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65th IFLA Council and General


Bangkok, Thailand, August 20 - August 28, 1999

Convening Notice of the 65th IFLA Council and General Conference

To the Members of IFLA

Date: 15 April 1999

Please forward these documents to your voting delegates at the IFLA Council Meetings to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, BITEC, Sunday, 22 August and Friday, 27 August 1999

Herewith the Executive Board of IFLA has the pleasure of submitting the convening notice of the 65th IFLA Council and General Conference and a number of supporting documents.

The Council and General Conference will be held at BITEC (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, 8 Bagna Trad Road (Km 1), Prakanong, Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Council Meetings are scheduled for Sunday, 22 August, 12:30-16:30 and Friday, 27 August, 15:00-18:00.


  1. Voting on the agenda item 6, the formal election members of the Executive Board will take place on Sunday, 22 August. Voting Delegates must take a seat at the front part of the meeting room.

  2. Voting Delegates can obtain the voting papers at the IFLA Voting Office in the registration area of BITEC. The office will be open on Friday, 20 August, 14:00-18:00; Saturday, 21 August, 09:00-19:00; and Sunday, 22 August, 09:00-14:00. Voting delegates are kindly requested to present themselves at their earliest convenience at the IFLA Voting Office. Voting papers will only be handed out to delegates who are in possession of the Membership Certificate 1999, duly signed by the appropriate authority. This Membership Certificate has been mailed to all Members which duly paid the contribution for 1999. Members which paid for 1999, but not for the year 1998 are not entitled to vote, unless they are new Members which joined IFLA for the first time in 1999.

    Any Member which failed to receive the Certificate 1999 after payment of the dues is requested to inform the IFLA Secretariat.

  3. Representation at a Council Meeting

    The relevant articles of the Statutes and Rules of Procedure read:

    Stat. 10.2
    Each Member may be represented at a meeting of the Council by one or more delegates, of which one person shall be designated to exercise the right to vote.
    Stat. 11.5
    Each Member may be represented by another Member of the same category. No Member shall hold more than one proxy.
    R.P. 3.2.1
    Except when the number of nominees does not exceed the number of vacancies, voting in elections shall be by secret ballot.
    R.P. 5.2.3
    To obtain these papers representatives or proxies of qualified Members shall present themselves at the time and place as publicly announced at the Secretariat with the membership certificate of the Member concerned, which certificate shall carry the name of the representative or proxy, and the signature of the competent authority of the member concerned.


Sunday, 22 August 1999, 12:30

  1. Opening by the President, Christine Deschamps

  2. Adoption of the Agenda

  3. Addresses by Related Organizations
    • FID
    • ICA
    • IPA/STM

  4. Communication by the Bangkok Organizing Committee

  5. Appointment of Tellers for (6)

  6. Election of 4 Members of the Executive Board

    Outgoing and re-eligible for a final term of 2 years:

    • Mr. Børge SØRENSEN (Copenhagen Denmark)

    Newly nominated:

    • Ms. Claudia LUX (Berlin, Germany)
    • Ms. Khunying MAENMAS CHAVALIT (Bangkok, Thailand)
    • Mr. Jerónimo MARTÍNEZ GONZÁLEZ (Granada, Spain)
    • Ms. Ingrid PARENT (Ottawa, Canada)
    • Mr. Jianzhong WU (Shanghai, China)
    • Mr. Andrei ZEMSKOV (Moscow, Russian Federation)

    For curricula vitae of the candidates, see the yellow annex.

    [Note: Since Council will begin at 12:30, and the traditional time for closing the IFLA Voting Office is 14:00, this item will be postponed until the first logical break in the agenda, after 14:15, to allow delegates to obtain their voting documents.]

  7. Presentation by the Treasurer, Derek Law of the Accounts 1997-98 and the Financial Guidelines 1999/2000. For details of the Accounts see IFLA Journal 1998 No. 4 and IFLA Journal 1999 No. 4.

  8. Proposal concerning dues increase for Personal Affiliates (See blue annex)

  9. Presentation of the Annual Reports 1997/98 by the Secretary General, Ross Shimmon

  10. Presentation of the Progress Report of the Professional Board by the Chair, Sissel Nilsen

  11. Presentation of the Report of the Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression, by the Chair, Alex Byrne

  12. Presentation of the Report of the Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters by the Chair, Marianne Scott

  13. Report of the Publications Committee, by the Chair, Klaus Dieter Lehmann

  14. Presentation of the Report of the Working Group on IFLA Statutes and Rules of Procedure, Warren Horton. See the green annex.

  15. Results of the Election of members of the Executive Board

  16. Adjournment of Council

Friday, 27 August, 15:00-18:00 (Council II and Closing Session)

  1. Opening by the President, Christine Deschamps

  2. Motions and General Resolutions Note: the deadline for submission (to the Secretary General) of any Motion or General Resolution is Wednesday, 25 August, 12:00.

    Rules of Procedure, Art. 2.1.9


    A motion is a proposal that the Council take certain action or that it express itself as holding certain views.

    A motion must be seconded.

    A motion can be made from the floor in a Council meeting, but must at the same time be handed over to the Chairman in writing.

    A motion is only to be made and seconded by

    1. authorized representatives of Members
    2. IFLA officers*
      [* For the purpose of this rule the following persons are regarded as IFLA officers:
      • The members of the Executive Board and Professional Board
      • Core Programme Directors and Officers
      • Chairmen, Secretaries and Financial Officers of Divisions
      • Chairmen and Secretaries of Sections and Round Tables.]

    Rules of Procedure, Art. 2.1.10


    1. Two types of resolutions are distinguished:
      • general resolutions (at Council meetings only)
      • professional resolutions (at Council meetings and General Conferences)

      Notification of the deadline for the submittance of resolutions will be given by the Secretary General with the convening notice of the Council and General Conference.

    2. A General Resolution is defined as a written statement aiming at a decision ("be it resolved").

      A General Resolution is only to be made and seconded by

      1. authorized representatives of Members
      2. IFLA officers
    3. A Professional Resolution is defined as a written statement indicating an intention or a position which needs further clarification by one of IFLA's professional steering bodies before any follow-up can be expected.

      A Professional Resolution needs no second and can have any form. On a Professional Resolution follows in general no discussion, although clarification can be sought/given at the discretion of the Chairman.

      A Professional Resolution can be submitted by

      1. authorized representatives of Association Members
      2. persons acting on behalf of Core Programmes, Divisions, Sections, or Round Tables.

    4. Report of the Satellite Meeting on "Collecting and Safeguarding the Oral Tradition", by the Chair of the Planning Committee, Ralph Manning

    5. Results of the Juries of the Guust van Wesemael Literacy Prize; and the Hans-Peter Geh Grant

    6. Professional Evaluation of the Conference, including the Professional Resolutions, by the Chair of the Professional Board, Sissel Nilsen

      [Note: the deadline for submission (to the Professional Coordinator) of any Professional Resolution is Thursday, 26 August, 12:00]

    7. Introduction of the new Chair and members of the Professional Board by the outgoing Chair, Sissel Nilsen

    8. Members recommended for exclusion, Ross Shimmon

    9. Invitations to forthcoming IFLA Conferences
      • 2001, Boston
      • 2000, Jerusalem

    10. Votes of Thanks

    11. Close of the Conference


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