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64th IFLA General Conference
Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 16 - August 21, 1998
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Table of Contents

Conference Programme and Proceedings

IFLA Express No. 2 [Acrobat PDF version: 130K]

Pre Seminar Information

Information for Presenters


Honorary Committee IFLA '98

Conference Theme and Subthemes

The Aims of IFLA

IFLA and the Netherlands

Main Sponsors and Supporters

Netherlands Organising Committee

IFLA Conference Grant

Preliminary Programme Summary

Conference Information

Social and Cultural Activities

Accompanying Persons Programme

Travel Information

General Information

Registration & Hotel Reservation

Important Addresses

General information for persons wishing to present papers at the annual general Conference of IFLA

[status: November 1997]

Various types of professional papers are presented at the IFLA Conference:

  • Contributed Papers
  • ordinary papers
  • workshop papers
  • papers at pre-conference seminars

IFLA members and non-members alike are eligible to present papers at the IFLA Conference, provided their papers are approved by the organisers - see details below:

_ Contributed Papers:

  • These are presented in the first professional session of the Conference, under the auspices of the Professional Board of IFLA. They are high level papers, international in scope, and reflecting on the subthemes of the Conference. IFLA Headquarters issues a 'call for contributed papers': these details and the application form are published in IFLA Journal and on IFLANET in the year before each Conference. Copies can also be obtained from IFLA HQ.

  • Applications (and full draft texts of papers) must be received at IFLA HQ not later than 1 February of the year of the conference. Contributed Papers are selected directly by the Professional Board. Applicants should note that only a very limited number of papers are selected for this short session.

  • Contributed papers are published in the conference preprints and on IFLANET.

_ Ordinary papers:

  • The great majority of professional papers and reports at IFLA Conferences are presented in the open sessions of the various Sections and Round Tables of IFLA. The Standing Committee of each Section or Round Table is responsible for preparing the programme of its own open session, at least one year in advance. Persons (whether members of IFLA or not) who wish to offer a paper for presentation in the session of a particular Section, should contact the officers of the Section well in advance.

  • Ordinary papers are published in the conference preprints and on the IFLANET.

  • Important note: Most IFLA Sections finalise their list of speakers, in principle, not later than 12 months in advance, that is: in August of the year preceding the conference. It may be possible, occasionally, to accept late applications: persons interested should contact the Section officers concerned, whose decision will be final. Applicants should note that it is not possible to accept new offers of papers later than February of the year of the conference.

  • Names and addresses of Section officers can be obtained from IFLA Headquarters, on fax +(31-70) 383-4827, or by email: IFLA@ifla.org, or from IFLA's website: http://www.ifla.org.

_ Workshop papers:

  • Workshops at IFLA conferences are small interactive sessions where attendance is usually limited. Papers presented are usually informal. Workshops are organised by Sections or other IFLA groups, who invite speakers and inform them about papers. Information about planned workshops becomes publicly available in March of the conference year: see the IFLA website.

  • Workshop papers are not published in the conference preprints.

_ Papers at pre-conference seminars:

  • before each annual conference there are a number of seminars organised under the auspices of IFLA groups, who prepare the programme and invite speakers. Information about these seminars is published in IFLA Journal and on IFLANET. Persons wishing to present papers should contact the organisers.

  • pre-conference seminar papers are not published in the Conference preprints: in some cases they are published in the proceedings of the seminar.

_ Notes:

  1. Five working languages are used at the IFLA conference: English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Professional papers accepted for presentation must be written in one of these languages. It would be appreciated if persons submitting papers for selection could include an informative abstract in the language of the paper and in at least one other language.

  2. Some IFLA Sections issue a 'call for papers' specifically for their own session, workshop or seminar (not to be confused with the call for 'contributed papers' issued by IFLA Headquarters on behalf of the Professional Board).

  3. Speakers have to pay the conference registration fee.

  4. Unless otherwise specifically stated, IFLA does not cover any costs of attendance at the Conference by approved speakers. Schemes for limited financial support may be available in certain cases, from sources outside IFLA, and information about these will be publicised when it becomes available. Intending speakers not coming into one of these categories need to make their own arrangements to cover the cost of attendance.

  5. IFLA has the right of first publication of any paper approved for presentation at an IFLA Conference.

_ for further information, contact Mr Sjoerd M. J. Koopman, Coordinator of Professional Activities, IFLA Headquarters, The Hague; fax +(31-70) 383-4827 or email: sjoerd.koopman@ifla.org

_ The next two annual conferences will be held in:

Amsterdam, 16-21 August 1998
Bangkok, 20-28 August 1999