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IFLA Conference

World Library and Information Congress: 73rd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries for the future: Progress, Development and Partnerships"

19-23 August 2007, Durban, South Africa

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Call for Papers

Public Libraries', Reading and School Libraries' Sections

Joint half-day Session

Session Title: 'Libraries in Good Health: Resources and Practices Designed to Support Community Development and Outreach in Health-related Issues.'

The general theme for the session is the library's role in supporting community health-related topics, programmes and services. The community may be the primary or secondary school or the local community or district. The support may come in the form of resources and materials, programmes and services designed to meet the health and medical needs of particular members of that community: mothers, families, youth who have left school, the elderly, for example. This theme is linked to the overall theme of the 2007 World Library and Information Congress: "Libraries for the Future: Progress, Development and Partnerships" and to President Byrne's theme of "Partnerships".

The objectives of the session are :

  • To reflect the priorities, interests and activities of the three sections in developing collections, services and programmes related to health, in its broadest sense;
  • To learn of the needs and interests of African libraries and librarians in serving schools and the community;
  • To provide a focus on good resources and practices in supporting community health from around the world, recognising the context and cultural sensitivities of the health and medical fields;
  • To illustrate the social and cultural role and impact of collaboration and partnerships in community development and outreach.

The topic of health-related resources and services is intended to be broad: anything and everything that affects the daily lives of citizens: birth and death; sanitation; illness; disability; nutrition; sexuality and sexual mores; aging etc.

Those interested in submitting a proposal are asked to consider the following questions related to the health-related resources or programme they wish to showcase:

Who is the audience for our publication/programme and how did we identify this need?

How did we start our planning and develop our community cooperation?

Who are our partners?

What materials and formats (print, audio, visual etc) do we use?

How do we train the staff to use the materials effectively?

How and to whom do we promote our programme?

How do we know we are successful? How do we evaluate what we have done?

How can we keep the programme going, if it has a positive impact?

Presentations may take the form of papers or multi-media presentations or performances. Proposals of one page (at least 300 words) should be sent to gwynnethevans@sympatico.ca on or before DECEMBER 31, 2006 . Please include biographical information on the author or authors. (name, title, institutional affiliation, e-mail address). We are also looking for innovative approaches to addressing health-related issues. Presentations may not exceed 15 minutes in length when read or performed.

The Announcement of successful proposals will be made by February 15 and papers will be due by April 15 , 2007