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65th IFLA Council and General

Bangkok, Thailand,
August 20 - August 28, 1999

Conference Programme and Proceedings

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Friday, 20 August


1. Professional Board I


2. General Research Libraries CB I
3. Special Libraries CB I
4. Libraries Serving the General Public CB I
5. Bibliographic Control CB I
6. Collections and Services CB I
7. Management and Technology CB I
8. Education and Research CB I
9. Regional Activities CB I
10. Executive Board I
11. (Open)

Saturday, 21 August


12. Art Libraries SC I            National Museum
13. Acquisition and Collection Development SC I
14. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SC I
15. Cataloguing SC I
16. Document Delivery and Interlending SC I
17. Education and Training SC I
18. Geography and Map Libraries SC I
19. Government Libraries SC I
20. Libraries for Children and Young Adults SC I
21. Library and Research Services for Parliaments SC I
22. Preservation and Conservation SC I
23. Public Libraries SC I
24. Reading SC I
25. Statistics SC I
25a. Management of Library Associations EC


26. Bibliography SC I
27. Classification and Indexing SC I
28. Government Information and Official Publications SC I
29. Information Technology SC I
30. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC I
31. Library Buildings and Equipment SC I
32. Library Services to Multicultural Populations SC I
33. Library Theory and Research SC I
34. Management and Marketing SC I
35. National Libraries SC I
36. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC I
37. School Libraries and Resource Centres SC I
38. Science and Technology Libraries SC I
39. Serial Publications SC I
40. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries SC I


41. Audiovisual and Multimedia SC I
42. Continuing Professional Education EC
43. Editors of Library Journals EC
45. Libraries for the Blind SC I
46. Library History EC
47. Mobile Libraries EC
48. Newspapers EC
49. Regional Section: Africa SC I
50. Regional Section: Asia and Oceania SC I
51. Regional Section: Latin America and the Caribbean SC I
52. Social Sciences Libraries SC I
53. User Education EC
54. Women's Issues EC


55. Caucus: Canada
56. Caucus: France
57. Caucus: Germany
58. Caucus: Netherlands
59. Caucus: Portuguese-speaking librarians
60. Caucus: CIS
61. Caucus: Nordic countries
62. Caucus: UK
63. Caucus: USA       OFF-SITE
64. Caucus: Third World
65. Caucus: Spanish-speaking librarians


66. Reception for IFLA Officers (on invitation only)        OFF-SITE

Sunday, 22 August


67. IFLA Orientation for Newcomers SI

68. Statistics Browsing Session

The browsing session will focus on the statistics of public libraries. Space will be provided for conference attendees to bring national published statistics from their own countries so that colleagues can "browse" them informally. Persons displaying statistics will speak for 3-5 minutes to introduce the statistics they have brought. The session is aimed primarily at people interested in library statistics as well as public libraries.

69. Research Meeting, Library and Research Services for Parliaments

  1. Forming a new Information Services Section: A Case Study - Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
    A. NTUNJA (Information Manager, Library) and L. GABRIEL (Information Manager, Research)


70. FAIFE Business Meeting


71. UNESCO Open Forum SI


72. Social Responsibilities Discussion Group

Theme: "The Growing Gap between the Information Rich and the Information Poor, both within and between Countries"

The Discussion Group will focus on equality of access to library collections and facilities; the growing gap between library rich and poor both within and between countries; and the "right to know".

  1. The Growing Gap between the Information Rich and the Information Poor, Both Within Countries and Between Countries - A Composite Policy Paper
    Les écarts grandissants de richesse en information, à la fois à l'intérieur des pays et entre les pays, une communication commune
    ALFRED KAGAN (Editor)

73. Marketing Academic Library Services within Academic Communities: Start Up Meeting to Consider Discussion Group

74. Internet Discussion Group

Are you using the Internet to deliver library services? Do you need advice from other librarians about your library's Web site? Do you want to set up public access Internet stations in your library? Come and join other librarians and information professionals to discuss these and other topics related to the use of the Internet in libraries. The Internet Discussion Group is a forum for exchanging ideas and information about the introduction and support for the use of the Internet in libraries and by library users.

75. Performance Measurements in Public Libraries Discussion Group

76. Licensing Discussion Group


77. Council I SI


78. Opening of Exhibition/ Reception

Monday, 23 August


79. Open Forum: Division of Libraries Serving the General Public SI

  1. Public library in Thailand
    Les bibliothèques publiques en Thaïlande
    Die Öffentlichen Bibliotheken in Thailand
    Russian version - LERDSURIYAKUL [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 478K]
    KULTHORN LERDSURIYAKUL (Ministry of Education, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. The Division of Libraries Serving the General Public: a survey
    Die Abteilung der Allgemeinen Öffentlichen Bibliotheken - Ein Überblick
    Un estudio sobre la divisi?n de las bibliotecas al servicio del público en general
    ILONA GLASHOFF (Hamburger Offentliche Bücherhallen, Hamburg, Germany)
  3. Highlights of the work of the Section of Libraries for the Blind
    ROSEMARY KAVANAGH (Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Toronto, Canada) and STEPHEN KING (Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK)
  4. Library and Information Services to Disadvantaged Users: the way forward
    SUE LITHGOW (Open Learning Unit, University of Wales Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)
  5. Highlights of the work of the Section of Public Libraries
    PHILIP GILL (Coventry, UK)

80. Open Forum: Division of Bibliographic Control SI

Theme: "New Developments in Bibliographic Standards Activities"
  1. The three sections in the division will present highlights of their work. In addition, several experts in various fields of bibliographic control standards and activities will provide updates of activities.
    1. Section on Classification and Indexing Review of activities, 1998-99
      Section on Classification and Indexing Tätigkeitsbericht 1998-1999
      Sección de Clasificación e Indización Informe de actividades, 1998-1999
      IA MCILWAINE (School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London, UK)
    2. Section on Cataloguing Report of the activities 1998/1999
      Section de Catalogage - Rapport d'Activités : 1998/1999
      Sektion für Katalogisierung: Tätigkeitsbericht 1998/1999
      Russian version - WITT[Adobe Acrobat PDF: 350K]
      Sección de Catalogación Informe de actividades 1998/1999
      MARIA WITT, Secretary of the Section (Médiathèque de la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris, France)
    3. WERNER STEPHAN (Universitätsbibliothek Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany)
    4. Update on the UBCIM Programme and activities
      MARIE-FRANCE PLASSARD (UBCIM, Frankfurt, Germany)
    5. Update on the UDT Programme--metadata and object identifiers
      TERRY KUNY (UDT, Ottawa, Canada)
    6. Update on the results of the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services
    7. Bibliographic standards issues in South-East Asia
    8. Section de bibliographie Rapport d'activité 1998-1999
      Section on bibliography Review of activities 1998-1999
      Section de Bibliography Examen de actividades 1998-1999
      FRANCOISE BOURDON (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)


81. CLM Business Meeting
82. Presidents and CEOs of Library Associations with Executive Board


83. Government Information and Official Publications

Theme: "Government Information in the New Millennium: The Issuing, Deposit and Exchange of Official Publications"
  1. Government Information and Information about Governments in Southeast Asia: a new era? An overview
    Les données publiques et l'information sur les données publiques en Asie du sud-est : une ère nouvelle ? Aperçu général
    CH'NG KIM SEE (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore)
  2. The U.S. federal depository library programme and U.S. government information in an electronic environment: issues for the transition and the millennium
    Le Federal Depository Library Program et l'information gouvernementale des Etats-Unis dans un environnement électronique : transition vers le nouveau millénaire
    MARGARET S. POWELL (College of Wooster Libraries, Wooster, Ohio, USA)
  3. Accessing Canadian Federal Information: a Depository Program for the Twenty-First Century?
    BRUNO GNASSI (Depository Program for Libraries, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
  4. International exchange of official publications
    Les Echanges internationaux de publications officielles
    Internationaler Amtlicher Schriftentausch
    JOHANNES METZ (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
  5. Pangaea Central: the coming global access to legal, scientific and technical information through the resource networks of intergovernmental organizations
    JANE M. WU (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy)


84. Library Theory and Research Workshop

Theme: "Core Research Areas of LIS: Research Questions and Methodology"
  1. Value and impact studies
    BOB USHERWOOD (Library of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK)
  2. Information seeking and communication
    LARS HOGLUND (Swedish School of Library and Information Studies, Goteborg University and the University College of Boras, Boras, Sweden)
  3. Library history revisited: research areas and methodology
    LIS BYBERG (Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science, Oslo College, Oslo, Norway)
  4. Using information research techniques to track the effects of recent changes in Australian science policy
    KERRY SMITH (Department of Information Studies, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia)
  5. Knowledge management research and end user work environments 2010
    WILDA B. NEWMAN (Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, USA)
  6. Reading research

85. Library Services to Multicultural Populations joint with Africa Workshop

Theme: "Recent Developments for Libraries in Africa"
  1. Library development in Africa
    STAN M. MADE (University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe)
  2. From the oral tradition to written literature/La tradition orale d'hier a demain: de la collecte a la numerisation
    RAPHAEL NDIAYE (ENDA, Dakar, Senegal)
  3. Services of libraries and reading in Mali
    FATAGOMA DIAKITE (Operation Lecture Publique, Bamako, Mali)

86. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries: Workshop

Theme: "An Enlightened Citizen and His Health: Consumer Health Information Worldwide"
  1. How to establish a successful health information library in your community
    CAROLYN WILLARD (Medical Reference Librarian, Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC, USA)
  2. Public health information and a diverse population
    MARK PERKINS (Secretariat of the Pacific Community, New Caledonia)
  3. Medline Plus/Lonesome Doc: Internet-based health services for everyone
    THOMAS HILL (Upper Savannah AHEC Library, South Carolina, USA)


87. Orientation to IFLA SI

88. Corporate and for Profit Libraries Discussion Group

Theme: "Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence as a Tool for Special Librarians"

89. Performance Measurements in Academic Libraries Discussion Group

90. Friends and Advocates of Libraries Discussion Group

91. Genealogy and Local History Discussion Group

Theme: "Working at the Grassroots: Helping Patrons to Find their Progenitors and to Uncover the History that They Made"
  1. Local (or Community) History in Australia: Supporting Heritage in Australia
    JAN PARTRIDGE (Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia)
    (paper to be presented by DR. MAGGIE EXON)
  2. Building an Oriental Genealogy Resource and Research Center of the World in the Shanghai Library
    DEMING ZHOU (Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China)
  3. Local History Materials and Japanese Libraries: My Viewpoint
    RYUICHIRO TAKAHASHI (Tokyo Gakugei University Library, Tokyo, Japan)
  4. Involvement of the American LIbrary Association in Furthering Genealogy and Local History
    BRENT F. GRIFFITHS (Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah)

92. Reference Discussion Group

Theme: "The New Definition of Reference Work in the Changing Reference Culture"

Discussion papers will be presented focusing on the new face of reference service, its causes and effects. Changing patterns of reference culture in an international perspective will be discussed as well as changes in the work of reference librarians in the digital environment.


93. Guest Lecture I SI

  1. Right to life, intellectual freedom and the need for a deep dialogue between East and West
    BASIL FERNANDO (Asian Human Rights Commission, Kowloon, Hong Kong)


94. Geography and Map Libraries

  1. Genealogical geography: place identification in the map library
    WILLIAM H. LAMBLE (Perth, Western Australia)
  2. How to put your maps on the Internet
    Comment mettre vos cartes sur l'internet
    DAVID LEHLING ALLEN (State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York, USA)
  3. The impermanence of maps in the information age
    PATRICK MCGLAMERY (University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA)
  4. TBA




96. Information Coordinators SI


97. Industry Updates Session

Presentations will be made by SilverPlatter Information Ltd., and by Sun Microsystems Computer Company.


98. Opening Session (must be seated by 15:30) SI

  1. Presidential Address
    Discours Présidentiel
99. Plenary Session SI


100. Gala Reception/Dinner and Cultural Performance

Tuesday, 24 August


101. Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Theme: "Developing Parliamentary Information Services"
  1. El Desarrollo de un Servicio de Investigación Parlamentaria; La Experiencia Egipcia
    Developing a parliamentary research service: the Egyptian experience
    Le développement d'un service de recherche parlementaire L'exemple égyptien
    Entwicklung eines parlamentarischen Forschungsdienstes Die ägyptische Erfahrung
    Russian version - ELAH [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 460K]
    WAAFA ALI ABDEL ELAH (People's Assembly of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt)
  2. Parliamentary library and information services as instruments for democratic development
    Les services Parlementaires de bibliothèque et d'information: des instruments de développement démocratique
    Parlamentarische bibliotheks und informationsdienste als instrumente der demokratisierung
    Russian version - TORRES [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 415K]
    Las bibliotecas y los servicios de información parlamentarios como instrumentos para el desarrollo democratico
    PATRICIO ARANDA TORRES (Library of Congress of Peru, Lima, Peru)
  3. Kann erhöhte Kommunikation innerhalb einer Bibliothek zu einem besseren Bibliotheksmanagement beitragen?
    Effective communication: an essential tool to cope with the challenge of technological change
    La communication efficace: un outil essentiel face au changement technologique
    Russion version - COING [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 500K]
    Comunicación Efectiva: Una herramienta esencial para enfrentar el desafío del Cambio Tecnológico
    MARGA COING (Deutscher Bundestag, Bundehaus, Bonn, Germany)
102. Preservation and Conservation

Theme: "Collection Preservation Management: An Approach to Complement Item-by-Item Treatment"
  1. Collection Preservation Management: An Approach to Complement Item-by-Item Treatment Policies
    SOPHIA K. JORDAN (University of Notre Dame, USA)
  2. TBA
    MARIA ANTONIETA PALMA VARAS (Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, Santiago, Chile) and RAMON SANCHEZ CHAPELLIN (Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela)
  3. The role of the joint IFLA/ICA Committee on Preservation on the preservation and conservation of library and archival materials in Africa
    GABRIEL ALEGBELEYE (University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria)
  4. Matching preservation decisions with collection development policy
    GALINA KHISLOVSKAYA (IFLA PAC Programme, Eastern Europe and the CIS, M. I. Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  5. Collections care in Southeast Asia: conservation and the need for the creation of micro-environments
    JOHN DEAN (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA)
103. Library Buildings and Equipment

Theme: "Designing Libraries to Meet Future Needs"
  1. Designing Libraries to Meet Future Needs
    Construire des bibliothèques pour des besoins futurs
    C. DAVID WARREN (Richland County Public Library, Columbia, South Carolina, USA)
  2. To create an atmosphere of « Books for the readers, Readers among the books » On the new building of the Zhejiang Provincial Library
    " Des livres pour des lecteurs, des lecteurs parmi des livres " A propos du nouveau bâtiment de la bibliothèque provinciale du Zhejiang
    LIN ZUZAO and CHENG XIAOLAN (Zhejiang Provincial Library, Hangzhou, China)
  3. Flexibility, is that all?
    La flexibilité est-elle suffisante ?
    WIM RENES (City Library, The Hague, Netherlands)
104. Continuing Professional Education

Theme: "CPE and Lifelong Learning in the New Millennium"
  1. Web-based instruction for continuing education students: a report on the San Jose State University Virtual Library School Program and its potential for web-based instruction for Continuing Education
    KEN DOWLIN and DAVID V. LOERTSCHER (San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA)
  2. Library and information science distance education in Thailand in the next decade
    NARUMOL RUKSASUK (University of Thailand, Thailand)
  3. Describing the elephant: what is continuing professional education?
    DARLENE WEINGAND (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
  4. Fourth World Conference on Continuing Professional Education for the Library and Information Professions, Boston, Massachusetts, August, 2001
    BLANCHE WOOLLS (School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA)
105. CLM (Copyright and other Legal Matters) - SI

Theme: "Value, Importance, and Critical Elements of Copyright"

There will be an overview of copyright issues, challenges and conflicts in the digital environment. Key developments around the world in the time since the adoption of the WIPO copyright treaty will be discussed by an expert panel. There will also be an outline of the progress of a proposed new WIPO treaty on the protection of "non original" databases and the implications of current proposals.

106. Library Services to Multicultural Populations joint with Management and Marketing

Theme: "Managing Diversities with Multicultural Users and Different Staff"
  1. To reach multicultural users in libraries - some reflections and examples from Sweden
    Rejoindre les utilisateurs d'origine multiculturelle dans les bibliothèques- Quelques réflexions et exemples suédois
    Russian version - EKMAN [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 301K]
    Llegar a los usuarios multiculturales en las bibliotecas: algunas reflexiones y ejemplos de Suecia
    MAUD EKMAN (Eskilstuna County Library, Eskilstuna, Sweden)
  2. Meeting the needs of foreign student users in Chiang Mai University and Payap University libraries, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Rendre compte des besoins des étudiants étrangers dans les bibliothèques universitaires de Payap et de Chiang Mai en Thaïlande
    Russian version - SALADYANANT [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 211K]
    Satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes extranjeros usuarios de las bibliotecas en las universidades de Chiang Mai y Payap, Chiang Mai, Tailandia
    TASANA SALADYANANT (Library School, Chiangmai University, Chiangmai, Thailand)
  3. Managing multicultural staff in a South African university library
    La gestion du personnel multiculturel dans une bibliothèque sud-africaine
    Russian version - EDWARDS [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 261K]
    Dirigir personal multicultural en una biblioteca universitaria sudafricana
    HEATHER EDWARDS (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa)
  4. Leitung von Bibliotheksmitarbeitern mit unterschiedlichem kulturellen Hintergrund - der Ost-West Konflikt in Berlin
    Managing library staff from a different cultural background - the East-West conflict in Berlin
    Le comportement entre les collègues bibliothécaires provenant de milieu culturel différent - Le conflit entre l'Est et l'Ouest à Berlin
    Russian version - LUX [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 364 K]
    Dirección de personal de biblioteca con diferente bagaje cultural: el conflicto Este-Oeste en Berlín
    CLAUDIA LUX (Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
  5. A New Zealand perspective on managing cultural diversity
    La gestion de la diversité culturelle en Nouvelle-Zélande
    Der Umgang mit kultureller Vielfalt aus der Perspektive Neuseelands
    Russian version - MOHI [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 329K]
    Una perspectiva neozelandesa sobre la gestión de la diversidad cultural
    JOHN MOHI (National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand)
107. Acquisition and Collection Development

Theme: "The Role of Partnership Arrangements and Exchanges in Libraries"
  1. Current publishing and information trends in Southeast Asia: Indonesia - Freedom of the press
    Tendances actuelles dans l'édition et l'information en Asie du Sud-est : l'Indonésie La liberté d'expression de la presse
    OLIVER MANN (National Library of Australia, Regional Office Asia, Australian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia) and WILLIAM TUCHARELLO (Library of Congress, Southeast Asia, American Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia)
  2. Exchange of publications in acquisition of the foreign literature in the National Library of Estonia: acquisition and promotion
    RENE TENDERMANN (Department of Foreign Acquisitions, National Library of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia)
  3. Dinosaur or dynamic: exchange of art publications in the digital age
    Archaïsme ou dynamisme : Echange des publications d'art à l'époque de l'ère électronique
    J. MARGARET SHAW (National Gallery of Australia Research Library, Canberra, Australia)
  4. Promotion et rôle du partenariat et des échanges entre bibliothèques de France et d'Afrique
  5. Promotion and role of partnership and exchanges between libraries of France and Africa
    FRANCISCO D'ALMEIDA (Director of "Culture et développement", Grenoble, France)
108. Executive Board II (with Core Programme hosts and directors)


109. Guest Lecture Series II SI

Reaching the information gateways: an unfinished task
ANAND PANYARACHUN (Chairman of Saha-Union Public Co., Ltd., Former Prime Minister of Thailand, and Past Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries)


110. Poster Sessions


111. National Libraries

Theme: "The Role of National Libraries in Supporting Public and School Libraries"
  1. The changing role of the National Library Advisory Service in Slovenia
    Evolution des missions du Centre de conseil de la Bibliothèque nationale de Slovénie
    VILENKA JAKAC-BIZJAK and Silva Novljan (National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  2. The role of the national library service of Papua New Guinea
    DANIEL PARAIDE (National Library Service of Papua New Guinea, Waigani, Papua New Guinea)
  3. The "national" role of the National Library Board of Singapore
    R. RAMACHANDRAN (National Library, Singapore)
112. Art Libraries

Theme: "Electronic Art Information: Creating It, Disseminating It, Archiving It - Is It Worth the Cost?"
  1. Connecting art images and bibliographic data: creating a tool for distance education through collaboration
    Connecter des images et des données bibliographiques grâce à la coopération : créer un outil pour l'enseignement à distance
    ROGER DURBIN (Akron Art Museum, University of Akron Libraries, Akron, Ohio, USA)
  2. Network access to visual information: a study of costs and uses
    HOWARD BESSER (Department of Library and Information Science, School of Information Management and Systems, University of California, Berkeley, California, USA)
  3. Las bases de datos sobre artes plásticas y arquitectura Mexicanas: necesidad, logros, problemática
    Mexican art and architecture databases: needs, achievements, problems
    ELSA BARBARENA (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Cuidad Universitaria, Mexico, Mexico)
113. Women's Issues
  1. Motivation to manage: a comparative study of male and female library & information science students in the United States of America, India, Singapore, & Japan
    SARLA R. MURGAI (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,Chattanooga, Tenessee, USA)
  2. The Role of Woman Librarian in the Development of Information Strategies at the University of Havana
    BARBARA SUSANA SANCHEZ VIGNAU (Department of Scientific-Technical Information, University of Havana, Cuba )

114. Reading

Theme: "Book and Reading Promotion in Southeast Asia"
  1. Reading habit promotion in ASEAN libraries
    SOMSONG SANGKAEO (Library Activities Sub-section, National Library of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. Delivering and promoting library services in rural Thailand
    AREE CHEUNWATTANA (Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand)
  3. National award books as quality information sources in Thailand
    SUPANEE VARATORN (Department of Library Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand)
115. Education and Training

Theme: "Information Rich and Information Poor in LIS Education"
  1. Striving for balance: the co-existence of multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary curricula in information management education to address information imbalances on tertiary level
    FELICITE A. FAIRER-WESSELS (Department of Information Science, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa)
  2. Internet use and training needs of staff of the esAL consortium, KwaZuluNatal, South Africa: partnership between historically disadvantaged and advantaged institutions (HDIs and HAIs)
    ANDREW M. KANIKI (Department of Information Studies, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Scottsville, South Africa)
  3. Availability of information to LIS curriculum developers and policy makers and the status of LIS education system: the case of an information poor country
    PRADEEPA WIJETUNGE (University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka) and JONATHAN WILLSON (Department of Information and Communication, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK)
  4. Current issues in the library and information science profession and its education in Japan
    HIROYA TAKEUCHI (University of Shizuoka, Hamamatsu College, Shizuoka, Japan) and YONG WON KIM (Faculty of Cultural Information Resources, Surugadai University, Saitama, Japan)
  5. The roles of knowledge professionals for Knowledge Management
    Les rôles des professionnels de la connaissance dans la gestion de la connaissance
    SEONGHEE KIM (School of Library and Information Science, Dong Duk Women's University, Seoul, Korea)
116. Africa
  1. Global information infrastructures and the question of African content
    JUSTIN CHISENGA (Department of Information and Communication Studies, University of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia)
117. Classification and Indexing

Theme: "Subject Retrieval in a Web Environment"
  1. Structural and multilingual approaches to subject access on the Web
    Approches structurelles et multilingues de l'accès matière sur le Web
    Ansätze zur systematischen und multilingualen Erschließung im WWW
    Un Enfoque Estructural y Multilingüe al Acceso por Materias en la Web
    LOIS MAI CHAN (School of Library and Information Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, USA); XIA LIN (College of Information Science and Technology, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA); and MARCIA ZENG (School of Library and Information Science, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA)
  2. Southeast Asian subject gateways: an examination of their classification practices
    Subject Gateways in Südostasien : Anwendung von Klassifikationen
    Pasarelas temáticas del Sudeste Asiático: análisis de sus métodos de clasificación
    EDWARD H. T. LIM (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
  3. The preparation of an index for the Chinese DDC 21: issues and approaches
    Erstellung eines Registers für die chinesische Ausgabe der DDC, 21. Auflage (DDC 21) : Aufgabenstellung und Vorgehensweise
    La preparación de un índice para la edición china de la Clasificación Decimal de Dewey (21ª ed.): problemas y soluciones
    DONGBO WANG (National Library of China, Beijing, China); and HANQING HOU (National Library of China, Beijing, China)
  4. Problems of development of the national Russian subject authority file
    Problèmes du développement du Fichier d'autorité-matière national russe
    Probleme bei der Entwicklung einer nationalen russischen Schlagwortnormdatei
    Russian version - TSVETKOVA/SELIVANOVA [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 184K]
    Problemas para la Creación de un Fichero Nacional Ruso de Autoridades de Materia
    IRINA TSVETKOVA and JULIA SELIVANOVA (National Library of Russia, St Petersburg, Russian Federation)


118. Editors of Library Journals

Theme: "Asian Library and Information Science Journals"
  1. Library and information science journals in the Asian context
    GARY E. GORMAN (School of Communications and Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand) and EILEEN BREEN (MCB University Press, Bradford, UK)
  2. Development of library and information science periodicals in Asia, with emphasis on South Asia: problems and solutions
    R.N. SHARMA (West Virginia State College, West Virginia, USA)
  3. The publishing of library and information science journals in South East Asia - an overview
    JAFFE YEE YEOW-FEI (Asian Library and Information Virtual Association, Bangkok, Thailand)
119. School Libraries and Resource Centres

Theme: "The School Library: For Discovery and Personal Growth"
  1. FORMONET: reflexions et ressources pour la formation a la maitrise de l'information au secondaire
    PAULETTE BERNHARD (Ecole de Bibliotheconomie et des Sciences de l'Information, Université de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) and CLAUDE MORIZIO (IUFM de Poitiers, Poitiers, France)
  2. An inclusive school library for the 21st century: fostering independence
    JANET MURRAY (School of Information Management and Systems, Monash University, Caulfield East, Australia)
  3. The role of the school librarian in providing conditions for discovery and personal growth in the school library. How will the school library fulfil this purpose in the next century?
    ANTHONY TILKE (Harrow International School, Bangkok, Thailand)
  4. Teaching the research process - for discovery and personal growth
    DIANNE OBERG (School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
120. Statistics

Theme: "Statistics: A Practical Tool for Library Management"
  1. Canada's national core library statistics programme: first steps in developing key performance indicators
    Le Programme fondamental national canadien sur les statistiques en bibliothèques: premières étapes de développement d'indicateurs
    Kanadas Nationales Kernprogramm für Bibliotheksstatistik: Erste Schritte bei der Entwicklung von Schlüssel-Leistungsindikatoren
    Russian version - SCHRADER [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 282K]
    ALVIN M. SCHRADER (School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  2. LIBECON 2000 and the future of international library statistics
    LIBECON2000 et l'avenir des statistiques internationales de bibliothèques
    DAVID FUEGI (LIBECON 2000, Colchester, Essex, UK)
  3. Progress report on the revision of International Standard: ISO 2789
    JAKOB HARNESK (Karolinska Institute Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
  4. Collecting data sensibly in information settings
    Une collecte judicieuse de données dans les structures d'information
    Sinnvolle Datenerhebung in Informationszusammenhängen
    Russian version - GORMAN [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 455K]
    GARY E. GORMAN (School of Communication and Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
121. Libraries for the Blind

Theme: "Library Services to Visually Impaired and otherwise Print-Disabled Children as Means of Literacy"
  1. National policies for library services to visually impaired and other print handicapped children
    Les politiques nationales de lecture publique pour les enfants handicapés visuels
    BEATRICE CHRISTENSEN SKOLD (Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille, Enskede, Sweden)
  2. RVIB library & information services - services to children
    GILLIAN GALE, JILLIAN MORLEY and LINLEY M. WALLIS (Royal Victorian Institute, Victoria, Australia)
  3. Libros braille para niños ciegos - mucho más que sies puntos
    Library service to visually impaired children - a way to literacy
    Livres en Braille pour enfants aveugles
    NORMA TOUCEDO (Fundación Braille, Montevideo, Uruguay)
122. Science and Technology Libraries

Theme: "The Global Crisis in Science Literature: Developing Responses"
  1. The economic crisis and other challenges in accessing scientific and technical information in Asia
    La crise économique et autres défis dans l'accès à l'information scientifique et technique en Asie
    Die wirtschaftliche Krise und andere Herausforderungen beim Erwerb von naturwissenschaftlich-technischen Informationen aus Asien
    ROBERT STUEART (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
  2. Emerging responses to the science journal crisis
    Début de réponses à la crise des périodiques scientifiques
    Antworten auf die krise der wissenchaftlichen zeitschriften
    DUANE WEBSTER (Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA)
  3. Collecting science materials from developing regions; universal dilemma, collaborative solutions
    Collecter des matériaux scientifiques en provenance des pays en voie de développement Un dilemme universel, des solutions de coopération
    Erwerbung von technisch-wissenschaftlichem Material aus Entwicklungsländern Allgemeines Dilemma - Partnerschaftliche Lösungen
    MILTON WOLF (Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
123. Bibliography

Theme: "Bibliographic Developments: Trends and Perspectives"
  1. ICNBS 1998 New Recommendations for the National Bibliography
    Nouvelles recommandations pour les bibliographies nationales
    ICNBS 1998 - Neue Empfehlungen für Nationalbibliographien
    ICNBS 1998 - Nuevas Recomendaciones para la Bibliografía Nacional
    MONA MADSEN (Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. National bibliography in Australia: moving into the next millennium
    Die australische Nationalbibliographie auf dem Weg ins nächste Jahrtausend
    Bibliografía Nacional en Australia: avanzando hacia el próximo milenio
    PETER HADDAD (National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia)
  3. World wide Thai Bibliographical Control
    CHIRUDEE PUNGTRAKUL (Bangkok, Thailand)
124. User Education

Theme: "Integrating Information Skills into a Changing Curriculum"
  1. Search strategies for information resources on the Internet
    CHAIM ZINS (University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel)
  2. Information skills for life-long learning
    JESUS LAU and JOSE CORTES (University Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Juarez, Mexico)
  3. A study of undergraduate information literacy and skills: the inclusion of information literacy and skills in the undergraduate curriculum
    MARK HEPWORTH (Loughborough University Loughborough, United Kingdom)


125. Library Receptions

Wednesday, 25 August


126. Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL)        OFF-SITE
127. Library and Research Services for Parliaments Workshop (on invitation)        OFF-SITE


128. Document Delivery and Interlending

Theme: "An Outsider's View of Document Delivery in Southeast Asia"
  1. Interlibrary lending activities in Hong Kong - an overview
    PAUL POON (Librarian, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)

  2. The Role of Inter-lending and Document Supply in Malaysia
    RAJA ABDULLAH YAACOB (Library and Information Science School, MARA Institute of Technology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  3. The Role of Interlending and Document Supply in Thailand
    (BOONTHAREE PHOONCHAI, Reference at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand)    
129. Regional Section: Asia and Oceania SI

Theme: "Asia in the Global Information Village: The Role of the Internet in Developing Countries"
  1. Internet: contribution to Asia and Oceania information resources' construction
    LIU LUYIN (Renmin University Library, Beijing, China)
  2. South Asia in the global electronic village: issues and implications
    JAGTAR SINGH (Department of Library and Information Science, Punjabi University, Patiala, India)
  3. The Internet as a means of information resources' integration: the regional aspect
    B.S. ELEPOV, OLGA FEDOTOVA, A.V. SHABANOV, E.B. SOBOLEVA (State Public Scientific Technical Library, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)
  4. Internet use in libraries in Southeast Asia with special reference to the role of the Universiti Sains Malaysia Library in promoting the use of the Internet for teaching and learning
    RASHIDAH BEGUM and WONG SOOK JEAN (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia)
130. Rare Books and Manuscripts

Theme: "Rare Books and Manuscripts: The Southeast Asian Dimension"
  1. Malaysian manuscripts and early printed books in the Library of Congress
  2. Javanese manuscripts in the National Library of Indonesia
  3. Memorial books as a means of information distribution
    Les livres de commémoration : moyen de diffusion du savoir
    AMPORN TIKHARA (National Library of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand)
  4. The National Library of Australia's Rare Book and Manuscripts Collections, with special reference to the Asia-Pacific region
    PETER HADDAD (Technical Services,National Library of Australia,Canberra, Australia)
131. Cataloguing

Theme: "Cataloguing Rules: New Trends in Theory, Practice and Teaching"
  1. Metadata and trends of cataloguing in Thai libraries
    Métadonnées et tendances du catalogage dans les bibliothèques thaïlandaises
    PRADITTA SIRIPAN (Technical Information Access Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. Guidelines for OPAC displays
    Leitlinien für Bildschirmanzeigen im OPAC
    Russian version - YEE [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 441K]
    Directrices para las visualizaciones en catálogos en línea
    MARTHA M. YEE (UCLA Film and Television Archive, Los Angeles, California, USA)
  3. German cataloguing rules facing the 21st century: RAK heading for internationality and online operability
    Les règles de catalogage allemandes à l'aube du 21ème siècle - Les RAK en marche vers l'internationalisation et les systèmes en ligne
    Deutsche Katalogregeln auf dem Weg ins 21. Jahrhundert RAK auf dem Weg zu Internationalität und Online-Operabilität
    Russian version - MUNNICH [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 256K]
    Normas de catalogación alemanas frente al siglo XXI. Orientación de los encabezamientos RAK ante la internacionalización y las Redes de Información
    MONIKA MUNNICH (Universitätsbibliothek, Heidelberg, Germany)
  4. About the use of "Functional Requirements in Bibliographic Records" in teaching cataloguing
    L'utilisation des " Spécifications fonctionnelles des notices bibliographiques " dans l'enseignement du catalogage
    Die Anwendung der "Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records" im Katalogisierungsunterricht
    Russian version - STRUNCK [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 390K]
    Sobre el uso del estudio "Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records" en la enseñanza de la catalogación
    KIRSTEN MARIE STRUNCK (Department of Information Studies, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, Denmark)
132. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons

Theme: "Training Needs of Librarians and Information Professionals Working with Disadvantaged Persons"
  1. Prison librarians needed: a challenging career for those with the right professional and human skills
    Bibliothekare für Gefängnisbibliotheken gesucht: eine herausfordernde Karriere für Menschen mit dem richtigen fachlichen und menschlichen Können
    Se necesitan Bibliotecarios de Prisiones: Una profesión estimulante para personas con las destrezas personales y profesionales adecuadas
    VIBEKE LEHMANN (Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
  2. Enhancing the skills of school library staff to cater for individual student needs
    Accroitre les compétences des bibliothécaires scolaires à satisfaire les besoins des élèves handicapés
    Mejora de las técnicas del personal de las bibliotecas escolares para atender las necesidades de ciertos estudiantes
    JANET MURRAY (School of Information Management and Systems, Monash University, Caufield East, Australia)
  3. Information services to the disadvantaged person: a challenge for information professionals in Thailand
    Informationsdienstleistungen für benachteiligte Personen: Eine Herausforde-rung für Informationsspezialisten in Thailand
    Servicios de información para personas en situación de desventaja: Un desafío para los profesionales de la información de Tailandia
    SUJIN BUTDISUWAN (Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham, Thailand)
  4. Voice of India's disabled: demanding equality in library services
    La voix des handicapés de l'Inde: exigeant l'égalité dans les services de bibliothèque
    Die Stimme der Behinderten Indiens: Forderung nach Gleichbehandlung in Bibliotheksdienstleistungen
    Los discapacitados en la India: la demanda de igualdad en los servicios bibliotecarios
    RANGASHRI KISHORE (Library, UNICEF, New Delhi, India)
133. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries

Theme: "The Convergence of the Health Information Community"
  1. ICML 2000 presentation and stakes
    DEREK LAW (Andersonian Library, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
  2. Bibliometría Latino Americana en el sector de le solud
134. FAIFE (Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression) SI


135. Guest Lecture III SI


136. Poster Sessions


137. Latin America and the Caribbean

Theme: "Library Kaleidoscope of Latin America and the Caribbean"
  1. El Banco del Libro: un banco al servicio de la promoción del libro y la lectura
    MARIA ELENA ZAPATA and LOLY D'ELIA (Banco del Libro, Caracas, Venezuela)
  2. Hispanoamérica; su registro cultural a través de la imprenta
  3. El derecho a la información y las políticas de Información en América Latina
    The Information Right and the Information Policies in Latin America
    Le droit a l'information et les politiques d'information en Amerique Latine
    ESTELA MORALES (National University Autonomous of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico)
138. Library History

Theme: "Views of South East Asian Library History from Inside and Outside"
  1. An Odyssey in Scholarly Library History: JLH / L&C at 35
    DONALD G. DAVIS (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, USA)
  2. History of the National Library of Thailand
    SUWAKHON SIRIWONGWORAWAT (National Library of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand)
  3. Trends in Philippine library history
    VICENTE S. HERNANDEZ (Sangandaan Cultural Center, Makati City, Philippines)
139. Public Libraries SI

Theme: "Developing the Public Library"
  1. Public library services to rural and remote communities: Malaysian and Australian models
    Les services de bibliothèques de l'Intérieur : diminuer les distances
    Bibliothekseinrichtungen im Outback: die Entfernung verringern
    Russian version - PESTELL/SEMAN [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 278K]
    Servicios de biblioteca pública para comunidades rurales y alejadas: Modelos malayo y australiano
    ROBERT PESTELL (Public Library Division, State Library of Queensland, West End, Australia) and NORMA ABU SEMAN (Faculty of Information Studies, MARA Institute of Technology, Malaysia)
  2. Challenges in providing public library services in a multicultural and geographically remote area
    CHRISTINE KU SCOTT-SMITH (Guam Public Library, Hagatna, Guam)
  3. Developing public libraries: revising the IFLA Guidelines for Public Libraries
140. Newspapers

Theme: "South-East Asian Newspapers"
  1. Southeast Asia Newspaper Collecting in the United States
    ALLEN RIEDY (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA)
  2. Current Southeast Asian newspapers: an overview
    AMELIA MCKENZIE and PAUL LIVINGSTON (National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia)
  3. A window on to the world: newspaper collecting in the National Library of Australia
    AMELIA MCKENZIE (National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia)
  4. Thai newspapers
141. Library Theory and Research

Theme: "Library Research in South East Asia"
  1. Doing research overseas without tears: adventures of an innocent abroad
    NONGYAO PREMKAMOLNETR (Library and Information Center, King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. Overview on library and information studies in Thailand
142. Management of Library Associations

Theme: "Association Strategies for Success"
  1. Coalition building/parallel organizations
    DUANE WEBSTER (Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA)
  2. Downsizing/outsourcing
  3. Reinventing the association
    LEACY O'BRIEN (Canadian Library Association, Ottawa, Canada)
143. Information Technology SI

Theme: "Improving Global Access to Digital Information"
  1. E-Referencer: transforming Boolean OPACs to web search engines
    E-Referencer: Transforming Boolean OPACs to Web Search Engines (version française)
    E-Referencer: umwandlung Boole'scher OPACs in suchmaschinen
    CHRISTOPHER KHOO and DANNY C.C.POO, TECK-KANG TOH, and GLEN HONG (Division of Information Studies, School of Applied Science, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  2. Success - structured search strategy: information retrieval in the age of global information systems
    Success - pour une stratégie de recherche structurée : retrouver l'information à l'heure des systèmes d'information globale
    Success - Strukturierte Such-Strategie Informationsretrieval im Zeitalter globaler Informationssysteme
    CHAIM ZINS (University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel)
  3. International collaboration on Internet subject gateways
    Internet et la collaboration internationale autour des points d'accès par sujet
    Internationale Zusammenarbeit bei Internet Subject Gateways
    EMMA WORSFOLD PLACE (DESIRE/SOSIG Research Office, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)


144. Study Tours/Library Visits


145. Libraries for Children and Young Adults

  1. Children's library services and literacy in Thailand
    SOMBOON SINGKAMANAN (Department of Library Science, Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. Immigrant children mediators (ICM): bridging the literacy gap in immigrant communities
    Enfants immigrés et médiation : une façon de réduire le fossé linguistique pour les communautés immigrées
    CLARA M. CHU (Department of Library and Information Science, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA)
  3. Lesefähigkeit und Neue Technologien - Entwicklungen in Deutschland
    Reading ability and the New Technology - Developments in Germany
    Pratiques de lecture et nouvelles technologies - Développement en Allemagne
    SUSANNE KRUEGER (Fachhochschule Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany) and RITA SCHMITT (Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut, Berlin, Germany)
146. Audiovisual and Multimedia

Theme: "Oral Heritage: Audiovisual History and Future"
  1. The emerging role of audiovisual and multimedia in the preservation of a national heritage: the Kenyan experience
    JOYCE AGALO (Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya)
  2. El disco compacto en las bibliotecas populares argentinas y la colección "retratos sonoros" de músicos argentinos como una experiencia singular
    Le disque compact dans les bibliothèques populaires argentines et la collection « Portraits sonores » de musiques argentines comme expérience singulière
    DANIEL RAMON RIOS (CONABIP, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  3. Valoriser et préserver le patrimoine oral dans une civilisation de l'ecrit: un défi pour les bibliothèques
    Collecting, making known, and preserving oral heritage in a written civilization : a challenge for libraries
    JOELLE GARCIA (Departement de l'Audiovisuel, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  4. The making of oral history in Thailand
    RUJAYA ABHAKORN (Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
147. Mobile Libraries

Theme: "Building Mobile Libraries for the 21st Century: Fundraising for Success"
  1. The cybermobile: a partnership approach to bringing information to the disadvantaged
    JOHN DRUMM (Carnegie Public Library, Muncie, Indiana, USA) and FRANK M. GROOM (Ball Communications, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA). Dr. Groom Specializes in High Bandwidth Networking and Multimedia Data Storage.
  2. Outreach Services in Thailand: A Media Presentation
    Mrs. MANTANA CHAROENPAID, Central Library of Srinakharinwirot University. Mrs. Charoenpaid is responsible for outreach services in Thailand. Her presentation will be accompanied by slides.
  3. Camel Library Service in Kenya
    Mr. S. K. NG'ANG'A, Director of the Kenya National Library, Nairobi Kenya. Mr. Ng'ang'a's paper and video will focus on this collaborative, community-based mobile library service.
148. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries

Theme: "New Organizational and Financial Models for Academic Libraries"
  1. New organizational and financial models for academic libraries: the UK experience
    GRAHAM BULPITT (Learning Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK)
  2. New organizational and financial models for academic libraries: the Scandinavian experience
    GUNNAR SAHLIN (Stockholm University Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
149. Serial Publications

Theme: "Asian Serials: Problems and Issues"
  1. Access to Asian serials in Australian libraries
    ANDREW GOSLING (Department of Asian Collections, National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia)
  2. Serial murder in Southeast Asia: collecting and preserving serials in changing landscape
    Meurtres en séries en Asie du Sud-Est: La collecte et la préservation des périodiques dans un monde en changement
    CAROL L. MITCHELL (Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
  3. The earliest Tibetan serials
    HARMUT WALRAVENS (International ISSN Agency, Berlin, Germany)
  4. Malaysian serials: issues and problems
    Publications et problèmes liés à l'édition de séries en Malaisie
    CHE NORMA BAHRI (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia)
150. Social Sciences Libraries SI

Theme: "State of the Art of Social Science Information: Thinking Local - Acting Global?"
  1. Social science information and documentation: is the time ripe for a state of the art?
    L'information et la documentation en sciences sociales : à quel niveau de maturité se trouvent-elles ?
    HANS-CHRISTOPH HOBOHM (Fachhochschule Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany)
  2. Social science information - the poor relation
    L'information en sciences sociales, le parent pauvre
    MAURICE B. LINE (Harrogate, UK)
  3. Capitalizing on a past investment: why we need bibliometric studies of social science literature again
    Ré-exploiter un investissement antérieur : pourquoi les études bibliométriques réalisées dans le domaine des Sciences sociales nous sont à nouveau utiles?
    PATRICIA LAYZELL WARD (Gwynnedd, Wales, UK)
  4. The recent UNESCO activities in social science information and documentation
    PAUL DE GUCHTENEIRE (MOST Clearinghouse, UNESCO, Paris, France)
  5. The evolution of social science information sources in Asia: the South Korean case
    Evolution des sources d'information en sciences sociales en Asie : le cas de la Coree du Sud
    MYOUNG CHUNG WILSON (Archibald S. Alexander Library, Rutgers, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
  6. Toward the twenty first century: research on the development of social science information services of university libraries in China
    Vers le vingt et unième siècle : recherche sur le développement des services d'information en sciences sociales des bibliothèques universitaires en Chine
    MA WENFENG and WANG LIQING (Library, Renmin University, Beijing, China)


Free evening for receptions at Embassies

Thursday, 26 August


152. FAIFE Workshop
       ALEX BYRNE (Chair, FAIFE Committee, Australia)

153. National Libraries joint with Bibliography: Workshop

Theme: "Electronic Publications in Bibliographies [National]"

  1. Net Publications and Bibliographic Control - Seen from Denmark with a view to Sweden
    RANDI DIGET HANSEN (Bibliographic Department, Danish Library Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. Inclusion of Information Covering Electronic Resources in National Bibliographies: Results of a Survey Conducted May-June 1998
    JOHN D. BYRUM (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)

154. Management and Marketing: Workshop (Strategic Management and Public Policy)

Theme: "Strategic Management and Public Policy"
155. Cataloguing: Workshop

Theme: "Universal Bibliographic Control in the Multilingual/Multiscript Environment: Access to Information - Theory and Practice"
  1. Cataloguing in the universal character set environment: looking at the limits
    Le catalogage dans un univers à plusieurs écritures : les limites
    Katalogisierung in der Universellen Zeichensatz-Umgebung : Was sind die Grenzen?
    Russian version - ALIPRAND  [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 298K]
    La catalogación en el entorno del Juego Universal de Caracteres: Una visión de los límites
    JOAN M. ALIPRAND (The Research Libraries Group, Inc., Mountain View, California, USA)
  2. The need for co-operation in creating and maintaining multilingual subject authority files
    Der Bedarf nach Kooperation bei Erarbeitung und Pflege mehrsprachiger Schlagwortnormdateien
    Russian version - CLAVEL-MERRIN  [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 595K]
    La necesidad de cooperación en la creación y mantenimiento de archivos temáticos multilingües de autoridades
    GENEVIEVE CLAVEL-MERRIN (Swiss National Library, Bern, Switzerland)
  3. National access in the international environment: the role of vernacular vocabularies in the context of the virtual library
    PAIVI PEKKARINEN (National Library of the Health Sciences, Helsinki, Finland)
  4. UNIMARC : quelles solutions pour le catalogage en plusieurs langues et plusieurs écritures ?
    UNIMARC : what solutions for multilingual / multiscript cataloguing?
    Russian version - BOURDON/FREYRE [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 105K]
    UNIMARC: ¿qué soluciones presenta para la catalogación en diversas lenguas / diversas escrituras?
    FRANCOISE BOURDON and ELISABETH FREYRE (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
  5. ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2: International Standards for language codes. ISO 15924: International Standard for names of scripts
    ISO 639-1 et ISO 639-2 : Normes internationales de codes de langues. ISO 15924: Norme internationale pour les noms d'écriture
    Russian version - BYRUM [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 350K]
    ISO 639-1 e ISO 639-2: normas internacionales de códigos de lengua. ISO 15924: norma internacional de nombres de escrituras
    JOHN D. BYRUM, JR. (Cataloging Division, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  6. UNICODE in MARC 21 and related format issues
    SALLY MC CALLUM, (Network Development and MARC standards Office, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  7. Standards for Bibliographic control in Thailand
    SIRIPORN CHIRUPPAPA, (Library Information Center, National Library of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand)
  8. Romanization of multiscript/multilingual materials: experiences of Malaysia
    NAFISAH AHMAD(Technical Services Division, National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  9. Standards for bibliographic control in Thailand
    SIRIPORN CHIRUPPAPA (Library Information Centre, National Library of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand)
156. Social Sciences Libraries joint with Government Information and Official Publications and ESCAP: Workshop United Nations Conference Centre

Theme: "Six Billion and Counting: Statistics for All the World's People"
  1. Utilization of statistical information: the case of population
    M. KHALID SIDDIQUI (Statistics Development Section, ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. Panel Discussion 1: Demographic Centres: Holdings and Services
    1. Asia-Pacific POPIN: achievements and challenges for the future
      JA KYUNG YOO (Population and Rural Urban Development Division, ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand)
    2. What Is the TPIC?
      CHANTARAT RABIABLOKE (Thai Population Information Centre, Family Planning Division, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi Thailand)
    3. Introduction to the China Population Information and Research Centre (CPIRC)
      GUO WEIMING (China Population Information and Research Centre, Beijing, China)
    4. Danish data archives services for social scientists and demographers
      HANS JORGEN MARKER (Danish Data Archives, Odense University, Odense, Denmark)
  3. Panel Discussion 2: Demographic Database Demonstrations
    1. The United Nations demographic database
      BHAKTA GUBHAJU (ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand)
    2. Thailand Demographic Database
      PREEYA MITHRANON and CHUTICHART BOONCHUWIT(Thai Population Information Centre, Family Planning Division, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi, Thailand)
    3. Danish demographic database and NESSTAR - the next generation
      NANNA FLOOR CLAUSEN (Danish Data Archives, Odense University, Odense, Denmark)
    4. An Overview of American FactFinder
      MARIAN BRADY and JOSEPH GILVARY (Testing and Development, Data Access and Dissemination System (DADS), Washington, DC , USA


157. Art Libraries: Workshop Silpakorn University Auditorium

Theme: "Blurring the Boundaries: Should Art Librarians Work with Archivists, Curators, Educators, or Become More Specialized?"
  1. Electronic resources on art in Thailand (ERA): trial of Silpakorn University Library
    POOT VERAPRASERT (Silpakorn University Central Library, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. The art librarian as mediator: the art of being a librarian
    Atelier Le bibliothécaire d'art en temps que médiateur : l'art d'être bibliothécaire
    PETRA VAN DEN BORN (Amsterdam Historical Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands) and WILBERT HELMUS (Rijksmuseum Library, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  3. Information Literacy in the Electronic Arts Library: Strategies for the Hybrid Professional
    ANIKO L. HALVERSON (California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, USA) and JOYCE VOLKER (Institute of the Arts Library and Resource Center, Australia National University, Canberra, Australia)

    11:45-13:00 Lunch at Silpakorn University

  4. Las redes de bibliotecas de museos: una historia con futuro
    Museum libraries networks: a story with a future
    Les réseaux de bibliothèques de musées: une histoire avec avenir
    ROSARIO LOPEZ DE PRADO (Museo Arqueológico National, Madrid, Spain) and LUIS CASTRILLO AGUILERA (Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain)


158. Document Delivery and Interlending joint with the UAP Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "The Current State of Document Delivery in SE Asia: Measuring Progress since the 1995 Workshop in Bangkok"

A UAP workshop held in Bangkok in 1995 considered the state of library development in Southeast Asia and allowed participants from many countries to describe the situation in their own region, with an emphasis on document supply. This workshop will be a follow-up to that workshop. Presentations will be given from the same organizations, and by the same speakers wherever possible, and will explore if, and what, progress has been made since 1995.

In addition to the speakers listed, there will be presentations mae on the progress of document delivery in the following countries: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.

  1. UAP in Southeast Asia: introduction
    GRAHAM P. CORNISH (UAP Core Programme, British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby, UK)
  2. Document delivery in Brunei Darussalam: progress since 1995
    NELLIE DATO PADUKA JAJI SUNNY (Dewar Bahasa dan Pustaka Brunei)
  3. Document delivery in Malaysia: progress since 1995
    ARA TALIB (National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
159. Education and Training: Workshop Chulakorn University

Theme: "Standards for LIS Education: Proposed Conceptual Changes"
  1. Standards for Library Schools, 1976: Update: A Preliminary Report to the Standing Committee on Education and Training, 64th IFLA General Conference, Amsterdam, August 1998
    EVELYN DANIEL (School of Library and Information Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA) and SUSAN LAZINGER, School of Library, Archive and Information Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel)
  2. Preparing new generations: a shift for library and information science education based on the management of information and knowledge rather than of institutions and documents
    PAULETTE BERNARD and GILES DESCHATELETS (Ecole de bibliotheconomie et des sciences de l'information, Université de Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  3. Success-structured search strategy: information retrieval in the age of global information systems
    CHAIM ZINS (University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel)
160. Libraries for Children and Young Adults joint with Education and Training: Workshop

Theme: "Education and Training of Children's Librarians"
161. Management of Library Associations joint with Asia and Oceania: Workshop

Theme: "Management of Library Associations in Developing Countries"
  1. Back to the basics: moving a library association
  2. Stages of development: case studies from Vanatu, Sri Lanka and Armenia
  3. Strategies for success: case studies from the Philippines, Malaysia and the Pacific
  4. The Management and Development of Library Associations in Asia and Oceania Strategies for Success -- PIALA: A Case Study
162. School Libraries and Resource Centres: Workshop

Theme: "UNESCO School Library Manifesto: Dissemination and Implementation"
  1. Dissemination and implementation of the School Library Manifesto presented to the UNESCO PGI meeting, December 1998
163. Science and Technology Libraries joint with User Education: Workshop King Mongkut Institute of Technology Library

Theme: "New Directions in User Education"
  1. Brief user education
    THANAKORN KIATBUNLOE (King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand)
  2. Evaluation of web-based library instruction programs
    TESS TOBIN and MARTIN KESSELMAN (Rutgers University Library Media Services, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA)
  3. Guidance for PC use
    JEERAPOL KUMKIAN (King Mongkut Institute of Technology Library, Bangkok, Thailand)
164. UDT Core Programme: Workshop

Theme: "Uniform Resource Identifiers and the Library Community"

Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), the mechanism used to describe where information is located on the Internet, has been essential to the development of the World Wide Web. However, URLs "break" as information is moved or deleted, networks are busy,sites go out of service or are revised, or computers change addresses. As the Web grows, the problem of Error 404 "Document Not Found" responses increases. Thus, there is a need for a system of persistent uniform resource identifiers that provide logical points to network resources and which are resistant to change. Ensuring persistence will require a distributed and complex set of technical and administrative commitments to be successful. This workshop will provide an update on the various identifier initiatives, their interrelationships, and the emerging role of the library community in providing Uniform Resource Identifer (URI) services.

Speakers will cover:

  1. Overview of identifier technologies and issues for libraries
  2. IEFT URN development
  3. PURLs
  4. Handle system: an overview
  5. DOI: a publishers perspective
  6. Identifiers and digital library development
  7. A role for national libraries in URI services
165. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries: Workshop

Theme: "Life-Long Learning in an Electronic Environment"
  1. Library-university partnerships in distance learning
    Partenariats bibliothèque - université pour l'enseignement à distance
    Partnerschaft zwischen Bibliothek und Universität auf dem Gebiet des Fernunterrichts
    La Biblioteca Universitaria y la Universidad copartícipes en el aprendizaje a distancia
    CAROLYN ARGENTATI (North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)
  2. University of Melbourne Library meeting the challenges of providing information literacy in a networked environment
    La bibliothèque de l'université de Melbourne au rendez-vous pour offrir la maîtrise de l'information dans un environnement réseauté
    SABINA ROBERTSON (University of Melbourne Library, Melbourne, Australia)
  3. User education and information retrieval for students without a family history of college education
    CHRISTINA TOVOTE (Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden)


166. Study Tours/Library Visits


(167 open)

168. Management and Marketing: Workshop

Theme: "Performance Measures and Marketing"
169. Serial Publications joint with ISSN Centres and Cataloguing: Workshop

Theme: "Serials in Evolution: Programmes, Standards and Identification"
  1. Panel discussion: Harmonization of cataloguing standards for serials
    1. An update on the ISBD(s) Working Group
      INGRID PARENT (National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
    2. AACR
    3. ISSN
  2. Panel discussion: Issues related to electronic serials
    1. Metadata
      DIANN RUSCH-FEJA (Library of the Max Planck Institute for Educational Research, Berlin, Germany)
    2. DOI
      NORMAN PASKIN (International DOI Foundation, Kidlington, Oxford, UK)
    3. URN
    4. URN and ISSN
170. Government Information and Official Publications: Workshop United Nations Conference Centre

Theme: "The Use of the Internet to Access Government Publications"
  1. Internet search strategies and search engines
    JERRY W. MANSFIELD (US Postal Service, Washington DC, USA)
  2. Web sites of governments, parliaments, and international organizations
    HELEN M. SHEEHY (Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA)
171. Preservation and Conservation: Workshop

Theme: "Tactics for Preservation"
  1. Fitness for purpose: the role of stabilization in a collections conservation program
    Bon pour le service" : le rôle des traitements de stabilisation dans le cadre d'une approche globale de la conservation des collections à la Bibliothèque du Congrès
    Russian version - MCKERN [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 350K]
    DEBRA MCKERN (Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA)
  2. Macro and microenvironments at the British Library
    Macro et micro-environnement a la British Library
    Russian version - SHENTON [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 300K]
    HELEN SHENTON (British Library, London, UK)
  3. Russian version - PERMINOVA/STEPANOVA [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 430K
    Conditions of storing the documents as the chief means of preserving the library holdings (As shown by the experience of the Russian state library)
    OLGA PERMINOVA and TATJANA STEPANOVA (Russian State Library, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  4. Russian version - DOBRUSINA/VELIKOVA [Adobe Acrobat PDF: 270K]
    Mass disinfection of documents affected by microorganisms: one practical experience
    La désinfection massive des documents atteints de microorganismes:suggerée par l'expérience de travail
    Massendesinfektion der von den mikroorganismen befallenen dokumente: arbeitserfahrungen
    SVETLANA DOBRUSINA and TATIANA VELIKOVA (National Library of Russia, Russian Federation)


171a. FAIFE Business Meeting
171b. Thai/US Librarians Seminar        OFF-SITE

Friday, 27 August


172. Bibliography SC II
173. Classification and Indexing SC II
174. Government Information and Official Publications SC II
175. Information Technology SC II
176. Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons SC II
177. Library Buildings and Equipment SC II
178. Library Services to Multicultural Populations SC II
179. Library Theory and Research SC II
180. Management and Marketing SC II
181. National Libraries SC II
182. Rare Books and Manuscripts SC II
183. School Libraries and Resource Centres SC II
184. Science and Technology Libraries SC II
185. Serial Publications SC II
186. Social Sciences Libraries SC II
187. University Libraries and other General Research Libraries SC II
188. Statistics SC II


189. IFLA Conference Organizers


190. Executive Board III (with representatives of CDNL, FID, ICA, IPA and UNESCO)


191. Art Libraries SC II
192. Acquisition and Collection Development SC II
193. Audiovisual and Multimedia SC II
194. Biological and Medical Sciences Libraries SC II
195. Cataloguing SC II
196. Document Delivery and Interlending SC II
197. Education and Training SC II
198. Geography and Map Libraries SC II
199. Government Libraries SC II
200. Libraries for Children and Young Adults SC II
201. Libraries for the Blind SC II
202. Library and Research Services for Parliaments SC II
203. Preservation and Conservation SC II
204. Public Libraries SC II
205. Reading SC II
206. Regional Section: Africa SC II
207. Regional Section: Latin America and the Caribbean SC II
208. Regional Section: Asia and Oceania SC II


208a. Guest Lecture IV SI

The library network in a learning society
ABHISIT VEJJAJIVA ((Democrat MP and Prime Minister's Office Minister, Bangkok, Thailand)


209. General Research Libraries CB II
210. Special Libraries CB II
211. Libraries Serving the General Public CB II
212. Bibliographic Control CB II
213. Collections and Services CB II
214. Management and Technology CB II
215. Education and Research CB II
216. Regional Activities CB II
216a. CLM Business Meeting


217. Professional Board II


218. Council II and Closing Session SI

Saturday, 28 August

All day

219. Excursions


  1. CB: Coordinating Board of Division
    SC: Standing Committee of Section
    EC: Executive Committee of Round Table
    SI: Simultaneous Interpretation

  2. All meetings of the various steering bodies (with the exception of the business meetings of the Executive and Professional Boards) may be attended by observers provided the Chairs have no objection.

  3. Normally papers are not presented in CB, SC and EC meetings.

  4. Papers are listed in the programme in the language in which they will be delivered. If the original language title has not been received, the English title is given. Note too that because the final version of the Programme will not be ready before 1 July 1999, titles will change as papers are received at Headquarters.

  5. Any programme or meeting room change received after 15 July 1999 will be announced in IFLA Express.


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