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62nd IFLA General Conference - Conference Proceedings - August 25-31, 1996

Using the Internet to share information between China and the West

Liu, Newton X.
Vice President, Bridge to Asia
1214 Webster Street #F
Oakland, California 94612 USA


China and other developing countries need full access to information, including information contained in scientific journals and reference works. However, the costs of knowledge in these forms has risen beyond the ability of all but the wealthiest to afford them. The Internet can help close this knowledge gap and be used to transport journal articles (and numerous other forms of information) to China from the West.

Bridge to Asia is creating several Internet based "Information transfer Stations" (ITS) to help users in China exploit the full potential of networked information technology. An ITS adds people to the machines information specialists and on line expert who use electronic databanks, paper libraries and other information resources in developed countries to respond to requests from libraries, research centers, and researchers in China.

The operation of an ITS will be described, including its document delivery and on line consulting functions, together with examples of requests from China and responses from the West.


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