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Medical Sciences and Islamic Civilization

Excerpt from:


IFLA Section of Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries

Volume 16, Number 1, January 1995
ISSN: 0250-4294

Medical Sciences and Islamic Civilization
with the Emphasis on the Role of Library and Information

The idea of having an open session forum on "Medical Sciences and Islamic Civilization" at the 1995 meeting in Istanbul was created during the Conference in Barcelona in 1993. The program was discussed and planned by Lois Ann Colaianni, Frances Groen and Dr. Shawky Salem, all members of the Section of Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries Standing Committee.

The program will be presented during the 61st IFLA meeting in Istanbul scheduled for August 20-26, 1995. The theme of the meeting is Libraries of the Future. Frances Groen, Chair of the Standing Committee, will serve as the organizer of the session and Dr. Shawky Salem as coordinator.

The schedule of papers and speakers will include:

Dr. Shawky Salem:
The Role of Arab Centre for Medical Literature in Arab Medical Information Infrastructure

Mr. Aghdad Taghigadeh:
The History of Medicine in Islam

Dr. Acml Eldeen Ihsanughu:
Islamic History and its Effects on Modern Sciences

Dr. Ahmed Elgindy:
The Role of Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences (IOMS)

The aims of this session are:

  1. to take the opportunity of having the IFLA Conference in an Islamic country to discuss the Islamic role in developing the medical sciences during history;

  2. to connect the history with the recent developments in medicine, one of the most active sciences in civilization;

  3. to discuss the role of library and information in both the medical sciences and Islamic civilization.

The Islamic Civilization had an active role in developing the biological and medical sciences during the Middle Ages. During that time, the European Civilization was translating the Arabic manuscripts in medical sciences into Latin and other European languages. Now the Islamic countries are translating the literature of recent medical advances from the European languages into the Arabic language.

Dr. Shawky Salem
Arab Centre for Medical Literature
Safat, Kuwait