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62nd IFLA General Conference
Beijing, CHINA
August 25-31, 1996

The professional programme of the conference opens with an international contributed paper session, where selected speakers are invited to present major papers of broad international interest.

Persons interested in presenting a paper at this international session are invited to complete the application form overleaf and send it with the full text of the paper (in English, French, German, Spanish or Russian) to the Secretary of the IFLA Professional Board by 1 February 1996. Please also attach an informative abstract in the language of the paper and in English.

Please note: this is not a call for papers for the conference sessions of the individual Sections and Round Tables of IFLA: These groups are responsible for planning their own conference programme.

Time schedule

1 February 1996
Deadline for receipt of application and full text of paper at IFLA Headquarters.

15 April 1996
IFLA Headquarters will inform applicants of the final decision of the Professional Board.

15 May 1996
Deadline for receipt of final text of paper at IFLA HQ, for printing.
Texts may be sent electronically to Internet address:
Alternatively, papers may be sent on diskette in ASCII or WordPerfect format to IFLA Headquarters
(Please note: Do not send Macintosh diskettes)

Subject/topic of contributed papers

Contributed papers must focus on one of the sub-themes of the IFLA Conference.

Applicants should note that papers focusing exclusively on a local/national system or situation are less likely to interest an international audience. The Chinese Organizing Committee has proposed and IFLA has approved the theme and its nine sub-themes:

  1. Libraries as gateways to information
  2. Continuing education of librarians in a changing environment
  3. Resource sharing: local, national and international issues
  4. Identifying user needs
  5. Taking information to the user
  6. Networking and document delivery
  7. The library as a key to exploiting economic resources
  8. Funding of library and information services: dilemmas and solutions
  9. The role and image of libraries in developing countries


Please print or type the following information:



Tel. (home):

Tel. (work):



Title of paper or topic:


Equipment required for presentation:

This form should be sent with the text of the paper by 1 February 1996 to:

Mr W.D. Roberts,
Secretary of the Professional Board
IFLA Headquarters
POB 95312
2509 CH The Hague, Netherlands

Fax no.: *(31) (70) 3834827
E-mail.: IFLA@ifla.org


Authors of accepted papers will receive an official invitation to the IFLA Conference. However, travel costs to Beijing and other costs (including registration fees, hotel, etc.) can not be paid by IFLA. They are the responsibility of any author.