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IFLA '99 Secretariat


The Aims of IFLA

IFLA and Thailand

Honorary Advisors

National Organizing Committee

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65th IFLA Council and General


Bangkok, Thailand, August 20 - August 28, 1999

IFLA '99 Secretariat

Conference Secretariat

Mrs. Pimolpan Raper, Secretary General

Paper handling

Miss Chirawan Bhakdibutr; National Institute of Development Administration

Conference Programme

Miss Sutanee Keesiri; National Institute of Development Administration

IFLA '99 Exhibition

Mr. Marc de Vries

Request for general information about the IFLA '99 Conference

81 / 1 Si-Anytthaya Road,
Samsen, Theves, Bangkok 10300
Tel. (+662) 280-4022-9
Fax. (+662) 280-4030
E-mail: spafa@ksc.th.com



Greetings from Thailand and warmest welcome to IFLA '99 Bangkok.

The Thai Library Community takes great pleasure in cordially offering you an invitation to participate in the 65th IFLA General Conference 1999 which is to take place in Bangkok Thailand, during August 20-28, 1999.

IFLA's a conference and exhibition is the biggest international event for professionals within the library and information sector. IFLA '99 offers an excellent opportunity for thousands of delegates, experts, and library and information providers from all over the world to exchange ideas and experience as well as to introduce new innovations and products. We are confident that the Conference agenda we have crafted will stimulate participants and contribute to debate and cooperation among them. We thus encourage you not to miss such an occasion where you can keep pace with your profession, meet your colleagues from different parts of the world in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere and experience the beauty and uniqueness of Thailand.

The Aims of IFLA

Founded in 1927, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions is an independent international non-governmental association that has formal associate relations with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The aims of IFLA are to promote international understanding, cooperation, discussion, research and development in all fields of library activity and information science, and to provide a body through which librarianship can be represented in matters of international interest. The Federation currently has more than 1,500 members from 140 countries.

IFLA's Executive Board is responsible for IFLA's general policy, management and finance. The Professional Board monitors the planning and programming of professional activities carried out by IFLA's two types of bodies: professional groups (34 sections and 11 round tables organized in 8 divisions) and 5 core programmes.


  1. General research libraries
  2. Special libraries
  3. Library serving the general public
  4. Bibliographic control
  5. Collections and services
  6. Management and technology
  7. Education and research
  8. Regional activities

Core Programmes

  1. Universal Availability of Publications (UAP)
  2. Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC (UBCIM)
  3. Preservation and Conservation (PAC)
  4. Universal Data Flow and Telecommunications (UDT)
  5. Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World Programme (ALP)

IFLA Headquarters

P.O. Box 95312
2509 CH The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel.: 31 70 314 0884
Fax: 31 70 383 4827
WWW: http://www.ifla.org

IFLA and Thailand

Rich in cultural heritage and with long history of library development, Thailand adopted a Western style library system in the early half of the nineteenth century. The Thai Library Association (TLA) was established in 1954 , and became an IFLA associate member in 1961. Since then many library institutions in Thailand have joined IFLA.

Recognized for its contributions to international library development initiatives, Thailand was chosen to host one of the IFLA regional offices. At the April 1989 meeting, the Executive Board of IFLA decided to move the IFLA Regional Office for Asia and Oceania (ROAO) from Malaysia to Bangkok, and a Thai librarian was appointed the Regional Manager.

The IFLA ROAO housed at the TLA Headquarters has been active in coordinating IFLA activities in the region. One of its main tasks is channelling information on IFLA to its members in Asia and Oceania and to all colleagues interested in IFLA. This has been accomplished through the semi-annual distribution of the IFLA ROAO Newsletter, a publication widely read by many library professionals.

Thailand has been involved in various IFLA activities : (1) the model workshop "The Advancement of Librarianship : A Workshop to Identify and Assess Needs in Southeast Asia." This was initiated in Thailand and has now been widely repeated in many countries and regions; (2) the IFLA ALP Scholarship to AIT, also originating in Thailand and receiving wide acceptance. Its popularity has led to similar projects being recommended for the other regions; (3) the training package for rural public libraries by the Department of Non-formal Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand, which was developed under the support of IFLA ALP. This package has now been published for wider distribution by IFLA ALP and Uppsala University; and (4) the Thai-Lao project on Books for Young People. One of the productions won the Noma Award, Japan in 1992.

Meetings of different professional groups within IFLA have been hosted in Thailand. The IFLA Regional Standing Committee for Asia Oceania (RSCAO) held its mid-year meeting in Thailand more than five times. Various IFLA Core Programmes have also conducted meetings and workshops in Thailand from time to time, including IFLA ALP, IFLA PAC, IFLA UAP, and IFLA UCBIM Core Programmes. All were successfully executed in cooperation with many local institutions.

The upcoming IFLA General Conference, to be held in August 1999 in Bangkok, is another major event. It indicates the firm commitment of Thailand to play a much more assertive role in international library development.

Honorary Advisors

Mr. Wissanu Krua-ngam
Secretary-General of the Cabinet

Khunying Amporn Meesuk
President, Lifelong Education Foundation

Mr. Surat Silpa-Anan
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education

Mr. Vanchai Sirichana
Permanent Secretary Ministry of University Affairs

Mr. Saroj Chavanaviraj
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Seree Wangpaichitr
Governor of Thai Tourism Authority

Mr. Imron Malulin
Deputy Governor of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Mr. Thamnoon Wanglee
President of Thai International Airways

Mr. Anuchart Channarong
Director of Thailand Incentive and Convention Association

Mrs. Nida Hongswiwat
President of the Publishers and Books Sellers of Thailand Association

Mr. Suchart Traiparasit
Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General

National Organizing Committee


    Khunying Maenmas Chavalit,
    Advisor, Thai Library Association, President of the Federation of the Organizations for the Promotion of Books and Reading


    1. Mrs. Suwakhon Siriwongworawat
      Director, National Library of Thailand

    2. Miss Chutima Sacchanand
      President, Thai Library Association

    3. Mrs. Thara Kanakamani
      Vice-President, Thai Library Association

    4. Miss Uthai Dhutiyabhodhi
      Director, Rengsit University Library and Information Centre


    Mrs. Pimonpan Raper
    Vice Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Ramkhamhaeng University


    1. Mrs. Nonglak Suvarnakich
      Centres of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University

    2. Mrs. Yenruedee Sachukorn
      National Library of Thailand

    3. Mrs. Sirima Srisomwong
      Director, Library and Information Centre, Bank of Thailand


    1. Miss Abhinya Benjawannakorn
      Department of Library and Information Science, Thammasat University

    2. Miss Daruna Somboonkun
      Ex-Deputy Director, AIT Library

    3. Mr. Prachak Wattananusit
      National Library of Thailand

    Chiefs of Sub-Committees

    1. Miss Chirawan Bhakdibutr - Conference Papers.
      National Institute of Development Administration

    2. Miss Sutannee Keesiri - Conference Programme.
      Director, National Institute of Development Administration

    3. Miss Somsuang Prudtikul - Public Relations.
      Director, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University Library

    4. Miss Nualchawee Suthamwong - Cultural Visits.
      Director, Thammasat University Library

    5. Mr. Poot Veraprasert - Library visits.
      Director, Silpakorn University Library

    6. Miss Pimrumpai Premsmit - Volunteer Services.
      Department of Library and Information Science, Chulalongkorn University

    7. Mr. Kamales Santivejkul - Conference Venue and Facilities.
      Director, Centres of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University

    8. Miss Saisuda Gojseni - Hospitality and Welfare.
      Department of Library Science, Ramkhamhaeng University

    9. Mrs. Supatra Wandayonta - Publications
      Department of Library Science, Ramkhamhaeng University

    10. Mrs. Suwakhon Siriwongworawat - Registration.
      Director, National Library of Thailand

    11. Mrs. Vipa Goysookho - Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
      Director Library and Information Center, Mahidol University

    12. Mr. Marc de Vries - Trade Exhibition
      Managing Director, Bangkok RAI

    13. Dr. Maria Loa Sundara - Library Exhibition and Poster Session
      Unesco Associate Libraries, Thailand, Srinakharinwirot University

    14. Miss Wanpen Knogpoon - Documentation
      SPAFA Library and Documentation Services - Clearing House Services

    15. Miss Naromol Prachyotin - Evaluation
      Department of Library and Information Science, Thammasat University

    Honorary Consultants

    1. Mrs. Knid Tantavirat
      Department of Library and Information Science, Chulalongkorn University

    2. Mrs. Charuvarn Sindusopon
      Retired Professor of Library and Information Science, Thammasat University

    3. Mrs. Achara Vongvadhanaroj
      Senior Consultant, P. Sin-Anand Co. Ltd.

    4. Miss Nuntiya Saengthongsuk
      Vice-Assistant Manager, Paktai Chue Plerng Public Company Limited


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