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63rd IFLA General Conference - August 31 - September 5, 1997

Facts about IFLA '97


The Danish Library Community takes great pleasure in inviting you to Copenhagen to participate in IFLA '97 and hopes that you will find time to visit and enjoy some of the beautiful sights of Denmark. The IFLA '97 Council and General Conference offers you a whole week of information about your profession and the ongoing development of libraries throughout the world. The 21st century is approaching rapidly, and access to information and knowledge will be the catalyst for all human beings worldwide to meet and tackle their everyday lives, whether speaking of their professional or personal lives or their role as responsible citizens. It is therefore crucial to take up all relevant aspects of the theme, "Libraries and information for Human Development", as IFLA will be doing at the 1997 Conference. Take advantage of the many presentations and workshops to exchange experiences and to discuss new developments. Do not forget the IFLA '97 exhibition, which will offer a unique look at the latest library and information products and future options. You cannot afford to miss such a change to keep up with your profession, to visit Wonderful Copenhagen and to met with your Danish and nordic colleagues.

Facts about IFLA ‘97 provides information to Sections and Round Tables preparing professional meetings, workshops or satellite meetings in 1997.

From August 31 (Sunday) to September 5 (Friday)

Copenhagen Congress Center:
The Balla Center is situated between the airport and the centre of Copenhagen, a 10 minutes drive away from shops and accommodation facilities.


Access to information, to knowledge and to culture are fundamental human rights which, in addition to education are recognized worldwide as key elements with regard to sustained human development, and to economic and social progress. The 1997 IFLA Council and General Conference will deal with important aspects of "Libraries and Information for Human Development" with regard to the means, methods, demands and opportunities of the Information Society to point out current problems and to set up new strategies in both developed and less developed countries. The focus of the conference will be on the main theme of "Libraries and Information for human Development:, but the conference will also highlight a number of elated issues by way of the sub-themes pointing towards two sets of visions:
The Sub-themes form two sets of visions:
"Centre of Information"
- Libraries and information for education
- Libraries bridging information gaps
- Libraries and "The right to know"/Democracy development

"Centre of Culture"
- Libraries and cultural priorities
- Libraries promoting access to the Arts and to artistic innovation
- Libraries - the Memory of the World

Conference Venue and Dates

The 63rd IFLA Council and General Conference 1997 will be held at the Bella Center/Copenhagen Congress Center from 31 August to 5 September 1997. Coordinating Board meetings will be held on Friday, 29 August; Standing Committee meetings and caucuses will be held on Saturday, 30 August. The Bella Center is situated between the airport and the centre of Copenhagen, only a ten minute's drive from hotels, restaurants and shops.


An international trade exhibition will be arranged at the Bella Center, Scandinavia's largest international exhibition center. The total area in the exhibition hall is 10,000 square meters.

Library Visits

Delegates and accompanying persons will be invited to visit Danish libraries, covering all types of libraries, on Wednesday or Thursday. Transportation will be provided to a large number of libraries who have offered to host participants. Individual library visits can be arranged on request during the conference week.

Registration Fees

The deadline for advance registration is 1 May 1997 for a fee of DKK 2,350 for delegates and DKK 1,450 for accompanying persons. After this date the fee is DKK 2,500 for delegates and DKK 1,600 for accompanying persons. Registration on site will be accepted at the Bella Center while the Conference is in session.


A number of hotel rooms in different price categories have been reserved from 29 August until 7 September 1997. Approximate rates for hotel rooms, which include breakfast, bath and VAT range from DKK 1150-1600 for a single room in Category A, to DKK 315-525 for a room in Category D. From Saturday, 30 August to Friday, 5 September a free shuttle bus service is available during morning and late afternoon hours between city hotels and the Bella Center for delegates who have booked their hotel rooms through the conference organizers.

Transports and other facilities:

Informations on trains, buses or flights - for meetings outside Copenhagen to other regions of Denmark. Please contact the IFLA ‘97 Secretariat for relevant help and adresses.

Practical Information

Visas and Letters of Invitation

Please check the Danish regulations with regard to visa and vaccination rules when making your travel arrangements. An official letter of invitation to facilitate entrance, visa application, etc., will be sent by the Danish Organizing Committee upon request.


The Danish currency is the drone, DKK. One krone (crown) is divided in 100 ore. There are notes for DKK 50, 100, 500, and 1,000. The current exchange rate is about DKK 5.9 to one US dollar.

Credit Cards

Credit cards (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard and JCB) are accepted almost everywhere. American Express is not widely used in Denmark.


The weather in Copenhagen in August/September is variable. It may be a warm summer with temperatures above 20° C and sunny. Occasionally, however, you may need a sweater and a raincoat.

Sightseeing Tours

Ten sightseeing tours have been arranged for Saturday, 5 September. All delegates and accompanying persons will be invited to select from one of the ten groups of tours.

Pre/Post Conference Tours

Several special pre- and post-conference tours have been arranged. These range from a complete tour of Denmark, to a tour of Nordic countries and their capitals to a cruise on the fjords.

Official Pre-Session Seminar:

"Bridging information gaps through technology".

The purporse of this seminar is to provide an opportunity for selected delegates from developing countries to debate an issue of current professional interest.

Danish host and organizer:

The Royal School of Librarianship,
Jens Thorhauge and Ole Harbo

An international organizing committee will be established by IFLA HQ, Professional Board and the Danish Organizing Committee in 1995, Istanbul.

Satellite Meetings 1997

IFLA Sections and others may arrange specialist workshops or seminars immediately preceding or following a conference. The venue for such meetings may be Copenhagen or in some other city or region in Denmark or in a neighbour - country. IFLA HQ and Professional Board should be infomred about these meetings.

In the summer 1995 the Danish Organizing Committee has received preliminary informations about satellite meetings from the below mentioned Sections and Round Tables. Place and name of Danish contactperson may be mentioned. The meetins are all to be further elaborated in 1995 in Istanbul.

  1. SC: Children’s Libraries
    Performance Measurements, in Gütersloh
    (Hellen Niegaard)

  2. SC: Public Libraries for the Blind
    Expert - Meeting, in Copenhagen
    (Winnie Vitzansky)

  3. SC: School-libraries
    The Danish model
    (Niels Jacobsen)

  4. SC: Interlending & Document Delivery
    5th Interlending and Document Supply
    International Conference at The State and University Library in Arhus
    (Niels Mark)

  5. RT: Newspapers, at the State and University Library in Arhus
    (Svend Larsen)

  6. SC: Library Services to Multifultural Populations
    Library services to Multicultural Societies in Alborg (?)
    (Benedikte Kragh-Schwarz)

  7. SC/RT Educ. & Training
    Continuing Education, at the Royal School of Librarianship Copenhagen
    (Jens Thorhauge)

In addition to IFLA satellite meetings a couple of regional groups are considering to have their regular seminars arranged in connection with IFLA 1997. They are:

  1. Arlis Norden
    Nordic Art Libraries
    (Anja Lollesgaard, Fax +45 33113072)

  2. The biennal Conference of the Nordic Public Libraries
    "The Nordic Region meeting the World. Public Libraries, institutions for education and infromation in the future" - preliminary titel.
    (Rolf Hapel, Fax +45 86192642)

Facts about DENMARK:

Capital: Copenhagen

Climate: August/September - mild, 15-20 C

Currency: Danish Kroners

Language: Danish

Population: 5.1 million

Area: 43.093 sq km

Coastline: 7.300km

Head of State: Queen Margrethe II

Government: Constitutional monarchy since 1849 - Governed by Parliament (Folketinget)

Local Government: 275 municipalities - 14 counties + Copenhagen and Frederiksberg

Neighbouring countries Location: Norway, Sweden and Germany, Nothern Europe, separating the North Sea and Baltic Sea


IFLA ‘97 Copenhagen
c/o SBT,
The National Library Authority
Nyhavn 31 E, DK-1051 Copenhagen
Telephone: +45 3332 0733 +236
Fax: +45 3393 0788
Email: ifla-97@inet.uni-c.dk

Secretary-general: Ms. Hellen Niegaard
Assistant: Ms. Susanne Acevedo


Copenhagen Congress Center
Center Boulevard 5, DK-2300
Copenhagen, DENMARK
Telephone: +45 3247 8811
Fax: +45 3151 9636

General Manager: Mr. Knud Bjerregaard

National Organizing Committee

A Danish association has been founded to prepare the conference: "Foreningen IFLA 1997 Copenhagen".

All Danish IFLA members can be members. The board of the association forms the Danish national organizing committee.

Questions to or/and information to the Danish '97 Secretariat and the National Organizing Committee should be send to:ifla-97@inet.uni-c.dk

Morten Laursen Vig, The National Library Authority

Soren Moller, The Danish Library Association and Mette Stockmarr, The Danish Research Library Association

Winnie Vitzansky, The Danish National Library for the Blind

Kirsten Boel, The Association of Danish Library Managers

Jane Dreisig, The Library Committee of the Danish Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees

Peter Gronholt Pedersen, Helsingor Public Libraries

Ole Harbo, The Royal School of Librarianship

Erland Kolding Nielsen, The Royal Library

Niels Mark, The State and University Library

Anja Rasmussen, The Union of Danish Librarians

Egon Schou Hansen, The Danish School Library Association

Borge Sorensen, Copenhagen Public Libraries

Danish Assistance:

The Danish Organizing Committee has asked a group of professionals to be "liaison officers" and to assist the Divisions, their Sections and Round Tables getting informations of professional character when preparing worksops and satellite meetings.

The IFLA ‘97 Secretariat will help providing informations about transports and other practical matters.

Liaison Officers

Division 01 - General Research Libraries
Aase Lindahl,
Odense Universtiy Library,
DK-5230 Odense M,
Phone: +45 6615 8600
Fax: +45 6615 8162
E-mail: lindahl@freja.ou.dk

Division 02 - Special Libraries

Lars Bjornshauge,
Technical Knowledge Center & Library of Denmark,
Postboks 777,
DK-2800 Lyngby,
Phone: +45 4588 3088
Fax: +45 4588 3040
E-mail: dtv@dtv.dk

Division 03 - Libr. Serving the General Public

Vivi Fahnoe, Copenhagen Public Libraries
Englandsvej 28,
DK-2300 Copenhagen,
Phone: +45 3284 1400
Fax: +45 3284 2246
E-mail: --

Division 04 - Bibliographic Control

Mona Madsen,
The Royal School of Librianship
Birketinget 6,
DK-2300 Copenhagen S,
Phone: +45 3158 6066
Fax: +45 3284 0201
E-mail: mm@db.dk

Division 05 - Collections and Services

Elise Hermann,
The National Library Authority,
Nyhavn 31E,
DK-1051 Copenhagen K,
Phone: +45 3393 4633
Fax: +45 3393 6093
E-mail: elise.hermann@sbt.bib.dk

Lone Hansen,

The National Library Authority,
Nyhavn 31E,
DK-1051 Copenhagen K,
Phone: +45 3393 4633
Fax: +45 3393 6093
E-mail: Lone.Hansen@sbt.bib.dk

Division 06 - Management and Technology

Niels Senius Clausen,
Roskilde University Library
Postboks 258,
DK-4000 Roskilde,
Phone: +45 4675 7711
Fax: +45 4675 6102
E-mail: nsc@bib.ruc.dk

Division 07 - Education and Research

Jens Thorhauge,
The Royal School of Librarianship
Birketinget 6,
DK-2300 Copenhagen S,
Phone: +45 3158 6066
Fax: +45 3284 0201
E-mail: jt@db.dk

Division 08 - Regional Activities

Denedikte Kragh-Schwarz,
The Danish Central Library for Immigrant Literature,
Telegrafvej 2,
DK-2750 Ballerup,
Phone: +45 4465 1222
Fax: +45 4468 2390
E-mail: --