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IFLA Conference

World Library and Information Congress: 73rd IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries for the future: Progress, Development and Partnerships"

19-23 August 2007, Durban, South Africa

Poster Presentations

An alternative approach for the presentation of projects/new work is available for conference participants. An area on the conference premises has been designated for the presentation of information regarding projects or activities of interest to librarians. Presentations may include posters, leaflets (etc.) in several of the IFLA working languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish).

PDF file Information for Presenters of Poster Sessions

List of accepted Poster Session Presentations:

  1. IT and its role in information management: A case study of the public sector reform in Ghana
    Presenters: Alexander Amo-Baffour and Randy Emmanuel Kommey - TBC
  2. Digital preservation: The rare and unique's Longevity
    Presenter: Antonia Arahova & Eleni Mamma
  3. Análisis de la efectividad de las actividades de Promoción de la Lectura que se efectúan para adultos en la biblioteca pública Más Luz
    Presenters: Margarita Bellas Vilarño y Loreto C. Cárdenas Yzquierdo
  4. The model of the University Library Authority, a new organizational structure of contemporary academic libraries
    Presenter: Sanda Bercovici
  5. Serving African Studies in Germany: Old Africana Collections Online
    Presenter: Hartmut Bergenthum
  6. New Members Round Table: Mentoring New Librarians into the Profession
    Presenter: Sally Bickley
  7. My Kedah.com
    Presenter: Zahidi Bin Dato' Haji Zainol Rashid
  8. Every Baby a Book
    Presenters: Shukriah Binti Hj. Yon, Datin Seri Zainab Abdul Kader and Rashidah Begum Fazal Mohamed
  9. k@Borneo: who has what where on Borneo in Borneo! A regional cooperation
    Presenter: Rashidah Bolhassan
  10. A Library for the Medical Community: The central Library of the "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy- Bucharest. Past, Present and Future
    Presenters: Gheorghe Buluta, Crina Mihailescu and Octavia-Luciana Porumbeanu
  11. College Libraries in Partnership: Focus on the College Libraries Information Network of Jamaica
    Presenter: Rosella McCarthy-Spencer
  12. Indigenous memory, oral tradition & libraries
    Presenters: Edgardo Civallero & Sara Plaza Moreno
  13. The German-Languages Wikisource Project: Digitalisation 2.0
    Presenter: Patrick Danowski
  14. A Streetcar named Book
    Presenter: Predrag Djukic & Marjan Marinkovic
  15. Professional Development in the Scandinavian Countries
    Presenter: Pernille Drost
  16. MC Select: A Gateway to Free/Low-Cost Online Resources for Libraries around the World
    Presenter: Barbara J. Ford, Susan Schnuer, Jo Kibbee
  17. [Cancelled]
  18. The Right to Literacy and Knowledge
    Presenter: Dunja-Maria Gabriel, Ljilijana Sabljak
  19. Toddlers come to the library: An approach to family
    Presenter: Adrián Guerra Pensado
  20. National Libraries of the World: Digital Photo Album and Directory of Most Treasured and Unique Collections
    Presenter: Suzanne D. Gyeszly
  21. The Library and Information Management Employability Skills (LIMES) Project
    Presenter: Yvonne Hamblin
  22. BOBCATSSS - LIS Future Generation for International LIS Partnerships
    Presenter: Petra M.A. Hauke, Christin Mollenhauer, Aike Schäfer-Rolfs, Maxi Kindling, Boris Jacob
  23. Open Access between Request and Reality. Libraries for the future - Taking up the Challenge:Partner for Scholarly Publishing
    Presenter: Petra M.A. Hauke, Ignace Koffi Kra, Jana Rumler and Christin Mollenhauer
  24. Library statistics for the 21st -century world
    Presenter: Micheal Heaney
  25. Caribbean Heritage: The Road to UNESCO International Memory of the World Register
    Presenter: Kathleen Helenese-Paul, Allison Dolland, Jennifer Joseph, Floris Fraser and Yacoob Hosein
  26. Who is who? : An Itinerant meeting of Updating and Debate
    Presenter: Yanósik Hernández Zamora and Grisel Terrón Quintero
  27. Bringing Taiwan's Culture and Scientific Heritage On-line: The Digital Archives Project of National Taiwan University
    Presenter: Jieh Hsiang, Hsueh-hua Chen and Chiung-min Tsai
  28. From analogue to digital: mapping the conversion of Etv audio-visual archives from a tape-based library to a digital archive system
    Presenter: Lynn Johnson and Nohra Moerat
  29. Cooperative Digitizing of Table of Contents of Books
    Presenter: Ulrike Junger
  30. Archiving and accessing digital collection of newspapers clippings using "Greenstone Digital Library Software": A case study
    Presenter: Jaspal Kaur and P Venkata Rao
  31. Project-Oriented Information Agent (case study)
    Presenter: Mi Ra Kim
  32. Libraries and the Social Web: Using Web 2.0 Applications to Deliver Information in the 21st Century
    Presenter: Jennifer Lang
  33. Information and Semiotics
    Presenter: Natasha Langdown
  34. Information Literacy with Regards to the use of Legal Resources: case study of third year undergraduate law studies University of Cape Town and University of Jos, Nigeria
    Presenter: Victoria James Lawal - TBC
  35. Construction of a Conceptual Structure as a Mediator between MARC and FRBR
    Presenter: Suengmin Lee - TBC
  36. Model Prison Libraries: How to Use Standards & Guidelines to Build Modern and Relevant Library Services for Incarcerated Persons
    Presenter: Vibeke Lehmann
  37. The Integrated Library System (ILS); a coup (d' état)?
    Presenter: Anette Lessing
  38. Citizen Media Library - a new challenge for public libraries
    Presenter: Erkki Lounasvuori and Kari Lämsä
  39. Are We Masters, Detectives or Partners? Research Librarians Using Technology to Diagnose Plagiarism
    Presenter: Pauline D. Manaka
  40. Biblioteca por la salud. Una opción para el bienestar y la calidad de vida de la comunidad
    Presenter: Mariela Martinez Noa
  41. Communal Knowledge Commons Empowering informal Communities in SA Cities
    Presenter: Lazarus Matizirofa
  42. African Library architecture: a celebration of innovation and utility
    Presenter: Buhle Mbambo-Thata
  43. Diagnosis of Braille Brazilian Libraries
    Presenter: Marilia Mesquita Guedes Pereira
  44. A Virtual German National Library: The Arbeitsgemeinschaft
    Presenter: Joachim Migl
  45. Post-merger Quality Control
    Presenter: Michiel Moll
  46. Bridging the Digital Divide with Free Internet Resources - A Model for Academic Libraries
    Presenter: Elsie A. Okobi
  47. Evaluating Educational Internet Resources: A Bluesheet for a Professional Review
    Presenter: Heike vom Orde
  48. Minerva: Sistema Distribuido de Servicios Bibliotecarios /Minerva: A Distributed Library System
    Presenter: Alberto Enrique Pedroso Garcia - Bárbara Caridad Lazo Rodriguez
  49. Development project of a Digital Library for handicapped people
    Presenter: Abel Ponce Suárez
  50. Un espacio para la superación profesional de los bibliotecarios: Cátedra Maria Villar Buceta
    Presenter: Vilma Nélida Ponce Suárez
  51. IFLA Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Presenter: Elizabet Maria Ramos de Carvalho
  52. Entre Paginas: experiencia radial
    Presenter: Mariela Rodriguez Montes de Oca & Clara Raisa Vera Miyar
  53. The Nobel Library - a literary laboratory for the Swedish Academy and a meeting-place for students and scientists in literature, literary critics, translators and librarians
    Presenter: Lars Rydquist
  54. The Total Probability Theory and its Role in the Evaluation of the Automatic Systems by Practicing it on The Automatic System in the National Information and Documentation Centre (NIDOC) Libraries
    Presenter: Sohier Ibrahim Hassan Saleh - TBC
  55. Estudio de las competencias informacionales de los usuarios de una biblioteca biocentifica y de salud: garantía para el desarrollo, el futuro y el progreso de las organizaciones
    Presenter: Marlery Sánchez Díaz
  56. Women's Reading Clubs in Malawi
    Presenter: Robert Sarjant
  57. Interventions community libraries can embark on to promote HIV/AIDS awareness
    Presenter: René Schoombee
  58. Professional Development and Employee Performance - An Investment in the Future
    Presenter: Barbara P. Silcox
  59. Competencia en Información: bases de datos electrónicas como herramienta de recuperación, evaluación, producción y difusión de la información y del conocimiento cientifico y tecnológico en la UFRJ
    Presenter: Vânia Lisbôa da Silveira Guedes and Ana Maria de Carvalho Carreiro
  60. Library Services to Persons with Dementia
    Presenter: Gyda Skat Nielsen and Helle Arendrup Mortensen
  61. Development of Sustainable Libraries in Northeastern Nigeria
    Presenter: Martha Speirs Plettner
  62. Official Publications and International Exchanges in the 21st Century at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
    Presenter: Ursula Stanek
  63. Our Scientists proposal for better work in the Library at "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Presenter: Alenka Štante - TBC
  64. The Naked Librarian
    Presenter: Christelle Steyn and Janice De Wee
  65. [Cancelled]
  66. Information Classification for Children - Comparision between some category search systems and Nippon Decimal Classification
    Presenter: Shiho Suzuki
  67. Chinese Canadian Genealogy (www.vpl.ca/ccg/): An Innovative Resource for Chinese Canadian family historians
    Presenter: Janet Tomkins
  68. Services in their Language, Not just for Ours Multilingual Collaborative Reference Services
    Presenter: Paul S. Ulrich
  69. The Egypt of Naguib Mahfouz (1911 - 2006): Selections from the American University in Cairo's Rare Books and Special Collections Library
    Presenter: Stephen Urgola
  70. Aula "Máximo Gómez": Trayectoria de un espacio de superación bibliotecológico y cultural
    Presenter: Irai Uriah Urquhart Rodriguez
  71. Desayuno en la Biblioteca. Experiencia de un servicio comunitario para personas de la tercera edad
    Presenter: Miguel Viciedo Valdés
  72. Typhlo & Tactus - project, tactile books for visually impaired children
    Presenter: Païvi Voutilainen
  73. National Digital Archives Plan of the National Central Library in Taiwan
    Presenter: Wen-lu Wang and Chien-cheng Sung
  74. eContent Platform Benefits Libraries
    Presenter: Christopher Warnock
  75. Linking Dewey Numbers to Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Subject Authority File: Outlining Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
    Presenter: Iman Ahmed Khairy Mohammed Weheba
  76. Sharing Knowledge - African and German Librarians Stand Together
    Presenters: Ulla Wester & Flippie van der Walt
  77. Taking libraries to the people: making use of container libraries and steel trunks
    Presenter: Jean Williams
  78. The German language Gateway to Historical Resources Online
    Presenter: Robert Zepf
  79. The Experience with IFLA's Actions for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP)
    Presenter: IFLA Regional Office for Asia/Oceania, Singapore
  80. Public Library Guidelines for Development
    Presenter: John Lake