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IFLA Conference

World Library and Information Congress: 74th IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries without borders: Navigating towards global understanding"

10-14 August 2008, Québec, Canada

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Call for Papers

Agricultural Libraries Discussion Group

The IFLA Agricultural Libraries Discussion Group in association with IAALD (International association of agricultural information specialists) invites papers to be presented at a two-hour session to be held at the World Library and Information Congress in Quebec, Canada, 10-15 August 2008.

Theme: "Agricultural Information Transfer Systems Worldwide"

Papers should be based on facts rather than theoretical aspects focusing on any of the facets of the theme. Facets of this theme include: Development, Documentation, Dissemination, and Diffusion of agricultural information.

Potential authors may submit their proposal on any of these aspects for consideration.

For example:
Development or generation of information includes the efforts of academic and research systems. The paper should focus on current trends in agricultural research systems in a country or region.
Documentation or organization refers to publishing and information services in sharing the generated information. The paper may touch upon the role of international information systems in co-working with the national systems.
Dissemination or communication of agricultural information should emphasize on extension systems in transferring the information to the end users.
Diffusion or utilization agricultural information should concentrate on how the farmers oriented information systems and the barriers in meeting the information needs.

The deadline for submitting a detailed abstract (max 500 words) along with full author details is 31 January 2008. Upon review of the abstracts, the selected presenters will be notified by 29 February 2008.

  • The full paper is due on 30 April 2008 and must be original submission not published elsewhere
  • The abstracts and full papers should be submitted by email
  • Papers should be of 10 pages maximum, single spaced
  • Papers should be in English with a one-page abstract.
  • Each presenter would be allowed 20 minutes for a summary delivery of the paper
  • The presenter should not read the paper
  • The author(s) should indicate his/her personal full contact details and include summary curriculum vitae with the paper
  • Submit your abstract by 31 January 2008

Please note that all fees, including registration to the conference, travel, accommodation etc. are the responsibility of the authors.

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