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World Library and Information Congress:
70th IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries: Tools for Education and Development"

August 22th - 27th 2004, Buenos Aires, Argentina








Call for Conference Papers
Reference Work Section

Librarian Toolkit for the 21st Century: Tools Librarians need to deliver information

The Reference Work Section is hosting an open session in Buenos Aires on the "Librarian Toolkit for the 21st Century: Tools Librarians need to deliver information."

Theme and objectives:

As librarians, we have a particular responsibility to provide the means to implement fully a vision for an equitable and inclusive information society, one that bridges the information gap between the rich and the poor. The general theme for the open session is 'Addressing the Digital Divide' - and through the presentation of papers and discussion, we hope to provide both professional perspectives and practical guidance to ensure that information professionals have the tools they need to link people with the information they need. Our theme is linked to the overall conference theme 'Libraries: tools for education and development', and to IFLA President Kay Raseroka's theme of lifelong learning.

The objective for our Session is to demonstrate how reference professionals acquire the skills they need to disseminate information effectively to their local communities. Special emphasis will be placed on assisting professionals with meeting information needs in developing countries where poor infrastructures can adversely affect the flow of information. Information shared will address both practical and theoretical issues.

During the session a panel of experts will discuss the programmes presented, in order to share knowledge and to consider further work of this kind.

Topics for papers according to the Reference Section's Strategic Plan:
  • Case studies addressing issues of professional education and development
  • Cooperation and networking
  • Challenges faced/overcome
  • The Role of Standards and Best practices in Information Dissemination
  • Supporting the Role of Libraries in Society
  • Promoting Literacy, Reading and Lifelong Learning
  • Addressing the Digital Divide
  • The librarian as the information broker and knowing consultant
  • The Librarian as the communicator and mediator
  • Marketing library services
  • IT in Libraries

How to submit a proposal:

Proposals, in English, French or Spanish (300-500 words) should be sent to the address below, by 20th January 2004.
Final papers should not exceed 20 minutes in length when read aloud.

Bodil Wöhnert
Reference Librarian - Central Library in Esbjerg
Norregade 19 - DK 6700 Esbjerg. Denmark
Mail: bow@esbjergkommune.dk

No financial support can be provided, but a formal invitation will be issued to the authors of accepted papers. Papers must be submitted in one of the five official IFLA languages (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish).


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