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IFLA Conference

World Library and Information Congress: 74th IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries without borders: Navigating towards global understanding"

10-14 August 2008, Québec, Canada,

Poster Presentations

An alternative approach for the presentation of projects/new work is available for conference participants. An area on the conference premises has been designated for the presentation of information regarding projects or activities of interest to librarians. Presentations may include posters, leaflets (etc.) in several of the IFLA working languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish).

PDF file Information for Presenters of Poster Sessions


List of accepted Poster Session Presentations

  1. A New Standard for Conservation: CEN/TC 346: "Conservation cultural property"
    Presenter: Irmhild Schaefer
  2. Doing Authority Work the Smart Way!!
    Presenter: Saralee Turner
  3. Building International sister Libraries partnerships
    Presenters: Paraskeva Dimova-Angelov, Karen D. Jessee, Meaghan O’Connor, Patrick Sullivan and Barbara Conaty
  4. The International Relations round the table of the American Library Association: Promoting Librarianship Worldwide T.B.C.
    Presenter: Susan Schnuer
  5. La extensión bibliotecaria en zonas de difícil acceso cubano
    Presenter: Felicia Pérez Moya
  6. Pour un espace auditif aux non voyants dans les bibliothèques publiques d’Algérie
    Presenter: Chekouche Yamina
  7. La Mediación de la Lectura como Método de Inclusión Social de Enfermos
    Presenter: Mariza Russo
  8. Sharing and Reusing Book Resources: The book exchange day activity of Public Libraries
    Presenters: Mu-Ning Cheng and Chung-Chin Lai
  9. Vascoda.de: the german portal for academic information resources
    Presenters: Ralf Depping and Reinhard Altenhöner
  10. The Development of Special Collections at United States International University ( Nairobi, Kenya)
    Presenters: Michele Gibney, Carla Siqueiros, Angela Graves, Jocelyn Stilwell and Marisa Diehl
  11. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover – Quality Criteria of Online Information Literacy Tutorials
    Presenter: Heike vom Orde
  12. The Canadian Women Film Directors Database / Base de données sur les réalisatrices canadiennes
    Presenter: Margaret Fulford
  13. The Effect of Libraries and Internet Resource to expand global Knowledge
    Presenter: Seyed Ali Asghar Razavi
  14. So, you want to organize a conference?
    Presenters: Linda Ashcroft, Ulrike Lang and Ian Smith
  15. Rural communities become part of global information society – innovative digital libraries in the greater Durban area, South Africa
    Presenter: Elizabeth Greyling
  16. Consumer Health Information Collections in Public Libraries: A Six-Country Comparison
    Presenters: Roma Harris, Laura DiCarlo, Elizabeth Clara Sander and Samantha Burdett
  17. Proactive e-learning – Empowering students in higher education
    Presenters: Tina Buchtrup Pipa and Inge-Berete Moltke
  18. Measuring innovation in libraries: Relevance, concepts and methods
    Presenter: Sebastian Mundt
  19. Neopragmatic theory and the library: An exploration of self-creation and communal creation in relation to a local and global narrative
    Presenter: Kristina Jung Michel
  20. Library Services to Aboriginal Peoples: Recommendations for Action
    Presenters: Jody Crilly, Pilar Martinez and Louise Reimer
  21. Developing a North Korean Digital Photograph Collection at the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library of the University of Toronto
    Presenter: Hana Kim
  22. La bibliothèque du Centre de développement de l'Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economiques (OCDE, Paris – France) à l'ère numérique et son nouveau site intranet SharePoint/Wiki 2007.
    The Library of the Development Centre of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, Paris – France) in the digital era and  its new SharePoint/Wiki 2007 intranet site

    Presenter: Michèle Girard
  23. Las políticas nacionales de información en America Latina: una asignatura pendiente
    Presenter: Aleida Olivé García
  24. Boushehr Libraries: A Historical survey from ancient to now
    Presenter: Abdolrrasoul Khosravi
  25. Using social software for managing user’s behaviour and network cyberspace – the new library service on web2.0 environment
    Presenter: Li_Ping Ku
  26. Paying Faculty to Use Library Resources: Course Enhancement Grants at the Ohio State University Libraries
    Presenter: Nancy Courtney and Bruce Leach
  27. Global Library Outreach: From Ohio, U.S.A. to Montserrat, British West Indies
    Presenter: Elizabeth A. Salt
  28. Sustainable Design of Library Buildings – Best Practices
    Presenter: Alexander Lamis
  29. The New Face of Information Retrieval: The Ankara University Open Access Platform
    Presenters: Sekine Karakas and Dogan Atilgan
  30. PERSEE – Valorisation et libre accès à l’information scientifique / PERSEE – Preservation and Free Access to Scientific Information
    Presenter: Nathalie Fargier
  31. Identification of the remaining books of the Royal Library ( Portugal 18th century) belonging to D. Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil
    Presenters: Maria José Veloso da Costa Santos and Célia Maria Gomes Maia
  32. Information Retrieval Systems: the physical and electronic access to scientific and technological information in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
    Presenters: Vãnia Lisboa da Silveira Guedes and Ana Maria de Carvahlo Carreiro Cleber Villaça da Silva
  33. "...in from the Cold" Multicultural Researchers, Global Scholarship, and the Library . A la Recherche d’informations: la bibliothèque universitaire dans la recherche et l’érudition internationale et multiculturelle
    Presenters: Denix Lacroix and Erika Banski
  34. Advocacy for Library Development in Elementary and Secondary Schools in developing countries
    Presenter: Michael Enoch
  35. Chinese Localization of Open Source ILS
    Presenters: Jason Zou and Guoying Liu
  36. A promise for hope and peace: a new library in Erbil city, Iraq
    Presenter: Kyeong-Jin Song
  37. Las Bibliotecas Públicas Cubanas: su accionar en zonas de silencio como contribución al entendimiento global ( Cuban Public Libraries: its actions in zones of silence as a contribution to global understanding)
    Presenter: Margarita Bellas Vilariño
  38. Library Leadership in a Global Community
    Presenters: Barbara J. Ford, Susan Schnuer and Sara Thompson
  39. eGranary Digital Library: Bringing Nursing Content to the Field
    Presenter: Tomas Allen
  40. Portals to the World
    Presenter: Lavonda Kay Broadnax
  41. Session cancelled.
  42. Open the door for setting information and education centre in rural area of Madagascar
    Presenter: Mialisoa Lalaina Razanapera
  43. North American Studies without borders: The International research grant program of the John F. Kennedy Institute Library, Berlin / Germany
    Presenter: Benjamin Blinten
  44. L’intégration des Instituts de Formation des Maitre à l’Université: quels enjeux pour la documentation?
    Presenter: Laure Delrue-Vandenbulcke
  45. The Assessment of Humanities Resources in Medical Libraries of Top 100 World Ranked Universities
    Presenters: Farzaneh Aminpour
  46. Quand le savoir roule sur rail!
    Presenter: Sibidé Amadou Békaye
  47. Navigating towards global understanding through outstanding translated children’s books: Trends in children’s books translated in English, 2000-2007
    Presenters: Maureen White and Margaret Hill
  48. Challenges in leadership in Tampere University Library
    Presenters: Mirja Iivonen, Anne Lehto, Paula Manninen, Hannele Nurminen and Leena Toivonen
  49. IRRT Free Links: Providing Access to Free Professional Development Opportunities for ALA members around the world
    Presenter: LaVerne Gray
  50. A University Library crosses Academic borders and enriches graduate students’ experiential learning
    Presenters: Susan Patrick and Trina Grover
  51. Session cancelled.
  52. Bibliotecología sin fronteras: su posición en las relaciones transdisciplinarias en los conocimientos de información ( Library Science without borders: its position in the transdiciplinary relationships of information knowledge)
    Presenter: Emilio Setién-Quesada
  53. The Program for Cooperative Cataloging: International Collaboration for Better Access
    Presenter: David Miller and Rebecca Mugridge
  54. Hungarian Constituency Database - Introducing the new Service of the Hungarian Research Service for MPs
    Presenter: Iren Horváth
  55. Mujer y Vigilancia en Salud: un estudio bibliométrico desde la perspectiva de género (Woman and Health Surveillance: a bibliometric study based on gender perspective)
    Presenters: Rosa Lidia Vega Almeida, Lidiet del Risco Nolla and Ricardo Arencibia Jorge
  56. I don’t act, I do really read!
    Presenter: Marjan Marinković
  57. Materiales ilustrativos en las colecciones de libros raros de la biblioteca nacional de Cuba (Illustrations in rare books collections of the Cuban National Library)
    Presenter: Olga Vega García
  58. Session cancelled.
  59. Corporate memory and knowledge management as a synergy for interaction, a case study
    Presenter: Jeiran Khansari
  60. Lubuto: Excellent libraries for African Street Children
    Presenters: LISSA at USC
  61. Bibliotecarios-promotores: ejemplos para fomentar la cultura cubana y universal / Librarians-promotors
    Presenter: Irai Uriah Urquhart Rodríguez
  62. Las Bibliotecas Públicas Cubanas por una cultura medioambientalista en la comunidad. Su influencia en niños y jóvenes
    Presenter: Maricela de la Caridad Corvo de Armas
  63. Quality Assurance in Province University Library Network (PULINET) of Thailand
    Presenter: Boonchai Wichitsathian
  64. Toy Library Services in the community: Reach Out
    Presenter: Norma Mohd Darus
  65. A Librarians Community in search of Self on the Web
    Presenters: Claudia Serbanuta and Marin Pruteanu
  66. Queens Library saving lives
    Presenter: Loida Garcia-Febo
  67. Public and School Libraries as a Gatekeeper for Health Information: Research from the Lower Rio Grante Valley of Texas, USA
    Presenters: Bill Lukenbill and Barbara Immroth
  68. <odesi> a voyage in data discovery
    Presenter: Paula Hurtubise and Michelle Edwards
  69. La Biblioteca Pública "Maz Luz" de Cuba: una fuente de historia y cultura local ( The Public Library "Maz Luz" in Cuba; a source of local history and culture)
    Presenter: Loreto C. Cárdenas Yzquierdo
  70. Sabaira: un camino para las encuadernaciones en piel
    Presenter: Osdiel Rogel Ramírez Vila
  71. South African Astronomical Research Libraries: A case study of journal acquisitions
    Presenter: Shireen Davis
  72. Session cancelled.
  73. KIM – Competence Center for Interoperable Metadata
    Presenter: Mirjam Kessler
  74. New Standards: a new epoch in the bosom of Information Science
    Presenter: Eleni Mamma
  75. At home and in exile – Latvian publishing during the Soviet period
    Presenter: Dace Rozenberga
  76. Online help in OPACs – barriers and breaking through them
    Presenter: Elke Greifeneder
  77. Increasing the accessibility of your organisation’s printed materials for blind and partially sighted people
    Presenters: Jon Hardisty and Minna Von Zansen
  78. Academic Libraries in partnership with communities: Tanzania Canada Civil Sector Capacity Building
    Presenter: Chantal Phillips
  79. Serving Seniors with Panache!
    Presenter: Ellen Stroud
  80. Grandparent kinship caregivers: Information for all generations T.B.C.
    Presenters: Chrystal Carr-Jeter and Carolyn Neal
  81. Morphological analysis of the technological and scientific discourse in the wine Industry
    Presenter: Vãnia Lisboa da Silveira Guedes
  82. The Social Science Library – Bridging the Information Divide
    Presenter: Suzanne Bremer
  83. ¿Qué prefieren los lectores de las bibliotecas públicas de Ciudad de La Habana? What do the readers of the Public Library of Havana City prefer?
    Presenter: Miguel Viciedo
  84. A "Second Life" for Librarians – The Possibilities and Potential for Virtual World Librarianship T.B.C.
    Presenter: Marianne Steadley
  85. Editor’s note: Lessons from a First – Time Book Editor collaborating with International contributors T.B.C.
    Presenter: Deborah H. Charbonneau, M.L.S.
  86. Is your library website enough?
    Presenters: Sonny Banerjee and Graham McCarthy
  87. Information Literacy for Health Professionals in São Paulo Health authority: success experience
    Presenters: Maria Fátima Pereira and Ricardo L P Bueno
  88. Los medios audiovisuales en la promoción de lectura
    Presenter: Lizandra Díaz Blanco
  89. Champions @ Your Library
    Presenters: Dorothy Macnaughton and Jami van Haaften
  90. From Idea to IMLS: Educating Scholar – Librarians for the 21stCentury, the Dual Degree approach
    Presenter: Pauline Rothstein
  91. More than linking – Seamless Resource Delivery with Open URL
    Presenters: Dana Thomas, Ophelia Cheung and Lucina Fraser
  92. The Internet – An Harbinger of hope for the Reference Librarian
    Presenter: Pauline Nicholas
  93. Library Program via WebCT: A model of Macro-level integrating library into Source Management System T.B.C.
    Presenter: Xiaolin Shirley Fang
  94. Critical Issues and Challenges of FRBR Research and Practice: A Delphi Study
    Presenters: Yin Zhang and Athena Salaba
  95. Collaboration between a Japanese teacher and a librarian to improve students’ intensive reading
    Presenters: Akiko Houdo and Terumi Kuwata
  96. Navigation for children, Cataloguing, Classification and Media Literacy
    Presenter: Shiho Suzuki
  97. Training the Library & Information Professionals in using open source software: a case study
    Presenters: P. Venkata Rao and Jaspal Kaur
  98. The Cultural Heritage @ your library
    Presenter: Ornella Foglieni
  99. Quality Management for Libraries: Development of the quality award "Excellent Library!" based on international quality models
    Presenter: Cornelia Vonhof
  100. Innovations in service and outreach for children with vision loss and the CNIB Library
    Presenters: Susan Ewing and Sue McGillivray
  101. Scholars Portal: connecting researchers and scholarly resources
    Presenters: Kate Davis and Amy Greenberg
  102. Divine adventure
    Presenter: Aleksandra Vicentijevic
  103. Cross-cultural library services in Germany and beyond
    Presenter: Sebastian Wilke
  104. Libraries without borders within borders: Libraries as centers for culturally diverse populations
    Presenters: Eve R. Gaus and Terry Weech
  105. African Libraries unlimited: information wherever you are
    Presenter: Buhle Mbambo-Thata
  106. A regional model for LIS recruitment and retention: LIS Access Midwest Program (LAMP)
    Presenter: Amani Ayad and Rae-Anne Montague
  107. Libraries and Librarians in the Public Policies Agenda in Brazil: Practices implemented by the Brazilian Federation of Library Associations – FEBAB, 2004-2007
    Presenter: Marcia Rosetto
  108. Foreign films collection in a middle-sized Public Library: Community Development Model
    Presenter: Tatiana Poliakevitch
  109. The IFLA Education & Training LIS Student Award
    Presenters: Petra Hauke and Annabel Hanke
  110. Brazilian Committee of University Libraries (CBBU) and the participation to make a difference for information access T.B.C.
    Presenter: Sigrid K.W. Dutra
  111. Creation of a collection of digital fascimiles at the Library of the Ionian University
    Presenters: Ioannis Kokkonas, Ourania Konsta and Roxana Theodorou
  112. Arhaeology worldwide – network within libraries and beyond
    Presenter: Monika Linder
  113. Reaching patrons and staying sane in the Culture of Distraction
    Presenters: Katrine Mallan and Nancy Collins
  114. Readers’ advisory: Come! Follow the trail to become a great reader and to earn your place in the pack
    Presenter: Adrián Guerra Pensado
  115. CALIS, le passeport pour la culture de l’information!
    Presenter: Daisy McAdam
  116. Session cancelled.
  117. Using Experiential learning activity in Library operation: Scavenger hunt in Library tour for high school dual credit program students
    Presenters: Fu Zhuo and Dacia Rzchowski
  118. IDICT: Prospects for Support to Science and Innovation
    Presenter: Carmen Sánchez Rojas
  119. "Where the forest join the sea" Community. Performance of a Special Educational System for Islanders. Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil
    Presenter: Janny Linhares Fortes
  120. Enabling Global Access to our Culural Heritages: Multilingual development of Taiwan E-learning and Digital Archives Program
    Presenters: Hsueh-hua Chen and Chiung-min Tsai
  121. North Coast Seniors Connect: The Website for people who weren’t born yesterday! T.B.C.
    Presenters: Ronald Roberts and Carolyn Neal
  122. Perak State Public Library Corporation: Towards a Knowledge based community
    Presenter: Mohammad Nazari bin Abdul Hamid
  123. Une campagne nationale de la lecture au Liban/ A national campaign for the lecture in Lebanon
    Presenters: Imad Hashem and Marie-Hélène Bastiannelli
  124. Globalization of Higher Education: Academic Libraries in the Middle East
    Presenter: Kathleen Botter
  125. Session cancelled.
  126. Incidence of the Technical Scientific Information on the construction professionals, technicians and researchers from Santiago de Cuba
    Presenters: Jacqueline Soler Fontecilla, Raquel Escalante Hechavarría, Victor Emilio and Mustelier Portuondo
  127. IFLA activities in Latin America and the Caribbean T.B.C.
    Presenter: Elizabet Maria Ramos de Carvalho
  128. Art Librarianship: Theory Informs Practice - A profile of a graduate studies course at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information Studies
    Presenter: Daniel Payne
  129. Librarians promoters of health: Cuban experience
    Presenter: Pobea Reyes
  130. Information – Seeking in Prospective LIS Students: A comparative analysis of the use and perceived usefulness of Traditional and Web 2.0 Information Dissemination
    Presenter: Emily Gusba
  131. We all speak the same language: Using reading education assistance dogs (R.E.A.D.) in Public Libraries and School Libraries to improve children’s comprehension and verbal reading skills
    Presenter: Emily Blankenship
  132. IFLA Activities in Asia and Oceania: The Impact
    Presenter: Tan Keat Fong
  133. MINERVA: EC – Ministerial Network for Valorising Activities in digitisation MICHAEL – Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe
    Presenter: Rossella Caffo
    Presenter: Marshall Shore
  135. Scientists at "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, cooperate with Universities and Institutes world-wide and avail themselves of the library service
    Presenter: Alenka Štante
  136. Proyecto destinado a la prevencion y emergencia contra catastofe en la Biblioteca Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, (BNCT) de la Republica de Cuba y en sus filiales provinciales. (Patrimonio Documental, Conservacion de Documentos, Planes de Prevención, Catastrofe Naturales)
    Presenter: Guilermo Ramon Gonzalez Junco
  137. The IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Guidelines for Development
    Presenter: John Lake