International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control (ICBC)

International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control (ICBC) is a quarterly journal devoted to issues, projects, research and new developments in the broad field of Bibliographic Control. It provides an international forum for the exchange of views and discussion of best practices by members of the library and information profession in general and professionals in the sectors of cataloguing , bibliography and indexing in particular.

Over the years ICBC has grown from a newsletter to a really international professional journal with currently around 800 subscribers worldwide.

Apart from IFLA Conference papers and reports, it publishes commissioned articles but also unsolicited contributions. Articles are usually published in English but some have appeared in other IFLA official languages (French and Spanish).

Tables of contents

Tables of contents are posted regularly on IFLANET: content.htm


The Editor Ms Marie-France Plassard welcomes news items about relevant developments and workshops.


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