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An Invitation

62nd IFLA General Conference
Beijing, CHINA
August 25-31, 1996


The China Organizing Committee of the 62nd Beijing IFLA Conference 1996 takes pleasure in cordially inviting you to participate in the 62nd IFLA Conference which is to take place in the Beijing International Convention Center from August 25-31, 1996. In order to make the conference a complete success, the preparations for it are evolving in an integrated way. Beijing is eagerly awaiting the '96 IFLA Conference. We will do everything possible to offer you a pleasant conference environment, many social and cultural activities, library visits and sightseeing as well as many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the country.

The librarians of China are looking forward to meeting you in Beijing.


The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), established in 1927, is an independent international non-governmental association and has consultative status "A" with UNESCO. The aim of IFLA is to promote international understanding, cooperation, discussion and research services and to provide a body through which librarianship can be represented in matters of international interest. IFLA now has 1,340 members (including library associations, institutions and individuals) from 137 Countries. There are 32 sections, 14 round tables and 5 core programs categorized in 8 professional divisions.

IFLA holds its annual general conference in different member countries. IFLA headquarters is in The Hague, The Netherlands. The address:

IFLA Headquarters
P.O.B. 95312
2509 CH, The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel. (31)(70)3140884
Fax. (31)(70)3834827
e-mail: IFLA@ifla.org


China is one of the 15 founders by its participating in the International Congress of Libraries held in Edinburg (U.K.) in 1927. Due to reasons well-known China was not in the IFLA family for a long time. In 1981 the China Society for Library Science returned to IFLA as an association member after signing the agreement between the representatives of the China Society for Library Science and IFLA. In '93 Barcelona IFLA Conference Ms. Sun Beixin, Deputy Director of the National Library of China, the Council member of China Society for Library Science was elected a member of IFLA Executive Board. With the approval of the Chinese government the China Society for Library Science submitted the invitation to IFLA Executive Board to hold the 62nd IFLA general conference in Beijing in 1996, which was approved by the Executive Board in 1991. The confirmation of the conference by the IFLA Executive Board will further improve the international cultural exchange, cooperation, and development between Chinese libraries and the world library community.

China Society for Library Science

The China Society for Library Science (CSLS), founded on July 9, 1979, is a learned organization representing the Chinese librarianship in all related matters of interest both at home and abroad. It now has 10,150 members (including institutions and individuals). The supreme organ of the society is the national congress of members. The council acts as a steering body to guide the society. The aim of the society is to promote the development of library and information services.