Marcos A., Franco Hevia Kenia and Rodríguez Christina (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Havana, Cuba)

  34. La cultura en Santa Clara vista a través de las publicaciones periódicas que circularon entre 1836-1899 Santa Clara's culture through the periodicals that circulated between 1836 and 1899)
    Salgado Moya Clara and Rosa Vazques Diaz Juana (Biblioteca Provincial Martí, Villa Clara, Cuba)

  35. Online real time weather resources for the librarian on the Internet
    Lee Scott Ralph (Greenville, USA)

  36. El sistema Bibliotecario en su gestión comunitaria (The library system as a community centre)
    De La Torres Fernández Clara (Biblioteca Provincial Martí, Villa Clara, Cuba)

  37. Experiencia para el perfeccionamiento del sistema de información para el abogado en Cuba: productos y servicios (Experience for the development and perfection of the information to the lawyers. Products and services)
    Caridad Vega Villamil Maria (Havana, Cuba)

  38. Diccionario bio-bibliográfico de las figuras pinarenas en la cultura Cubana (Biographical and bibliographical dictionary of the pinarenas personalities in Cuban culture)
    Zueva Larisa and Ortega Clara M. (Pinar del Río, Cuba)


76. Public Libraries SI
    Theme: "The UNESCO Manifesto for Public Libraries"

  1. The mission of the public library
    Abid Abdelaziz (UNESCO General Information Programme, UNESCO, Paris, France)

  2. The importance of UNESCO's Manifesto for Public Libraries in Colombia
    Rodriques Gloria Maria (Network of COMFENALCO Public Libraries, Medellin, Colombia)

  3. "UNESCO's 1994 Public Library Manifesto". An introduction
    Niegaard Hellen (Dir.Libr. Hilleroed Public Library Denmark and chair of the revision working group)

77. Library Buildings and Equipment SI

    Theme: "Library Buildings in Latin America"

  1. Design and construction of a public library as a cultural centre
    Espitaleta De Villegas Lina (Biblioteca Luis Angel Arrango, Bogota, Colombia)

  2. Los Edificios para Bibliotecas en Cuba
    Escobar Carballal Sara (Biblioteca Luis Angel Arrango, Bogota, Colombia)

  3. Evaluation of the Beijing Agricultural University new library building project
    Ming-Hua Li (Hangzhou Library, Hangzhou, China)

  4. From Brain-Storm to the New Central Library of The Hague, Netherlands
    Renes Wim M. (Librarian, City Library, The Hague, Netherlands)

78. Geography and Map Libraries

    Theme: "Map Collections for Social Development"

  1. Ecological maps as one of the directions of the maps for the social development
    Kotelnikova Natalia E. (Russian State Library) Kotova Tatiana V. (Moscow State University)

  2. Colecciones de mapas para el desarrollo social en Cuba
    Machado Lorenzo Nancy (Biblioteca Geográfica y Mapoteca)

  3. CD-Atles de Catalunya: Un ejemplo para el uso de la información cartográfica a partir de un atlas electrónico
    Galera Monserrat (Cartoteca de Catalunya, Barcelona)

  4. Cuba dans la bibliothèque et les publications de la Société de Géographie de Paris
    Simon-Cortez Nicole (Bibliothèque Nationale de Fraince, Paris, France)

79. Education and Training

    Theme: "Aspects of LIS Degree Equivalencies"

  1. Library and information science (LIS) education in Europe. The role of EUCLID in curriculum development and equivalence of qualifications
    Harbo Ole (The Royal School of Librarianship, Copenhagen)

  2. Equivalencies in LIS curricula and the aspect of international students gaining admission to US Schools
    Daniel Evelyn (School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)

  3. Setting up a system of certification for French librarians with equivalencies for some other European qualifications
    Laine-Cruzol Sylvie (Uniservité Claude Bernhard, Lyon, France)

  4. Equivalence of qualifications in Anglo/American countries
    Rochester Maxine K (Charles Sturt University, School of Infomration Studies, Riverina, Australia)

  5. Demands and prospects for an equivalency in the library and information processions and their education and training
    Siitonen Leena (University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island, USA)

80. Libraries for the Blind

    Theme: "Supporting Blind People in Education and Employment"

  1. La formación del ciego como bibliotecario
    Fernández Collot Noel (Biblioteca Provincial de Ciego de Avila, Cuba)

  2. Supporting Blind People in Education and Employment
    Kavanagh Rosemary (Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Canada)

  3. Servicios bibliotecarios para niños impedidosen Uruguay
    Toucedo Norma C. (Committee on Literacy of the World Blind Union, Montevideo, Uruguay)

81. University Libraries and Other General Research Libraries

    Theme: "Developments in Communication and Document Delivery"

  1. La Communicacion Academica y la transferencia electronica de documentos en la Red Universitaria en Cuba
    Santos Labourette Maria Cristina (University of havana, Havana, Cuba)

  2. University Libraries and Scholarly Comunication: Implications for the Melton Foundation Report
    Webster Duane (Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries)

82. Editors of Library Journals

    Theme: "The Library Science Journal Publishing Scene in the Latin American Courtries"

  1. Las revistas bibliotecológicas en Cuba
    León Ortiz María Margarita (Biblioteca Nacional "Josée Martí", Havana, Cuba)

  2. The work of a reviews editor of a small journal
    Olden Tony (Thames Valley University)

  3. Editing a small-scale journal that draws upon Thrid World material
    Wise Michael (Department of Library Science, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria)

  4. To be announced
    Mueller Susana (Revista de Biblioteconomia de Brasilia, Brazil)


83. Art Libraries
    Theme: "Library Collections of Latin America and Caribbean Art Materials Inside and Outside the Region"

  1. Both Sides of the Fence, Librarian and Curator: Forming a Latin American Library Collection
    Clayton Kirking (Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

  2. Aparatos de información del Ministerio de Cultura. Primer acercamiento al estado actual de las colecciones de arte: América Latina y el Caribe en Ciudad de La Habana
    Terry Molinert, Zenaida; Alfonso Piedrahita, Lourdes; Lavin Isax, Verónica; Mier Sauri, Teresa y García Fraga, Michel

  3. Latinoarte: información sobre arte latinoamericano
    Barberena Blasquez Elsa (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, México)

  4. The Cuba-Florida bridge, 1900-1945: the ephemeral collections of Cuban and US transportation advertisements in the library collections of the Wolfsonian Foundation, Miami Beach
    Findlay James A. (Wolfsonian Foundation, Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

84. Parlimentary Libraries

    Theme: "Promoting Greater Understanding of the Parliamentary Library and Its Use by Members of Parliament"

  1. Building Member Understanding and Support for the Parliamentary Library
    Bannenberg, Nick (Parliamentary Librarian, Queensland, Australia)

  2. User-Oriented Services: A Feedback Strategy for Gaining Understanding and Support for the Parliamentary Library
    Feliú S., Ximena (Director, Library of Congress of Chile) and Marialyse Délano S. (Consultant, Library of Congress of Chile

  3. The Importance of Advertising: The Use of Brochures and Highly Visible Services To Attract Members' Attention and Encourage Use of the Library
    Michalowski, Jacek (Director of the Research and Analysis Office of the Senat of Poland Chancellery)

  4. Using Automation and Electronic Services To Build Support for the Parliamentary Library
    Celik, Hilmi (Director, Turkish Grand National Assembly Library and Documentation Center)

85. Document Delivery and Interlending SI

    Theme: "Regional Cooperation in Interlending and Document Delivery in the Caribbean and Latin America"

  1. Interlending and document delivery in the Caribbean: the perplexing reality
    Ferguson Stephney (Department of Library Studies, University of the East Indies, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica)

  2. Préstamo interbibliotecario y suministro de documentos en Cuba
    Núñez Fina Lydia, Valdés Sanabria Xiomara, Machado Paredes Bertha (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba)

  3. Interlending and document delivery in South America
    Skorbiansky Shirley (Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, Uniersidad de la Republica, Montender, Uruguay)

  4. Préstamo interbibliotecario entre México y los Estados Unidos
    Morales Campos, Estela (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México)

86. Library Theory and Research

    Theme: "Library Research for Social Development"

  1. Diffusion des résultats de la recherche en sciences de l'information dans trois revues québécoises
    Bernhard Paulette (École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information, Université de Montréal, Canada)

  2. Investigación bibliotecológica para el desarrollo social
    Setién Emilio & Escobar Sara (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Cuba)

  3. Which institutions are supporting librarianship in developing countries?
    Mossadek Birgitta (Research Librarian, Uppsala University Library, Sweden)

87. Children's Libraries SI

    Theme: "Children's Libraries and Literature in Cuba"

  1. La Literatura Infantil en Cuba
    Núñez Uncal María del Carmen and González Varela Elsa (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba)

  2. Las bibliotecas públicas para niños en Cuba
    Guerra Pensado Adrián (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba)

88. Science and Technology Libraries

    Theme: "Social Barriers to Access of Scientific Information"

  1. Information Literacy as a Barrier
    Ford Barbara J. (Virginia Commonwealth university, Library Services, Richmond, Virginia, USA)

  2. Linguistic Obstructions to Scientific Information in High Technology Areas
    Agrawal, Jagdish C. and Al Mathami, Saud (College of Computer & Information Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)

  3. Scientific information can be an under-used commodity
    Lau Jesus (ITESM Campus Toluca, Toluca, Edomex, Mexico)

89. Cataloguing

  1. IFLA Study on the functional requirements of bibliographic record report: theoretical and practical foundations
    Tillett Barbara B. (Cataloguing Policy and Support Office, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)

  2. Estado de la catalogación en Cuba
    Leon OPrtiz Maria Margarita (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba)

90. Management of Library Associations joint with ROTNAC

    Theme: "Membership Services"

  1. Education and training
    Amenu-Kpodo Norma Y. (Commonwealth Library Associations, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies)

  2. Paying for services provided
    Funk Carla (Medical Library Association, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

  3. Regulatory policies, codes and statutory requirements
    Haggstrom Britt-Marie (DIK Association, Nacka, Sweden)

  4. The owl and the hawk: the library between culture and market
    Van Der Velde Rudi (NBLC, The Hague, Netherlands)


91. Cultural Gala Sala Avellaneda, Teatro Nacional



92. Statistics SI
    Theme: "Statistics in Latin America"

  1. Library Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean
    UNESCO, Division des statistiques, Paris, France (Speaker to be announced)

  2. Las Estadísticas en las Instituciones de Información en Cuba: un análisis de la situación actual
    Zaldívar Collazo Modesto (Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo Profesional en Ciencias de la Información -PROINFO-)

93. Library History

  1. La historia de las bibliotecas en México: un tema olvidado
    Fernández de Zamora Rosa María (Biblioteca del H. Confreso de la Unión, México)

  2. Expectations and a worthy, respectable position in society: means and aims of library work within the early labour movement in Sweden
    Torstensson Magnus (Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University College of Borás, Sweden)

94. Classification and Indexing

  1. Tendencias actuales de la Clasificación y la Indización en Cuba
    Arencibia, Yolanda (Asociación Cubana de Bibliotecarios)

  2. Sociological aspects of classification
    Riesthuis, Gerhard J.A. (University of Amsterdam)

  3. El Proceso de Construcción de Tesauros y de Indexación Automatizada de Documentos Fotográficos en la Biblioteca Nacional del Brasil
    Apelian Valerio, Sergio (Jefe del Sector de Clasificación Especial, Supervisor de la Sub área de Indexación del PROFOTO) Carneiro Alves, Mônica (Bibliotecaria de la División y Supervisora de la Sub-área de Patronización del Catastro de Autoridad y Revisión de la Indexación del PROFOTO) de Castro Pigozzo, Graziella (Bibliotecaria Autónoma, Indexadora del PROFOTO)

95. Libraries Serving Multicultural Populations joint with Africa

    Theme: "Library Materials in the Threatened Languages of Africa"

96. AV Media SI

    Theme: "From AV to Multimedia"

  1. Copyright: A/V and Electronic Media - An International Dimension
    Norman Sandy A. (Acting Assistant Director - Information Technology. The Library Association, London, UK)

  2. Swedish public libraries and multimedia
    Andersson Bibbi (Department of Culture and Education, Stockholm, Sweden)

  3. De l'Audiovisuel aux multimédias
    Giannattasio Mazeaud Isabelle (Département de la Phonothèque et de l'Audiovisuel. Bibliothèque nationale de France)

  4. Los Audivisuales en la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid
    Pilar Gallego Maria (Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, Spain)

97. National Libraries

    Theme: "Twining of National Libraries"

  1. The cooperation project between the Royal Library-National Library of Sweden and the Biblioteca Nacional Rubén Darío, Nicaragua
    Antonsson Birgit and Pelling Britt-Marj (Royal Library-National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden)

  2. The cooperation between the National Library of Australia and the South East Asian and Pacific regions
    Horton Warren (National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia)

  3. Area report: The situation of National Libraries in Latin America

  4. Presentation of the National Library of Cuba
    Terry Mara (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", La Habana, Cuba)
98. Newspapers joint with Serial Publication
  1. Periódicos Cubanos: Adquisición, Conservación y Acceso
    Morales Martínez Teresita and Franco Hevia Kenia (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba)

  2. Newspaper cataloguing in Germany
    Walravens, Hartmut (Berlin State Library, Germany)

  3. Colección, conservación y difusión de periódicos de la Biblioteca Nacional de Chile
    Schadlich Ursula (Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, Santiago, Chile)

99. Children's Literature Documentation Centres

100. User Education

    Theme: "User Education and Information Skills Development in Public and School Libraries"

  1. Formación especial para la educación de usuarios en las bibliotecas públicas
    Setién Emilio (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Cuba)

  2. Surfing to the global classroom: an exploration of Educational enrichment on the Internet
    Cox Mary Z. (Florida State University, USA)

  3. Beyond the bibliographic paradigm: User education in the information age
    Henri James & Hay Lyn (School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Riverina, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia)

  4. Programas de formación de usuarios para la enseñanza general en Cuba
    Grafton Horta Pilar, Alfonso Chomat Mercedes and Díaz Sirgo Soraya (Ministry of Education, Cuba)


101. Professional Board II


101A. Caucus: France
101B. Caucus: United Kingdom
101C. Caucus: Portuguese-speaking librarians


102. Poster Sessions (See list under meeting no. 75)

102A. Parlimentary Libraries Informal Gathering


102B. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC II


103. Rare Books and Manuscripts
    Theme: "Preservation and Access for Rare Books in Latin American Libraries"

  1. Rare books in Latin American libraries
    Hallewell Laurence (Columbia University Library,New York, New York, USA)

  2. Colecciones de libros raros y manuscritos en Cuba
    Vega García Olga (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, La Habana, Cuba)

  3. Novum Regestrum: la integraciónde registros bibliográficas
    Hernandez Francesca and Agenjo Xavier (D' de Control Bibliográfico, Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, Spain)

104. Open

105. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SI

    Theme: "Medical Library Developments in Latin Amercia"

  1. El Sistema Nacional de Información del Ministerio de Salud Pública y su Red de Bibliotecas Médicas
    Hernández Ojito, Jeremías and Oramas Díaz, Jehová (National Center of Medical Science Information, Havana, Cuba)

  2. Las Redes de Computadoras al servicio de la Bibliotecología Médica: INFOMED, una experiencia cubana
    Urra González, Pedro (Centre of Medical Science Information, Havana, Cuba)

  3. El sistema regional para información en ciencias de la salud y BIREME
    Zaher Celia (Latin American and Caribbean Center of Medical Science Information, BIREME...)

  4. El Sistema Nacional de Documentación e Información Biomédica (SINADIB) de Venezuela
    De Acosta Alecia (Medical Sciences Information Center of the Central University in Venezuela, Venezuela)

    Theme: "Library Developments and Strategies for medical Information Delivery"

  1. ADONIS - For developing countries
    Lynn Grant, Sharon (Health Sciences Library, McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

  2. The Internet and PERUSE: McGill's Health Sciences Information Technology for the 21th Century
    Silva, Marcos (McGill University Libraries, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

106. Continuing Professional Education

107. Women's Issues SI

    Theme: "Women in the World of Information"

  1. The search for knowledge and the development of information strategies in women's movements
    Klasson maj (Department of Education and Psychology, University of Linköping, Linköping, Sweden)

  2. How long do women have to wait?
    Haavisto Tuula (Secretary General, Finnish Library Association)

  3. Status of the library women in Japan
    Taguchi Yoko (Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan)

  4. Setting-up a Women's Studies Library
    Jacquelyn, Marie (University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA)

107A. International Association of Law Libraries

    Theme: "Family Law: Doctrine and Literature"

    Speakers from the Commonwealth Caribbean, Cuba and the United Nations will discuss the United Nations' Year of the Child


108. Government Libraries
    Theme: "Government Libraries and the National Political Structure: Roles and Missions"

  1. Las Bibliotecas gubernamentales en la estructura política nacional: roles y misiones
    Fernández Santana Isabel (IDICT) Reyes Varela María Elena (Centro de Información de la JUCEPLAN)

  2. Las Bibliotecas Oficiales en Colombia
    Mosquera León José Gonzalo (Ministerio de Agricultura, Santafé de Bogotá)

  3. Short comments on the theme by members of the Section

109. Informal Meeting of nordic Public Librarians with other Public Librarians

110. Mobile Libraries

  1. Mobile libraries in Corsica
    Fayret Mireille (France)

  2. Mobile Library Services
    Tate Thelma (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)

111. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SI

    Theme: "Emancipation through Information"

  1. Equalizing Opportunity for Disabled Students: the Contribution of the National Library of Canada and Canadian University Libraries
    Bays Diane (National Library of Canada)

  2. L'émancipation par l'information: le rôle du bibliothécaire d'hôpital et le droit du patientà l'information
    Accart Jean-Philippe (Centre Hospitalier Victor Dufouy, Argenteuil, France)

  3. A Rewarding Encounter - Mentally Handicapped Adults make Acquaintance with the Easy-to-ReadBooks and Newspapers
    Rosenschöld Lisbeth (LLstiftelsen (Easy-to-Read Foundation) Stockholm, Sweden) and Rosenström Lotta (swedish National Society for Persons with Mental Handicap, Stockholm, Sweden)

  4. Prisoners' Right of Access to the Courts: Law Libraries in U.S. Prisons
    Lehmann Vibeke Wisconsin Department of Corrections, madson, Wisconsin, USA)

  5. Empowerment through information: the transfer of control of library services to first nation government in Ontario
    Cubberley Maureen (Ontario Library Association, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

112. Bibliography

  1. Caribbean Books in print project
    Bandara Samuel B. (Library, University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica)

  2. Quality of a national bibliographic service: in the steps of John Whytefeld - an "admirable cataloguer"
    Bryant Philip (Director UKOLN: The Office for Library and Information Networking, University of Bath, United Kingdom)

  3. Contribución de la Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba a la bibliografía corriente y retrospectiva
    García Carrazana Araceli
    Jiménez López, Xonia (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba)

113. Latin America and the Caribbean SI

    Theme: "La Cooperación regional para el desarrollo social, cultural y bibliotecario"

  1. Library Cooperation for Social and Cultural Development within the Caribbean Area
    Richards Alex (Phillipsburg, Jubilee Library, St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles)

  2. La Cooperación Regional para el Desarrollo Social, Cultural y Bibliotecario
    Córdoba González Saray (Universidad de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica)

  3. La producción Latinoamericana como apoyo al desarrollo de la Región
    Ramírez Leyva Elsa M. (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México)

  4. The Retrospective Conversion of the Handbook of Latin American Studies, Volumes 1-49
    Mundell Sue (Assistant Editor. Handbook of Latin American Studies. Hispanic Division, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA)

  5. El enriquecimeinto profesional bibliotecario en el Cono Sur a través de la cooperación
    Maris Fernández Stella (Directora del Centro de Investigaciones Bibliotecológicas (CIB). Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)

114. Open

115. Performance Measurements


116. Reception offered by ASCUBI Biblioteca Nacional



116A. Library Tours

117. Workshop: Bibliographic Control CI

    Theme: "Follow-up to the First International Seminar on Universal Bibliographic Control, Rio de Janeiro, March 1993"

  1. Review of the resolutions of the Rio Seminar: what has been and remains to be done

  2. Discussion of an action plan

118. Workshop: Conservation joint with Latin America and the Caribbean CI

    Theme: "Preservation in Tropical Climates"

  1. La conservación de documentos en Cuba: política de conservación del Archivo Nacional
    Franes Luis, Vaillant M. and Lopez R. (Archivo Nacional, Havana, Cuba)

  2. Mantenimiento de colecciones en biblioteca y archivos: una acción preventiva
    Sanchez Chapellin Ramon (División Obras Planas, Bilbioteca Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela)

  3. To be announced
    Garcia Bernarda (Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela)

  4. Distance learning for library preservation - a Vosper Fellowship project
    Smith Wendy (University of Canberra, Belconnen, Australia)

  5. The policy of preservation in the National Libraryin Brazil: The tropical climate case studies
    Carlos Nunes Baptista Antonio (Fundaçao Biblioteca Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

119. Workshop: Education and Training CI

    Theme: "LIS Education in the Caribbean and Latin American Countries"

    (Followed by meeting with local educators)


120. CDNL Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí"

121. Workshop: Art Libraries Museo Nacional palcio de Bellas Artes

    Theme: "Libraries as a Bridge between Artist and Society"

  1. Introduction to the workshop
    Van Der Wateren Jan (National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK)

  2. What is the place for documentary videos on artists in the art library?
    Dixon Jeannette (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA)

  3. Library graphic collections in service to artists in Russia
    Artamonova Svetlana (Prints Division, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia)

  4. Into the 21st century now: the architectural librarian as mediator
    Harris Sylvia (Welsh school of Architecture, University of Wales College of Cardiff, Cardiff, UK)

  5. Artists' needs for intellectual access to library materials
    Stam Deirdre C. (School of Library and Information Science, Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA)

  6. Museum art libraries as a bridge between the artist and society with special reference to the South African National Gallery Library
    Andersen Josephine (South African National Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa)

  7. Creative cooperation between librarian and artist
    Kolganova Ida (Russian State Arts Library, Moscow, Russia)

  8. Latin American women artists: discovery and record - a work in progress
    Puerto Cecilia (San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA)

  9. Studies and results of the introduction of a new system of work at the Informational Library of Documentation "Rodriguez Morey" in the National Museum of Fine Arts
    Varela Ferrer Jose Manuel (National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba)

122. Workshop: Geography and map Libraries CI Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí"

123. Workshop: Government Information and Official Publications joint with Latin America and the Caribbean CI

    Theme: "Second Latin American and the Caribbean Seminar on Government Information and Official Publications"

    Moderator: Rosa María Fernández Zamora (Biblioteca del H. Congreso de la Unión, México, México)

  1. Documentación de las Naciones Unidas: Importancia de las publicacions de CEPAL
    Vera-Arendt Carmen (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile)

  2. Official publications in the English Caribbean: advances in the OECS sub-region 1992-1994
    De Freitas Claudette (Organizatio of Eastern Caribbean States, St Johns, Antigua Aruba)

  3. Las publicaciones oficiales en Argentina y Chile 1992-1994
    Fernandez Stella Maris (Centro de Investigaciones Bibliotecológicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  4. El Centro de Documentación de la Gestión Gubernamental de México y su Librería de Publicaciones Oficiales
    Pretelin Eduizar Rosa (Centro de Documentación de la Unidad de la Croica Presidencial, México)

  5. Las publicaciones oficiales en Cuba, 1992-1994
    Reyes Varela Maria Elena (Centro de Información Científico Técnica Junta Central de Planificación, Havana, Cuba) and Vega Garcia Olga (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Havana, Cuba)

  6. View from the North of the current state of Latin American official publications
    Westfall Gloria (Indiana University Library, Bloomington, Indiana, USA)

  7. Las publicaciones oficiales brasilenas 1992-1994
    De Souza Sebastino (Falcudade de Estudos Sociais, Universidad de Brasilia, Brasil)

124. Workshop: Information Technology joint with Science and Technology Libraries, Social Science Libraries and the UDT Core Progarmme SI

    Theme: "Telecommunications Options in the '90s"

  1. Internet Basics
    Internet protocols - FTP, mail, remote login, Navigation tools, Gopher, WAIS, Archie, WWW, Mosaic

  2. Other Communications Options: FidoNet, Packet radio, Satellite

  3. Options/Issues for Developing Countries
    Tallim Paula (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada), Silva Marcos (McGill University, Montréal, Canada), Cisler Steve (Apple Computer, USA), Pietrosemoli Ermanno (Latin American School for Networking, Venezuela), Pimienta Daniel (Fundación Redes y Desarrollo, Dominican Republic), Price David (Oxford University, UK), Swain Leigh (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada), Perdreau Michel (USA), Mourelos Luis A. (Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba) and Martinez Jesus (CENIAI, Cuba)

125. Workshop: Libraries for the Blind joint with the ALSP Core Programme and the Section on Latin Amercia and the Caribbean SI

    Theme: "Assessment of Needs on Library Service to the Visually Handicapped in Latin America and the Caribbean"

    Part I: Country reports describing the library services for the blind in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Jamaica and Mexico

  1. Informe sobre la situación de las personas ciegas y limitadas visuales en la Repùblica Argentina
    Gabriel Godachevich Mariano (Biblioteca Argentina para Ciegos, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  2. To be announced
    Pires Ivani (Biblioteca Braille, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  3. Situación actual de la persona discapacitada visual y los servicios bibliotecarios para ciegos en Chile
    Leon Bernadita and Munoz Victria (Biblioteca Central para Ciegos, Santiago de Chile, Chile)

  4. Library services to the blind in Jamaica
    Barton Karen V. (Manchester Parish Library, Jamaica Library Service, Manchester, Jamaica)

  5. Informe sobre los servicios bibliotecarios para discapacitados visuales en México
    Espana Gonzalez Maria Eugenia (Asociación Mexicana de Bibliotecarios, Mexico)

    Part II

  1. Seminars on library services to the blind and other print-handicapped people in developing countries: what has been done by the Section of Libraries for the Blind/IFLA
    Kawamura hiroshi (University of Tokyo Library, Tokyo, Japan)

  2. The experience of cooperation between fundación Braille and other institutions in Latin America regarding production and lending of special format material to the visually impaired
    Toucedo Norma (Committee on Literacy of the World Blind union, Montevideo, Uruguay)

  3. Paper-making for all
    Leach Allen (National Library for the Blind, Bredbury, UK)

  4. La Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí" y los servicios para discapacitados visuales
    Blaco De Los Santos Odisa (Library service to the Visually handicapped, Biblioteca Nacional "José Martí", Havana, Cuba)

  5. Addressing the need for materials in Spanish
    Herndon James R. and Prine Stephen (National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)

126. Workshop: Parliamentary Libraries

    Theme: "Library, Research and Information Services for the Cuban Parliament"

    Chair: Irma Barrera Eriza (Secretary of the Permanent Commission on Education, Culture, Science and Technology of the National Assembly of People's Power, Havana, Cuba)

  1. The Cuban Parliament: characteristics, organization and duties
    Suarez Mendez Ernesto (National Assembly of People's Power, Havana, Cuba)

  2. Biblioteca y servicio de información a los parlamentarios cubanos
    Pages Hernandez Rita (Library of the National Assembly of People's Power, Havana, Cuba)

  3. Servicios bibliotecarios y de información brindados a los integrantes de los órganos de base del pder popular
    Torrens Valdes Rosa (Documentation Center, Provincial Assembly of People's Power, Havana, Cuba)

  4. Information on the processes for preparing laws
    Ochoa Ramon De La Cruz (Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, National Assembly of People's Power, Havana, Cuba)

127. Workshop: Public Libraries joint with Libraries Serving Multicultural Populations, School Libraries and Children's Libraries SI

    Theme: "Library Services for Young Adults: An International and Multicultural Perspective"

  1. Political and general aspects: why is it important for public libraries to care for the specific needs of young adults?
    Borchardt Peter (Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, Berlin, Germany)

  2. Cultural aspects: young adults' libraries and their cultural meaning
    Cavadias-Hatzeopoulas Elga (Center for Children's and Adolescent's Books, Athens, Greece)

  3. Young adult library services in Johannesburg: addressing the needs of teenagers in a multicultural society in transition
    Millward Jenni (Johannesburg Public Library, Johannesburg, South Africa)

  4. Cooperation and educational aspects: library services for young adults: Norwegian cooperation projects between public and school libraries
    Kjekstad Torny (Norwegian School of management, School of Marketing, Oslo, Norway)

  5. Cultural variations in defining the young adult
    Antonietta Cunha Maria (Brazil)

  6. Library services and multicultural services to young adults in the UK
    Clarke Beverly (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, UK)

  7. Ethnicity and reading interests: a Jamaican perspective
    Robinson Cherrell (Department of Library and Information Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)

  8. Regional reports on young adult services with a focus on services to young adults from cultural/linguistic minorities
    Glashoff Ilona (Hamburger Offentliche Bücherhallen, Hamburg, Germany) and Walsh Molly (Montreal, Canada)

  9. Summary and discussion by Shirley Fitzgibbons (School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, Bloominton, indiana, USA) and Stan Skrzeszewski (ASM Consultants, London, Ontario, Canada)

128. Workshop: Social Science Libraries joint with Management CI Instituto de Literatura y Lingüistica

    Theme: "Your Financial Justification of your Strategic Plan"

  1. To be announced
    May James (California State University at Chico, Chico, California, USA)

  2. Managing change through group processing and creative problem solving
    Deiss Kathryn (Northwestern University Library, Evanston, Illinois, USA)

  3. Managing change through group processing and creative problem solving
    Sullivan Maureen (Office of Management Services, Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA)

  4. other speakers to be announced

129. Workshop: University Libraries and Other General Research Libraries joint with Africa CI Universidad de La Habana

    Theme: "Collection Development Needs in the Third World"

    Aim: To consider the most appropriate strategies to address collection development needs of university libraries in the Third World from those recommended by the Allen / Katris report and others

  1. Taking action to improve academic library resources in developing countries
    Allen, Geoffrey G., retired (Curtin University of Technology, Australia)

  2. Library twinning
    Doyle Robert P. (Library Fellows Programme, American Library Association, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

    Group discussions on recommendations to put in order of priority.


130. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC II
131. Document Delivery and Interlending SC II
132. Asia and Oceania SC II
133. Open
134. Statistics SC II
135. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SC II


136. Government Libraries SC II
137. Open
138. Library Buildings and Equipment SC II
139. Acquisition and Exchange SC II
140. Serial Publications SC II


141. Workshop: Document Delivery and Interlending CI
    Theme: "Document Delivery via Internet"

  1. Using the Internet to support interlending and document delivery
    Tallim Paula (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)

142. Workshop: Management CI

    Theme: "Managing Change"

    Chair: Karen Muller (ALA, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

143. Workshop: Public Libraries CI

    Theme: "Public Library against Illiteracy"

  1. Illiteracy and public libraries: an introduction to "Guidelines for Public Libraries Promoting Literacy"
    Thomas Barbro (Stockholm, Sweden)

  2. Literacy in Canadian public libraries: the Alpha Project
    Schwenger Frances (Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, Canada) and Watson Gladys (Alpha Ontario, Ontario, Canada)

  3. To be announced
    Barboza Eddie (Comisión de Lectura del Estado Yaracuy de Venezuela, Venezuela) and Gonzalez Viloria Norma (Fundalectura Organización No Gubenamental de Venezuela)

144. Workshop: Management of Library Associations CI

  1. Opening
    Bender David (Special Libraries Association, Washington DC, USA)

  2. Presentation of the "Guidelines for the Management of Professional Associations in the Fields of Archives, Libraries and Information"
    Bowden Russell (London, UK)

  3. Management of professional associations
    Bender David (Special Libraries Association, Washington DC, USA)

  4. La dirección de las asociaciones de bibliotecarios en Cuba
    Hernandez Olga (Comité Provincial de la ASCUBI, Cienduegos, Cuba)

145. Workshop: Cataloguing Ci

    Theme: "Study on Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records"

    Panel Discussion on "Applications of Study for Different Cataloguing Traditions"



146. Reception offered by the Government of the City of Havana Salon de los pasos perdidos, Capitolio Nacional


09:00-10:00 146A. IFLA Conference Organizers


147. National Libraries SCII
148. Art Libraries
149. Parlimentary Libraries SC II
150. Public Libraries SC II
151. Social Sciences Libraries SC II
152. Libraries Serving Multicultural Populations SC II
153. School Libraies SC II
154. Children's Libraries SC II
155. Libraries for the Blind SC II
156. Latin America and the Caribbean SCII
157. Geography and Map Libraries SC II
158. Government Information and Official Publications SC II
159. Information Technology SC II
160. Science and Technology Libraries SC II
161. Africa SC II
162. Library Theory and Research SC II
163. Education and Training SC II
164. University Libraries SC II
165. Bibliography SC II
166. Cataloguing SC II
167. Classification and Indexing SC II
167A. Conservation SC II


168. General Research Libraries CB II
169. Special Libraries CB II
170. Libraries Serving the General Public CB II
171. Bibliographic Control CB II
172. Collections and Services CB II
173. Management and Technology CB II
174. Education and Research CB II
175. Regional Activities CB II
176. Executive Board III


177. Professional Board III


178. Closing session Si


179. Open


180. Excursions


  1. CB = Coordinating Board of Division
    SC = Standing Committee of Section
    EC = Executive Committee of Round Table
    SI = Simultaneous Interpretation

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