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69th IFLA General Conference and Council

Access Point Library:
Media - Information - Culture

August 1st - 9th 2003 Berlin, Germany
Patron: German Federal President Johannes Rau








Call for Papers - Art Libraries Section

IFLA's 69th General Conference and Council will take place in Berlin, Germany, from 1 - 9 August 2003. The programme of the Art Libraries Section is planned under the general theme of Access Point Library : Media - Information - Culture, while taking into consideration aspects of the three subthemes Transforming media management, Strengthening information content and Guaranteeing human culture and values.

The Art Libraries Section is pleased to announce its intention to hold an Open Session and a full-day Workshop. There will also be a Cultural Welcome Programme organized by the Kunstbibliothek der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (Preussischer Kulturbesitz) in honour of the Art Libraries Section which takes place over the week-end preceding the Conference, 2-3 August.

1. Open Session - formal papers

Topic: The Evolution of the Art Library: From Early Collecting to Virtual Services

The session provides an occasion to reflect on the historical and epistemological conditions of the art library with the view of reaching a better understanding of its present situation and its future life expectancy or its future mutations.

Papers may cover areas such as:
  • The genesis of art libraries from within art schools, academies and art collections
  • Collection history of individual institutions
  • Media transformation and the transformation in art historical research and publication: from lithographic times to the digital image
  • Visions of art libraries in the future

2. Workshop at the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Preussischer Kulturbesitz)

Topic: Art Trade and the Art Library

At this workshop the importance and the role of art trade literature, such as auction catalogues, sales catalogues of galleries and antiquarian booksellers, might be discussed as well from the organizational angle as from the angles of historical research and dealership.

Workshop papers may address the following fields:
  • Access to information - principles and strategies of acquiring and cataloguing trade publications, special databases for art trade information, libraries excelling in collecting art and book trade documentation
  • Historical research - researching the provenance of works of art and the history of dealership
  • The user's experiences - dealers, collectors, appraisers as art libraries' clients

The workshop will be introduced by a keynote speaker.
Lunch will be served at the Museum. In the afternoon there will be guided visits of the Nationalgalerie and the Kunstbibliothek's Special Collections.

The format of the Workshop will be interactive. The speakers will present the main points of their respective arguments after which discussion groups will will comment and widen the debate.

You are invited to take part by submitting a paper for presentation at one of the sessions. Alternatively we welcome recommendations of speakers who are well qualified to address one or other of the topics.

The Proposal for a paper should include the following details:

Author's name; Institution (with address, telephone, facsimile and e-mail); Biographical sketch; Title of paper; Original language version (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian); Technical support required (e.g. computer projection, overhead projection, slide projection).

Proposals for papers are due 20th January 2003. Please include the title and an abstract of the proposed paper of between 100 and 200 words.

Notification of acceptance of your paper will be given by 1st March 2003. The full paper must be completed and sent to the Chair of the Art Libraries Section by 1st April 2003.

Papers for the Open Session should be no more than 8 pages on A4 paper, double spaced. The Workshop presentation papers should be no longer than 4 pages on A4, double spaced.

Please send your proposal to:
Kerstin Assarsson-Rizzi
Chair, IFLA Art Libraries Section
Vitterhetsakademiens bibliotek
National Heritage Board
Box 5405, SE-114 84 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 5191 8325
Fax: +46 8 663 3528
E-mail: kaz@raa.se


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