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Conference Information

62nd IFLA General Conference
Beijing, CHINA
August 25-31, 1996

1. Availability of Papers

During the conference more than 100 papers and reports will be presented. Copies of these will be available at the conference between 9:00-16:30 upon presentation of the registration voucher. Papers received by IFLA Headquarters before the deadline will be available in the original languages in pre-printed booklets. Written translations will be provided upon request in exchange for vouchers.

2. Simultaneous interpretation

During the conference a simultaneous interpretation service will be provided for opening and closing ceremonies and at two meeting rooms in 5 IFLA working languages as well as Chinese language to facilitate the Chinese participants.

3. Conference Venue

The Conference will take place in the Beijing International Convention Center. The center consists of a 2, 500-seat Grand Hall, and other medium and small meeting rooms equipped with related facilities and services.

4. Exhibition

During the conference an exhibition will be arranged in the Convention Center. The total exhibition area of 4,500 square meters will allow enough space for about 200 stands for exhibitors to display their products and services. All related manufacturers, companies and book dealers are warmly invited to join us.

5. Poster Session

The poster session will be held in the Convention Center on Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference week between 12:00 and 14:00 for participants to demonstrate projects and activities of interest.

6. Workshop 1996

Workshops Planned for the 1996 IFLA Conference in Beijing

During the 62nd IFLA General Conference, 25-31 August 1996, workshops are scheduled for Thursday, 29 August. Participation will be limited, with most workshops limited to a maximum of 50 per workshop on a first-come, fist served basis. Registration for the workshop is compulsory, and participants will be allowed to register for one workshop only.

Full-day Workshops

Art Libraries: Theme: "Pay or Profit: Fee or Free?" The topic will be approached from a number of angles: costs of new services; the profit motive in relation to government; business and commercial services; lessons to be learned from experiences where the user has to pay; what the user will really pay for; selling the product - matching user needs.
For information and registration:
Jan van der Wateren
National Art Library
Victoria and Albert Museum
London SW7 2RL, UK
Fax: +(44-171) 9388275
e-mail: 100316.3515@compuserve.com

Audiovisual and Multimedia joint with the Section on Reading. Theme: "From Reading AV Media to Watching Books, towards Multimedia".
For registration and information:

Isabelle Giannattasio
Departament de la phonothèque et de l'audiovisual
Bibliothèque nationale de France
63 bis Boulevard de Brandenbourg
94854 Ivry sur Seine Cedex, France

Children's Libraries joint with Library Services to Multicultural Populations. Theme: "Storytelling". The workshop will: introduce the current and historical role of storytelling in various parts of the world; introduce a variety of stories and types of storytelling; focus on how storytelling continues by librarians and educators in a variety of cultures and geographic regions; show the value of storytelling in contemporary society; and present the role of storytelling in education, culture, history, literacy, and for a variety of audiences.
For registration and information:

Shirley Fitzgibbons, School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana 47405, USA
Fax: +(1-812) 8556166
E-mail: fitzgibb@indiana.edu

Classification and Indexing. Theme: "Dewey Decimal Classification: Edition 21 and International Perspectives" which will be co-sponsored by OCLC and Forest Press.
For registration and information:

Donna Duncan
Central Technical Services
Redpath Library
McGill University Libraries
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 1Y1
Fax: +(1-514) 3988919;
E-mail: duncan@lib1lan.mcgill.ca

Document Delivery and Interlending. Theme: "Charging for Document Delivery and Interlending".
For registration and information:

Heinz Fuchs
Niedersachsische Staats-u. Universitatsbibliothek
Platz der Gottinger Sieben 1
D-37073 Gottingen, Germany
Fax: +(49-551) 39522

Education and Training: Theme: "Chinese LIS Education".
For information and registration:

Steffen R=81ckl, Information
Humboldt-Universit=84t zu Berlin
Dorothleenstrasse 26, D-10099
Berlin, Germany
Fax: +(49-30) 20315335

Government Libraries joint with the ALP Core Programme. Theme: "Aid Agency Information Services Assisting Economic Development".
For information and registration:

Craig Boaden
AusAID Centre for Pacific Development and Training
POB 6, Mosman NSW 2088
Fax: +(61-2) 99609503
E-mail: cboaden@ausaid.gov.au

Library Services to Multicultural Populations joint with Classification and Indexing. Theme: "Serving Multicultural Populations in the 21st Century: Universal Standardized Subject Headings - Present Status and Future Prospects".
For information and registration:

Suzine Har Nicolescu
Medgar Evers College
CUNY, 1650 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11225, USA
Fax: +(1-718) 2705147
E-mail: shnme@cunyvm.bitnet)


Donna Duncan
Central Technical Services
Redpath Library
McGill University Libraries
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 1Y1
Fax: +(1-514) 3988919
E-mail: duncan@lib1lan.mcgill.ca

Management of Library Associations: Theme: "How to Run a Library Association".
For information:

David Bender
Special Libraries Association
1700 Eighteenth Street N.W.
Washington DC 20009, USA
Fax: +(1-202) 2659317
E-mail: sla1@cabcon.net


Duane Webster
Association of Research Libraries
21 Dupont Circle N.W.
Washington DC 20036, USA
Fax: +(1-202) 8720882

Parliamentary Libraries. Theme: "Parliamentary Libraries of Asia and the Pacific II".

Fore registration:
William H. Robinson
Congressional Research Service
Library of Congress
Room LM-203
Washington DC 20540, USA
Fax: +(1-202) 7072615

Regional Activities will hold a joint workshop of all relevant Sections: Africa, Asia and Oceania, and Latin America and the Caribbean on Medium-Term Programme planning.
For registration and information:

A.P. Gakhar
Kala Nidhi
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
Janpath, New Delhi 110 001, India
Fax: +(91-11) 3381139
E-mail: apg@ignca.ernet.in

University Libraries and other General Research Libraries. Theme: "Managing Academic Libraries: The Challenge of Change".
For information and registration:

Alex Byrne
Northern Territory University Library
POB 41246, Casuarina NT 0811
Fax: +(61-89) 467033
E-mail: alex@library.ntu.au

Half-day Workshops

Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries. Theme: "Traditional Chinese Medicine".
For information:
Jean-Philippe Accart
Centre de Documentation
Centre Hospitalier d'Argenteuil
69 rue du Lt.Colonel Prud'hom
95107 Argenteuil Cedex, France
Fax: +(33-34) 232696

Cataloguing. Theme: "Retrospective Conversion: Lessons Learned and New Trends".
For information and registration:

Paul Burn
Cataloguing Services
British Library
Boston Spa, Wetherby
West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ, UK
Fax: +(44-1937) 546979
Libraries for the Blind. Theme: "Digital Talking Books Technology".
For registration and information:
Hiroshi Kawamura
University of Tokyo Library
Tokyo 113, Japan
Fax: +(81-3) 381264208
E-mail: kawa@libsun1.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Library Buildings and Equipment. Theme: "Architectural Competition".
For registration and information:
Marie-Françoise Bisbrouck
Sous-Direction des Bibliothèques
1 rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris, France
Fax: +(33-1) 49552578

Library Theory and Research joint with University Libraries and other General Research Libraries.
For information:

Maxine Rochester
School of Information Studies
Charles Sturt University
Locked Bag 675
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2678, Australia

Newspapers. Theme: "Microfilming or Digitization for Preservation of Newspapers and other Material".
For information:

Geoff Smith
Newspaper Library
British Library
Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5HE, UK


Else Delauney
Bibliothèque nationale de France
2 rue Vivienne
75084 Paris, France

Science and Technology Libraries. Theme: "Grey Literature in Science and Technology".
For registration and information:

Andrei Zemskov
National Public Library for Science and Technology
12 Kuznetski most
103 031 Moscow, Russia
Fax: +(7-095) 9219862
E-mail: rppt@gpntb.msk.su
Social Science Libraries: Theme: "Seeking Information for Development Studies".
For registration and information:
Leif Lorring
National Library of Eduction
Danmarks Pedagogiska, Bibliotek
Postbox 840
DK-2400 Copenhagen, Denmark
Fax: +(45) 39660082
User Education. Theme: "User Education for Remote Library Users".
For information and registration:
Martin Kesselman
Library of Science and Medicine
Rutgers University
POB 1029
Piscataway, New Jersey 08855-1029, USA
Fax: +(1-908) 9323208

7. Library visits

Participants will be invited to visit one of the following local libraries including the national library, university libraries, research libraries, public libraries and school libraries. Transportation will be arranged for the visitors. Individual visits are welcomed during the conference week with no transportation vehicles offered.

8. Registration

A. Registration

Those who plan to participate in the conference must fill out a registration form and send it with the registration fee to:

(Before 31 December 1995)

Mr. Qiu Dongjiang
China Organizing Committee
the 1996 Beijing IFLA Conference
c/o National Library of China
39 Baishiqiao Road
Beijing 100081
Tel. (86)(10)8416347; 8419260
Fax. (86)(10)8419271
E-mail. cjsun@bepc2.ihep.ac.cn

(After 1 January 1996)

Mr. Qiu Dongjiang
Room 5025
Beijing International Convention Center
8 Beichendong Rd.
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100101 China
Tel. 4913623
Fax. 4910257

Please send payment to:

Account No.: 400-007770
CHIPS UID: 343306
Remark: '96 IFLA BICC & A/C

The deadline date for advance registration is May 1, 1996. Registrations after this date are charged an additional sum. Registrations on site will be accepted at the Convention Center while the conference is in session, beginning on August 23. Five credit cards can be accepted at the conference venue.
The detailed methods of payments will be specified on the registration form which is distributed with the Final Announcement. Anyone who plans to participate in the conference may request free of charge the Final Announcement and registration forms.

Registration fees

                         Before May 1, 1996     After May 1, 1996
                         (include the date)
Delegates                  US$ 350.00               US$ 400.00
Accompanying Persons       US$ 225.00               US$ 250.00

C. Cancellations

Anyone who wants to cancel his or her registration must notify the Secretariat of China Organizing Committee in writing. The policy regarding refunds of the registration fees is listed as follows:

        Date                         % of refunding
   Before July 15                         50%
   After July 15                        no refund

Refund will be made within 30 days of the close of the conference.

D. the registration fee from the delegates will cover:

  1. Name badge,
  2. Admission to all sessions,
  3. all available conference papers and reports,
  4. participation in the exhibition,
  5. Opening and closing sessions,
  6. All receptions and cultural performance,
  7. Professional visits to libraries,
  8. Sightseeing tours (including transportation and guide)

The registration fee for the accompanying persons will cover point 1, 4-8, and one and two half-day tour(s).

9. Accommodation

1. The Organizing Committee has reserved a limited number of hotel accommodations of different categories for the participants to choose. The completed accommodation reservation form and one night deposit must be sent to the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee before the deadline. No reservation request will be confirmed without prior payment of the deposit.

2. The reservation must verify the arrival and departure dates acknowledged by the voucher of registration confirmed. The receipt will specify the deposit paid, which will be deducted from the hotel bill.

(Approximate rates for hotel room (excluding breakfast)

           Single Rooms (with 2 beds)  Double Rooms (suite)
Category A       US$ 150-200               US$ 250-300
Category B       US$ 100-150               US$ 200-250
Category C       US$  80-100               US$ 150-200
Category D       US$  40- 80               US$ 120-180
Category E       US$  20- 30

Note: the room rates are subject to change without prior notice.

3. Please send the payment to:

Account No.: 400-007770
CHIPS UID: 343306
Remark: '96 IFLA BICC & A/C

For further information relating to accommodation reservation please contact:

Secretariat (Before 31 December 1995)
Mr. Qiu Dongjiang
China Organizing Committee
'96 Beijing IFLA Conference
c/o National Library of China
39 Baishiqiao Road
Beijing 100081, CHINA
Tel. (86)(10)8416347; 8419260
Fax. (86)(10)8419271
E-mail: cjsun@bepc2.ihep.ac.cn

(After 1 January 1996)

Mr. Qiu Dongjiang
Room 5025
Beijing International Convention Center
8 Beichendong Rd.
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100101 CHINA
Tel. 4913623
Fax. 4910257