IFLA Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Activity (UBCIM) is closed

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The IFLA Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Activity (UBCIM) which has been hosted by Die Deutsche Bibliothek since 1990, is closed as per 1st March 2003.


The purpose of the Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Activity (UBCIM) is to coordinate activities aimed at the development of systems and standards for bibliographic control at the national level and the international exchange of bibliographic data, including the support for professional activities of appropriate IFLA Sections and Divisions, maintenance of bibliographic and format standards, and acting as clearinghouse for information on all IFLA endeavours in these fields. It promotes the UNIMARC format and coordinates its development and maintenance by a group of experts, the Permanent UNIMARC Committee. Furthermore, the Programme ensures publication of projects related to international bibliographic and format standards and proceedings of relevant meetings and seminars.

Strategic Plan UNIMARC


UNIMARC Classification Format
Concise UNIMARC Classification Format (20001031)


IFLA UBCIM Publications available from K.G. Saur

IFLA UBCIM List of Publications

International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control (ICBC)

UNIMARC Holdings Format

UNIMARC: An Introduction
also available in print from the UBCIM Programme

UNIMARC Manual - Bibliographic Format 2002
available from K.G Saur

UNIMARC concise bibliographic format (1 Mar. 2002)

UNIMARC Manual-Authorities Format 2001
available from K.G Saur
UNIMARC Manual-Authorities format 2001
(Concise version)

UNIMARC Guidelines

No.1: UNIMARC for Component Parts

No.2: UNIMARC for Microforms
[Acrobat PDF version: 47K]

No.3: UNIMARC for Older Monographic Publications (ANTIQUARIAN)
[Acrobat PDF version: 52K]

No.4: UNIMARC Minimal Level Record

No. 5: Multi-level Description: Encoding Options for UNIMARC

No.6: Electronic resources

Medium Term Programme

Annual Reports

2002 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995

Conferences and Seminars

64th IFLA Council and General Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1998

  • Half-Day Workshop, Thursday August 20, 1998
    Theme: "UNIMARC in Transition"
    UBCIM Core Activity, Permanent UNIMARC Committee and Division of Bibliographic Control

63rd IFLA General Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1997

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