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Founded in 1927, IFLA is an independent international non-governmental association. its purposes are to promote global understanding, cooperation, discussion, research and development in all fields of library and information science activity and to provide an organization through which librarianship can be represented in matters of international interest. IFLA has category A status with UNESCO .

With headquarters in The Hague, IFLA now has 1265 members (information associations and services) in 135 countries. To facilitate its work, the organization is structured in 32 Sections, 14 Round Ta bles (organized into 8 Divisions) and 5 Core Programmes.


POB 95312
2509 CH The Hague
Tel. 31-(70)-3140884
Fax. 31-(70)-3834827
Tlx. 34402 Kb nl
e-mail. IFLA.HQ. @ IFLA.NL

Dolmabache Palace, Istanbul


Turkey's introduction to IFLA and IFLA meetings, where problems related to libraries are discussed; information, ideas and experiences are internationally exchanged and during which professional cont acts turn into personal friendships, started in the year of 1950 with the Turkish National Library. Turkish Libraries continued to be observers and benefited from the exchange of ideas during the ye ars of 1952-1956 and 1970.

The relationship developed during the following years, with the participation of additional libraries such as, Directorate of Adnan Otuken Public Library, Directorate of Beyazit State Library, Bilken t University Library, Bosphorus University Library, Çukurova University Library and Documentation Centre, Main Library of Gazi University, Hacettepe University Libraries, Istanbul University Library, National Library, Directorate of Suleymaniye Library, Turkish Grand Assembly Library and Documentation Centre, (TUBITAK-TURDOK) Documentation Centre of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, (YOK) Higher Educational Council Documentation Centre.

After 10 years of Turkey's membership in IFLA, with the decision of the IFLA Executive Board in 1989 it was decided that the 1995 IFLA General Conference would be held in Istanbul.

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