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Invitation to 1996 Beijing IFLA Book Exhibition

62nd IFLA General Conference
Beijing, CHINA
August 25-31, 1996

Dear Friends,

The 62nd IFLA General Conference will be held from August 25 to 31, 1996 in Beijing, the dynamic and fast-changing capital of China. The theme of this Conference is the Challenge of Change: Libraries and Economic Development. The China International Book Trading Corporation (CIBTC), sole organizers of the ‘96 Beijing IFLA Book Exhibition, cordially invite publishers around the world, including electronic publishers and manufacturers, to participate in the exhibition. This exhibition provides you with a unique opportunity to meet prospective buyers face to face, which will not only help you to reinforce your visibility in China, but also to build solid business leads around the world.

Over 3, 000 conference participants from libraries around the world will view the exhibits during the Conference. In addition 200,000 libraries in China and tens of thousands of library directors and acquisition personnel are expected to visit the exhibition with buying interests.

I am sure the exhibition, serving as a bridge between the exhibiting firms and libraries, will be an ideal meeting place where exhibitors and librarians can strengthen their friendship, exchange ideas and expand trade cooperation.

Our working guideline for the exhibition is to provide complete and comprehensive service, encourage wide participation, expand the influence of the exhibitors and promote business transactions. Don’t miss this opportunity of exhibiting with IFLA and join us in Beijing in the fall of 1996.

Liu Zhibin
Member of the ‘96 Beijing IFLA General Conference China Organizing Committee
President of CIBTC
June 15, 1995

The 62nd IFLA General Conference will be held in Beijing from August 25 to 31, 1996. It will be the first conference of its kind to be held in China in IFLA history. Simultaneously and in conjunction with the General Conference, the China International Book Trading Corporation will organize the ‘96 IFLA Book Exhibition, which will be a comprehensive review of current publications with the focus on modern information technology related new media publications.

The organizers heartily welcome publishers both at home and abroad to participate in this grand gathering. The exhibits will include publications in Chinese and foreign languages, microforms, electronic books, CD ROMs and different kinds of multimedia publications, electronic edutainment publications, on-line journals, indexes and full-text data bases. A special section will be reserved for the display of rare books from the collection of the National Library of China.

The aim of the exhibition is to give visitors a panoramic view of the current trends of publishing industries in China and the world. It will not only help China’s fledging electronic publishing industry to acquire information, but also provide the foreign publishing community with a unique opportunity to expand exchanges with Chinese publishers and explore the huge potential market in China.

The exhibition will take place in the Beijing International Convention Center where the General Conference will be held. More than 3,000 professionals and scholars from the world’s library community are expected to participate in the conference. Of these, over 2,000 will be from overseas. The organizers will arrange for domestic publishers and a large number of potential buyers to visit the exhibition and meet the exhibitors. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the infinite variety of publications on display. The rich cultural environment and access to the huge potential market will benefit every exhibitor in multiple ways.

The exhibition will be in Hall No. 1 of the Convention Center. It will occupy more than 2,000 square meters and contain over 100 stands. Located in the busy international business district in Beijing, the Center enjoys convenient transportation and is equipped with deluxe and comprehensive facilities, making it an ideal place for exhibitions, sightseeing and doing business.

The organizers have had the experience of successfully holding more than a thousand exhibitions at home and abroad. Their working guideline for this exhibition is “to provide complete and comprehensive service, encourage wide participation, and expand the influence of exhibitors and promote business transactions”.

The organizers will publicize the exhibition through various mass media at home and abroad. Publicity will also be arranged to promote the best products of the exhibitors. A bilingual color catalogue in Chinese and English will be printed, listing all the exhibits, and a multimedia computer guide provided at the exhibition to introduce the exhibitors and their products through colorful pictures, lively graphics and concise descriptions.

While being comprehensive in terms of types of publications, the ‘96 Beijing IFLA Book Exhibition will give full exposure to the individual features of modern technology related new media publications. The organizers heartily welcome Chinese and foreign publishers, electronic publishers and manufacturers in particular, to participate and display their products, and cordially invite professionals and scholars from library communities around the world to visit the Exhibition.