Cataloguing joint with UBCIM Core Programme : Workshop

63rd IFLA General Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1997

Thursday, September 4

Theme: "Future of Communication Formats"

Workshop Papers

  1. UNIMARC: the virtual format in the virtual age
    FERNANDA CAMPOS (National Library of Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal)

  2. MARC harmonization in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom
      a) PAUL BUNN (British Library, London, UK)
      b) JOHN BYRUM (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
      c) INGRID PARENT (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)

  3. The Nordic metadata project
    JUHA HAKALA (Automation Unit, Finnish Research Libraries, Helsinki University Library, Helsinki, Finland)

  4. Cataloguing in SGML: from tagging to markup
    Cataloguer en SGML: de l'étiquettage au balisage
    CATHERINE LUPOVICI (JOUVE Systèmes d'information, Paris, France)


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