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62nd IFLA General Conference - Conference Proceedings - August 25-31, 1996

On the necessity of working out the implementing rules for library statistical standards in China

Division of Monograph Cataloguing
National Library of China
Beijing, China


In order to further develop the world-wide networking and resource sharing, standardization has played an extremely important role for all libraries. The paper stresses that in the process of using ISO2789 and GB/T1319.1-91 Statistical Standard of Information and Documentation Organization ( Chinese National Standard) for world-wide data communication, an Implementing Rules for Library Statistical Standards is badly needed to make data from various libraries and institutions comparable. The paper points out the vague definition of some items in GB/T1319.1- 91, and also lists a number of imcomparabilities selected from the statistical data of annual reports made by some major libraries in the world. All these requirements mentioned above call for the earliest publication of the rules.


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